We trooped off to Hong Kong Disneyland on Day 3 of our hong kong vacation! Technically, it’s Jerry’s 2nd time at Disneyland cos he was in my tummy when I was in Paris Disneyland.

on the train to Disney.

with mummy.

gripping on tightly to the handles..

arriving in disneyland hk.


although the bub would probably not remember much about this trip, we still decided to make the trip there. since it is the week leading up to Halloween, the park is themed that way and even have special extended hours on 2 of the days till 11pm. we didn’t visit during the days with extended hours mostly to avoid the crowd and also because jerry wouldnt be able to appreciate and partake in the halloween activities at the park.

the signature surfer mickey before the entrance..

and a halloween mickey greets us at the door! and yes, I had to deck my son in Disney gear for the trip. lol. bought the romper when I was in Orlando last august.

graves, tombs, cobwebs, and dementors-like characters in the parade grounds.

this is one of my favourite rides, simply because I’m quite pro at shooting the targets and getting the points. lol. unfortunately, when we went on it, jerry was a little overwhelmed by the loud noises and environment, he started bawling halfway through. we must be the worst parents on earth because we found it funny and laughed! we of cos, did try to comfort and assure him but throughout the rest of the ride but that’s pretty much it and we had to wait till the ride ended before he calmed down.


when the photo came out, I was soooooooooooo tempted to get it because he was clutching onto Der tightly and I found it a memorable picture. I didn’t buy it in the end cos I couldn’t justify it with all the faces blocked.

at the start of the ride..

queuing up to take photo with buzz.

fascinated with the ‘creature’ that he couldn’t peel his eyes off him for the camera.. he shivered and tried to scramble away when buzz tried to touch him!

its a small world! I remembered when I was 17 when I first took this ride and had the song ringing in my head for the rest of the day.. somehow, the effect wore off me over the years but the bub loves this ride!

this trip, I broke all rules pertaining to jerry, especially the no sweets, no processed food, no carbonated drinks part of it. this little guy had quite a bit of caramel popcorn, and I actually used a mint sweet to bribe him to take his awful medication at night and he did have a few licks of the sweet. he also drank some sips of coke and iced milk tea on the occasions that we ordered.

why are you taking picture of me, mummy? I wanna eat my popcorn in peace!

the Africa scene in it’s a small world.

Europe scene. I’m actually am quite amazed at my phone camera.

and then we are off to watch the parade! this is by far the most chillax Disney trip that I have ever done, there wasn’t a ride that I needed to get on and we were just taking our time to move around. it helps that it was a Monday and right after the day they had Halloween activities so the park was pretty deserted. the longest queue was winnie the pooh at 15mins?

mesmerized by the parade.

dumbo ride next. daddy went on it with him while I sat around and took pictures.

up and up!

lion king play. we took some other rides/watch plays as well but I didn’t take pictures of everything, like Winnie the pooh, the astro orbiter, mickey philarmagic, jungle cruise etc. most of the rides were toddler friendly and didn’t have a height limit, except the thrilling rides like space mountain, thunder mountain and there were only about 5 or 6 that jerry couldn’t take and we didn’t see the need to go on it as well since we have been there, done that.. that said, its also because its hk Disney where the rides available are rather limited so I guess this place is a good start if you want to bring a young kid to Disney.

we left when the fireworks started, in a bid to beat the crowd since it isn’t exactly easy to get on the train with a stroller, especially when people don’t give you priority when using the lifts. the fireworks is also very disappointing and the laser show on Cinderella’s castle isn’t anywhere as impressive as the one I saw in Orlando.

us, on a rare empty train!

chillax baby.

where we stayed at.

Dinner at temple street! hing kee restaurant.

flagship stall at no. 19 temple street.

oyster pancake. its their signature dish. its filled with loads and loads of oysters and very crispy. its a must order apparently and every single table in the restaurant is eating this!

I wanted clams and the husband ordered this. the clams is nice but I was expecting some spicy sauce instead of soy sauce. it was ok but I don’t really like the choice of sauce for this.

Mantis prawns. this is sooooo good but an arse to eat without using hands.

horfun. found this too oily but taste wise, it was ok.

our drinks. I had 2 bottles of coke.


disclaimer – this is definitely NOT a child friendly restaurant so I seriously don’t recommended bringing your kids here if you have to handle a young baby/hyper toddler. in my case, my cravings won the battle so we tried it anyway. there isn’t any baby chair available, the tables were dirty and screaming germs and Der & me took turns to hold jerry while the other ate. the restaurant is also rather cramped and packed with diners so it was quite a nightmare but the food was well worth it. we did garner a lot of stares from the other diners though.


throughout the meal, I was also very tempted to take a few sips of der’s beer because the food would have gone so well with the beer. for a moment, Der forgot that I was preggers and actually offered me his beer. heh. I didn’t drink! 🙁


back in hotel, the bub konked out but not before hubby did!

dreaming of Disney with eeyore..

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