This Bali vacation is considered one of the most unplanned trip I ever had. I mean, I was planning for a trip and I knew I had to get away before I couldn’t travel at all. It was also the boy’s birthday and I wanted to plan a surprise… But I guess planning surprises doesnt really work hand in hand with my work schedule.

Ever since I got back from the honeymoon.. I have been smacked right into the flurry of activities at work.. Everyone started going on leave, clearing all their leaves before the year ends and it was especially bad, because my co had had the policy of allowing one to carry forward whatever leave you had remaining, but they are stopping it with effect from 2010 and by dec 2010, we can only carry forward 10 days… So everyone was in a hurry to clear ALL their leave without having it forfeited.

I didn’t had that issue because, being 2 years (only) in the company, I didn’t have that much leave.. And because of the wedding shoot, the wedding and the almost month long honeymoon, I almost used up everything. So.. You could imagine the amount of leave that my team mates who has been here at least 4-5 years, the longest being 10 years. Everyone starting taking month long trip, long vacations and I was one of those left in the office to clear work. I mean, it’s fair cos I was away for a month and they helped cleared my work too.. But I was just unlucky cos the timing coincided with loads of activities, coupled with the fact that I was having a bump, feeling really tired and battling nauseousness half the time.. All I could do when I get home each day was flop in bed and sleep. I didn’t even have the time to read the pregnancy book or do any baby related research, less say the trip.

Before I knew it, I was just days away and I had to enroll der’s help on research (so much for surprise for his birthday), book the air tickets (just 3 days before jetting) and confirm the villa (just 12 hrs before our flight). I was still putting in 14-15hr days at work to clear the backlog that I have and to make it in time for the 4 different launches I had this weekend. It was madness! I do feel entirely guilty for not having the time to plan anything at all.

So here we are at the huge villa (it’s a 2 bedroom villa, complete with a private pool within our walls, a dining area, our own kitchen and jacuzzis in the individual attached bathrooms, and a tiny garden pathway). Its the 3rd day already.. Time really passes fast!

This is the 3 bedroom villa that we lounged in for an hour while waiting for our villa to be ready. And here’s what ours really looked like..

The pillows are missing here cos the boy stole it for our room..


We did nothing on the first day except agonizing on the lack of wifi, slept (caught up with my sleep), and spent time grumbling about the villa (loads of mozzies and lack of wifi). For the last 2 days, we started flopping around in our swim wear, just chilling around in the villa, hearing the water splashing by the pool side and just watching some DVDs and net surfing. I spent more time catching up on my pregnancy book and mozzies bustering! I got so many mozzie bites that I looked like I got measles!

Yes, I lugged the whole silly family here on vacay as well!

Dinner at Harry juku restaurant and bar in seminyak at JL Raya Petitenget 919, Seminyak, Bali. Its just round the corner where I’m staying at Villa Willys.

Complimentary garlic bread.. Crispy, hot and nice!

My mushroom pizza served with mozzarella cheese.. Am soon turning vegetarian with all the weird taste buds I have.. Can’t stand the meat smell these days.

My berry diablo mocktail. Yummy and I actually ordered 2 glasses!

French fries on the side.. In an attempt to load some carbo into my system so that I won’t be hungry.

The boy’s miso chicken burger. The food was great, surprisingly. The restaurant didn’t look much.. There weren’t a lot of crowd, but it had a nice ambience along a quiet street and free wifi!

Popped by seminyak square yesterday and it was really boring. We had a late lunch at one of the cafes there. Can’t remember the name!

My ayam soto.. Yummy and hot. Just great for my queasy stomach.

A chilli crab sandwich for the boy, I stole his fries.. My beanie is turning me into a fast food junkie.

The boy seriously addicted to his phone…

We roamed the street and fashion boutiques. Interestingly enough, some of the shops looked really upscale and the clothes were actually quite nice, but I didn’t bother at all since I have no idea what size I’ll be wearing 6 months from now, so I’m saving all that dough.

I popped into this shop that had very nice clothes and quirky stuff and the only thing I bought was made made dolls for my colleagues. The dolls are for a good cause and contributes towards the children in Bali in keeping them off the streets and in school. And guess what I spotted? This pretty angelic pair of Melissa by viviene westwood. It’s so pretty, and of cos.. Costing a bomb as well. I was eyeing this other pair of Melissa by jean Paul gaultier that I once spied while I was in Paris but didn’t get. Still, I walked out without the pair.. Not sensible to get shoes now at all, with the exception of flats.

Almost walked from seminyak to kuta but the boy stopped me because it was 4.5pm from where we were.. I didn’t mind walking since we had loads of time and nothing else to do.. But we eventually hopped onto a cab to centro/discovery mall. I didn’t buy anything from the malls at all.. Everything was more expensive than what we had in Singapore anyway.

It was the boy’s birthday and I had wanted to throw a in-villa candlelight dinner and all, only to find that the villa we stayed in didn’t have that kind of service and anyway, the food kinda sucked so might as well.. I wanted to bring him to a nice restaurant in kuta but all things seems to be against my plans when the boy complained of queasy stomach, and we ended up eating KFC! -_-”

Told you beanie is a fast food junkie.

I dragged the boy into flapjaks for dessert and guess what?! The server told me they ran out of candles after I placed my order..I just had to make do.. And told the boy that he had to make do….

We grabbed some DVDs on the streets and headed right back. My back and hips were hurting and I could barely walk after the dessert. Strange that the pain came suddenly.

Anyways, we are heading out for a late lunch now! Hungry!!





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