Having dim sum in hong kong is a must-do when visiting hong kong!

So, on day 2 of our hong kong vacation, we attempted to visit the famed Michelin star dim sum restaurant on Sunday morning, but was greeted with a huge crowd at the door. we stood around trying to get a number but didn’t manage to after like 10-15mins and decided that we were too hungry to hang around and left.

vegetables and seafood stalls along a street, think it was soy street or another that’s parallel to that.


I actually love visiting markets when I travel, and see the produce that they have available for sale. although we did chance upon one, Der was not willing to carry the stroller up the steps and wheel jerry around in the wet market so this was the best I got..

we ended up in dimdim sum dim sum specialty for lunch instead. apparently its Newsweek 101 best places in the world to eat at. not sure how true it is, but the food is not too bad. I said not bad because hubby ordered all the stuff that he likes to eat (and stuff I typically don’t eat) so its hard to judge. its not a baby friendly restaurant though, the aisles are tight, no baby chair, and even the sit and sack (cloth baby carrier for chairs) that I brought along to use is useless as the chair back rest is too blockish and broad to house it.

our order chit. we totally over ordered.

my way of keeping the bub entertained while waiting for food – giving him a pen to doodle!

some prawn vegetable dumpling.

XO Lor mai kai

+ har Gao and char sure bao

some crispy prawn ‘chee cheong fun’

radish cake

Liu sar pau, custard bun.

tian bu shuang dessert.

Xiao long bao


not pictured – century egg congee, fresh soy drink


the hardest bit of dining was trying to get the little hands away from touching the food with a small table setting, and my son is such a curious one. I am actually amazed at myself that I still manage to fish out my phone and snap pictures. lol. this meal cost us about 30+sgd which is pretty affordable by my standards, considering that my clothes were bursting from its seams right after the meal.


we popped by goldfish street to check out the pet shops and mostly to show the kiddo the pets. der & me were fascinated at the many tortoise species available for sale, some of which are so pretty and looks exotic.

one curious question, where do people change their babies diapers in HK?! Der & me couldnt find a nursing/diaper room anywhere in mongkok and eventually popped into a small mall and used their handicap toilet for the deed, changing the bub’s diaper on his stroller. we almost wanted to do it on the streets because even a decent mall was a little hard to locate in the area lined with individual shops and office looking buildings.

we happened to pop in on the Halloween week and there were props on display around the city. Halloween is pretty huge here in hk and there are so many related activities to partake, none of which we did though since it isn’t exactly baby friendly. Disney also had 2 days of special Halloween activities, so did avenue of the stars and all. picture taken outside the streets of harbour city.


we had a dinner appointment with relatives so we made our way to tsing yi (where they stay) for dinner.

some of the food. I didn’t had the time to tae everyone individually.

it’s also the season of hairy crabs now so that was also part of the menu, of which I didn’t eat. I’m not allowed to anyway, as its considered too ‘cold’ for pregnant ladies. the husband has had to remind me about the article he read about a women in China miscarriaged after having 4 such crabs.

that pretty much concluded our second day in Hk. pretty chilllax and nothing packed at all. Disneyland on 3rd day up next!

stay tuned..

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