Day 5 of our Hong Kong vacation.

when we got back after a long day of shopping, I was a tad disappointed that I didn’t manage to eat the seafood I wanted to. the main deterrent was the distance because its so out of the way and required either to take a bus/ferry and I decided I wasn’t brave enough to do it. Der already had a hard time carrying baby + stroller up and down the steps in mtr through the days we were there so I wasn’t gungho enough to go.


so I had a plan. to head back to hing kee for more seafood, but without having to handle the bub. we got back to hotel, and put him into bed. he was hyper and by the time he knocked out, it was close to midnight. the hubby also fell asleep and I had to wake him for supper.


we put our sleeping bub in strroller and went about our peaceful seafood indulgence.

this chart shows the authethic hing kee outlets. apparently there are restaurants claiming they are part of it, but they are flukes so there are notices and signages at the original shops to tell customers which are the original ones.


and I love it that they open till quite late! I think 3am on weekends, and maybe 2am on weekday nights?

finally got my vege fix.

the mantis prawns that I love.

yummy isn’t it? fresh, fat,  juicy scallops with tung fen and garlic. yums. and super value for money. this plate is like 10sgd? where to find such value for money scallops in singapore?


I wanted to try the snails, and cockles but the cockles were sold out and hubby wasn’t keen on the different snails available. boo.

and we had more oyster cake.


we thoroughly enjoyed this meal with the bub sleeping soundly in the stroller beside me and this is probably the most peaceful meal we had for our entire trip!


because of our late night stint, we got back to hotel close to 2am.. we were so tired and woke up late the next morning.


had to rush to pack up the stuff, while keeping the bub entertained with a book and pingu on YouTube.

by the time I’m done packing, bathing the kid and getting ready to leave, it was almost 10.45am and we were due to leave for airport in 15mins. we had a 1.30pm flight to catch. we popped round the corner of the next street to bag 2 roasted goose, only to realise they don’t accept cards and Der had to run around to find a money changer because we depleted the cash we brought along and only had sufficient for cab and 1 goose. while I waited to collect the goose, I also sent Der to the mtr control station to refund the octopus card. we semi-ran back to hotel, I checked us out while Der went to fetch our luggages from the room, called for a taxi and off we went!

arriving at kowloon airport express. 12 mins cab ride from our hotel and best decision ever. we checked in our luggage here and didn’t have to rush that much. it was also much cheaper as compared to taking the cab all the way to the airport, thanks to the tips from. it was also a breeze since all we had was a longchamp tote with all the baby stuff and the bub in his stroller to handle.the bub nomming on more bread while we took the airport express. we managed to have a last meal of hainanese chicken rice at the airport before making our way to the gates.

our flight home.

the lucky kid because he has a seat, or rather we paid for a seat. obviously enjoying the flight and looking comfortable. the flight attendants were super attentive to his needs and didn’t show the slightest hint of annoyance where he accidentally pressed the service button a few times while toying with the remote. they even asked if the usual meal would suit him since I didn’t specify a special meal (must remember next time!) but I had prepped food/cereal for the bub so I didn’t take the flight meals except an extra bun and extra ice cream. he also charmed the passengers on the flight with his smiles and cheekiness, and thankfully.. didn’t fuss/scream or cry at all.

can you tell how much he’s enjoying it?

he kept running along the aisle when Der popped into the toilet and wanted to go near this girl to climb onto the empty seat beside her. sigh. me is speechless. I also managed to change his diaper on board in the plane lavatory despite the tight space and managed to survive it all.


great experience for me I’ll say. definitely a good training for longer flights in the future. towards to landing part, he was getting a little impatient since he doesn’t want to be buckled in, I had him on my lap with an infant seat belt and sang my way to landing. I hope I didn’t freak the rest of the passengers out with my horrible nursery rhymes!


that marks our entire short holiday stint. I’m still reminiscing about it because who doesn’t have carefree holidays.


and know what? I’m planning for another during my maternity leave! heh heh.

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