what msia means to me is always 2 things – family and good food. and no, in case you are wondering.. I am a Singaporean, except that I have a wee bit of Malaysia blood in me.


with the family wedding yesterday, the family gathered in jb for a good feasting opportunity before the celebration. we trooped in bright and early on Saturday morning.

first stop. I finally tried out the mee hoon kuay that derrick has been raving about for a while. this is near his johor office in so its pretty far off from the jb town because its in skudai. I think it taste pretty good. the dough was of chewy texture but I preferred the mee sua version over my usual mee hoon kuay. somehow, the msian mee sua is always yummy! incidentally, everyone ordered something different so I pinched on everyone’s food before making the verdict. my brother had the dry ban mian version and didn’t like it due to the soup base which was boiled over fish bones. he hates anything fishy.

located at no. 4 jalan besi 1, taman sri puteri, 81300, skudai, johor.


judging from the crowd in the restaurant at 10am in the morning, this place is pretty popular with the locals. I would come back again but judging the distance.. I’m not sure when that will be since its pretty far off from my usual haunts.

my son had his own expedition when we arrived in my granduncle shop that sells baking equipment and paraphernalia. he grabs at whatever he can and pulls it around the shop, much to Der and my dismay and we were constantly chasing him around. he eventuallly managed to drop something heavy on his toe and we didn’t realise it till later part of the day that he suffered a bruise toe! we were checking his leg and didn’t see anything odd so we thought he was ok. poor baby. I hope his toe nail doesnt come off from the ordeal. he has quite a bit of blood clogged under his nail bed.


lunch. we had lunch with my granduncle at one of his favourite and usual restaurants which I didn’t really fancy, so no pictures for that.


we adjourned to our hotels to check in, wash up.and chill a bit. my mum napped in with jerry while Der and me went to roam the malls – holiday inn plaza and ksl mall since these were the ones within walking distance.


I loaded up on my favourite sour mangoes! ok. am too greedy and finished them all before I remembered about taking any pictures! boo.

the lovely sunset from our hotel. I was staying at mutiara hotel by the way, where the wedding dinner is supposed to be.


the family trooped out for dinner at 7pm. when I said family, it sounds like its a small affair but its not! we had my aunt and uncle from from kl, my uncle from the states, my cousin from Netherlands, my brother, my mum, Der, me and our little jerry. the wedding cousin and his parents were busy prepping for the wedding.so we were left to.our own devices.


our dinner.

Kong ba bao. soft, yummy goodness with steaming hot buns

hokkien noodles fried with pork lard. the lard is what makes this fragrant.

spinach with ikan billis. no meal is perfect for me without some greens. interestingly, jerry ate a lot of this and I ordered a second plate for him.

crispy fried calamari.

sweet and sour pork rib.

salted egg york crab! yummy gooey stuff that got my licking my fingers.


we ordered some curry prawn thing also but I completely forgot about taking a picture. was too busy cutting up the vegetables and feeding jerry. I also completely forgot to take a picture of the signboard and its address, but if you are familiar with jb, its somewhere down the street from mutiara hotel, quite close to the street where new York hotel is, but not the right side of the road.


our after dinner dessert venue.

beautiful soursops hanging around waiting to.be sold.

this was what was on the agenda. yummy goodness. pity that jerry already konked out in the car else he would have loved this very much.

while hanging around waiting for the king of fruits to be served, I had a sharp pain in my arm and I screamed… only to realised a grasshopper came by and said hi. it stood around for the longest time and I just had to snap a picture of it.

heh. a fallen durian near my feet. someone dropped it.


the family called it a night and I had a hard time putting him into bed. first the room was well lit, then my aunt and mum was walking around the tiny room non stop doing all types of chores and my aunt kept talking to jerry asking him why he isn’t sleeping.. he was so absorbed in his surroundings and all that noise, I don’t think he could sleep. when he finally did, the chambermaid pressed the doorbell and he woke. I almost went crazy from patting him. well, I guess i’m never gonna share a room when it comes to travelling with my son in the future. there are just too many uncontrollable variables in the equation that is not condusive at all.


my supper plans of lok lol got killed because of this. it was super late and Der was too tired, we just knocked out.


before Der and me left for Singapore, we managed to bag in one last yummy meal of bak kut teh.

yes. I know. we really can eat right? this was after breakfast at the hotel and buffet line in my cousin place where we had the groom and bride serve us tea.


soon soon Lai bak kut teh, location right opposite ksl mall, facing the KFC restaurant to be exact. yummy and delicious, but expect to queue and wait a while for a table.


and yup! my quick getaway in jb. how’s that for a day and a half?