after our morning excitement checking out the sydney’s tower eye on day 3 of our trip, we did some light shopping and had lunch. we had full intention of checking off a lot more items on our “to-do” list but the day turned out to be a lot more chilled than we planned it to be.

chicken avocado spuds from spuds and crepes for lunch at westfields sydney, which is basically potatoes.

shopping for jellybeans as gifts for colleagues. this is such a happy place! there are soooooooo many different jellybean flavors that i couldn’t buy it all despite lugging a lot! (pardon the pixelated pictures, nabbed from my instagram)

st andrew’s cathedral. it wasn’t on my list of places that i wanted to visit, but the guide on the skywalk mentioned that there were beautiful stained glasses that’s worth paying a visit.

beautiful stained glass. do you know that other than a pictorial art, the purpose of stained glass windows serves to prevent those in the building to view the world outside, but yet allow light to penetrate into the building?

inside the cathedral. looking at these pictures, it dawned on me that i never stepped into singapore’s st. andrews cathedral before. can anyone tell me if its similar?

by the time we were done with the church, it was too late to visit anywhere since most shops closes at 5pm except chinatown, so that was where we went.

and we thought we saw a familiar sight. i googled and realised that its not the same as the one we have in SG. the logo’s different, and they serve different cuisine. Hmmmmmm..

the building that houses paddy’s market, which was closed on a monday. we made a mental note to come back on a wednesday when it would open for business through sunday.

we accidentally stumbled into an asian supermarket at the paddy’s market building and decided to do some grocery shopping!

i think i mentioned this before. i love checking out supermarkets in other countries. It’s so interesting to see the types of food and items available.

cindy acting a little crazy here. honestly, i wanted to cart a lot of things home from this supermarket, but i only bought as much as my arms could carry, which is already alot (2 bags of 1kgs nougats, 2 bottles of 1.5L green tea (!) and a lot of other food items). when andy saw whatever we bought, he must have thought, “these girls are crazy!”

the thing is.. the GB nougats in this supermarket cost $7 cheaper than the packet sold in woolworths! i was so sore about it because between the 2 of us, we bought 4 huge bags of nougats at woolworths previously!

on our way to the train station, we saw a long queue of people queueing for some takeaway and decided to #monkeyseemonkeydo and join in the queue!

emperor’s puff from emperor’s garden restaurant.

i totally, totally, forgot to snap a picture of the puffs but they taste soooooooo freaking good! hot, yummy puffs seemed to taste extremely good in winter. we bought $4 worth (20 puffs) and munched on our way to the train station to catch a train home (and of cos, kept some for our dear andy who is home prepping dinner).

If you are in chinatown, do give these a try! you won’t regret it! the restaurant has a bakery beside it and do try their egg tarts too! they are lip smackingly good. super yummy, coming from a super fussy egg tart fan here. I knew about the egg tarts after i posted about queuing for the puffs and a friend left me a comment and told me about the egg tarts.

and that kinda ended our day in sydney. dinner was home-cooked!

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