I mentioned in my previous flashback friday post that i nearly got kicked by a zebra. So, this week… thought i’ll show you the zebras and the close proximity we were in at the hotel (zambezi sun) during my stay while travelling in Zambia.

free roaming zebras
wild zebras roaming around the hotel grounds.
grazing zebra
watching and observing them in such close proximity is an amazing experience.

wild zebras grazing
my uncle discreetly approaching.

zebra butt
ta-dah! Zebra butt.

The zebra in the last picture is the one that attempted to kick me. Seconds after i took this image, i happened to turn and walk away. That moment was when the zebra lifted his hind legs and gave a kick. thankfully, i was out of range.

its very liberating and refreshing to be near wild animals at such close proximity without any sort of barrier. you can even walk alongside them like they are your friends as they graze. other than zebras, there were giraffe, monkeys and deers. but of cos, in case you are wondering.. the hotels make you sign a indemnity form upon check in together with a long list of rules pertaining to the wild animals. It’s really observe at your own risk and i definitely am not recommending that you touch them, as much as i was very tempted to.

Missing the experience bad. Will be blogging a really interesting monkey that i see in the next flashback friday, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, TGIF people!

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