It’s been a while… The last post on our rome holiday aka honeymoon has been a long while back. Since homecoming, work has been really busy and with my colleague being on leave for 2 weeks and with the boy leaving for aussieland for work, birthday parties to attend, weekend events for work.. And catching up with our parents over weekend dinners. I barely had the time to rest properly, let alone blog.

These days, I hit the bed at 10+pm or before midnight if I can manage it because I’m just so drained and I think stress is also causing very bad migraines for me daily so I have been sleeping off the migraines whenever I could.

If only there were ways to get rid of it and I’m not exactly a panadol fan.

Back to Rome, I didn’t have a good time in Rome because the vacation was too long, and it was accidentally extended by another 2 days with the cancellation of flights to Paris. The weather was really hot and scorching on certain days and I didn’t get to buy that Chanel bag that I so love! And oh! Our hotel was in Rome was the worst among all 8 hotels that we stayed and unfortunately, it was also the longest hotel stay we had! I also had very bad memories of the place because on the train there, I was suffering from very bad motionsickness on the 3hr train ride and was feeling like a miserable slob, clutching & hugging onto my seat and kneeling facing the backrest of my seat because the train was going in the opposite direction of where I was seated and it was horrible for me! And oh, this was the place where I had a waiter pour a whole bottle of water on me and I had to endure through dinner in my wet clothes, with my shorts (and underwear) soaking the cold evening winds.

Grouses aside. It was still a pretty city with loads to see (and buy!). Despite the cramped hotel room with springy creaking bed that left us in bodyaches every morning, our hotel location was fantastic and within walking distance of the spanish steps, the main shopping belt, the Trevi fountain, the hard rock cafe and the metro station!

we der eagerly (I was still suffering from motion sickness) hopped to the Spanish steps as our sight-seeing venue. He had to drag me out cos all I wanted was to lie down and ease my queasy stomach.

The crowd at the Spanish steps, everyone’s lounging around in the sun.. the must-visit place if one goes on a rome holiday.

Tourists, tourists and more tourists. The place’s packed with people!

Gucci! Just a street down from the Spanish steps. According to der, this is the world’s first gucci store.

We popped into Caffe Leonardo just round the corner for lunch, a usual hangout for der when he’s in town for work.

My cola with lemon and olives.

My zuppa soup and Caesar salad as a light meal. Stomach’s too queasy for anything else. Even these were a little hard to swallow.

Der’s roasted chicken with potatoes. It’s delish and I stole all the cherry tomatoes by the side!

Here’s the restaurant card with the details and the restaurant picture.

Piazza del popolo.. It means people’s square literally. The weather was so hot, it wasn’t funny and I was all ready to go hide in the shade.

Der squinting his eyes against the sun..

The fontana del nettuno (fountain of Neptune) is located at the west side of the piazza. It was so hot, I couldn’t even bear touching the stones slabs of the fountain.

We trudged our way uphill to villa borghese garden.. It almost killed me with the steep hills and hot weather and I had to be like an old lady, insisting to stop and rest along the way up before continuing.

When the scene of shady trees and greenery greeted me, I slumped into a nearby cooling stone bench, and promptly lay down for a power nap. I just wished we could while away the entire day in the shades in the greenery and not go anywhere! Clutching xsilly close to me and feeling der softly playing with my hair while my eyes are closed. If only the time would stop there and the passerbys not talk so loudly. Awww..

I was incapable of venturing to the villa (which was way uphill!), so we just stood around a while enjoying the view before popping down and back to where we can from.

The view of piazza popolo from uphill. Beautiful isn’t it?

Trees of all shapes and sizes. The interesting bit is that the garden is heart shaped! Not sure if you realized it from from map I posted above.

Making our way back across the piazza and to the shopping streets.

As unpredictable as the weather can be.. The rain suddenly started pouring and we were stranded in the streets with no shelter except the shops and their window displays.

Look how everyone is hiding. The rain was so bad that some of the shops refused entry to the shoppers, and boy, it was cold!

Same scene along all streets. The thing I didn’t understand was… The people with brollies were seeking shelter too!

At this cross junction, this building stood out and it houses the biggest fendi shop in the world (according to the boy, not sure if is 100% true, since I’m quite sure he hasn’t been to all the world’s fendi shops).

I must say the interior was rather grand with a huge winding staircase to the 2nd storey but a part of the shop was under reno while we were there so I didn’t fully experience all of it granduer.

The Spanish steps yet the evenings.

We spotted throng of people and a lot of police in the area where our hotel is (near barberini metro station and the activities seemed to revolve around this church where all entry are restricted and everyone seemed rather tense. Not sure what was happening but we promptly headed back to our hotel for shelter and washing up since we were drenched in the rain.

Here’s our pathetic room and that’s all it is.. See how cramped it is, with our bags squeezed by the side isles. This spring bed is so creaking badly, I didn’t have a good night sleep for 4 nights.

Still, guess the location saved us us of moolah and it think it wouldn’t be that bad if it’s 2 single beds.

Hotel Julia at via rasella. Wifi is free in this hotel, albeit a bit unstable. We could only connect on 2 outta the 4 nights and we were too tired to bother when there isn’t any connection. Afterall, we were on our honeymoon and not business.

Our dinner venue was on the same street. Simply to lazy and tired to venture far.. The restaurant was packed and business was rather good. Der had his usual pizza while I ordered a fish. Too bad, it was rather fishy for me and I couldn’t stomach it without feeling sick, but it actually tasted rather good! Contradicting, I know.

With that, we ended our day 1 adventure of our Rome holiday.. Stay tuned for more.

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