if you are wondering, i’m still at day 4 of my trip and I have 5 more days to blog about….Some times, I get stressed thinking about how I am going to find the time to jot all my memories of my trip down, but small baby steps.. i’ll get there somehow. you guys bear with me alright?

So, we headed to the Sydney Wild Life Zoo as the last destination for the day. We were pretty zonked out having visited the Sydney’s Maritime Museum, Sydney Sea Life Aquarium & Madame Tussauds all in the same day. I would’t recommend it doing the way i did because we were pretty zonked out and totally low on energy by the time we hit the zoo.

Before we even entered the entrance, we were greeted with a whiff of smell, like some faint dung smell and i couldn’t make out what is it until i saw this!

sleeping koala bear at wildlife zoo, sydney
a lone, sleeping koala bear at a little enclosure right at the Wild Life Zoo entrance. quite the teaser.
koala bear at wild life zoo, sydney with Cindy at zoo entrance
Excited cindy, seeing a koala for the first time in real life.

Taronga Zoo was initially on my must-visit list because i have heard so much about the place! But we changed the itinerary after i found out that Cindy isn’t really that keen on animals and would rather do the Syndey Bridge Climb instead. Guess the wild life zoo would suffice for the trip but i’ll definitely be back to check out taronga zoo!

We promptly entered and i was fascinated by a lot of other animals. or creepy crawlies. or reptiles. or amphibians. and i stood around trying to capture all their glory.

green tree snake
Brightly coloured green tree snake resting on a branch.
i found the snake really beautiful and alluring to look at. thankfully the husband wasn’t with me or he would have creeped out at the sight of the snake. he hates snakes! and then, i found the frogs really really fascinating! like, they don’t look real at all, all perched there and not really moving with really shiny skin! i wonder how they would feel like…

jade looking frog
Jade looking frog, and oh so plump!
fake looking frog
another fake, looking frog. I didnt manage to capture their names though.

we caught some tasmanian devils, and some other smaller creatures but, for some odd reason at this point in time.. all my camera pictures turned out pitch dark and i hadn’t realise it at all, so i lost quite a bit of pictures.. ='(

what a pity. there were wallabies and we went into this bird enclosure where the birds were flying freely and it was feeding time so the birds were all flocking to the trainer who had all the seeds. very lovely sight.

cherieladie gets attacked by alligator
and then, i got eaten up by an alligator! just joking! or was it a crocodile?
Could you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Just for the record, a croc has a more v shaped snout where as the alligator’s snout is more U shaped. the other difference is their teeth when their mouths are close – croc’s 4th bottom tooth will stick out. i learn something new about animals each time i visit a zoo!

perentie lizard
perentie lizard, the biggest in australia and 3rd largest in the world.
I posted a instavideo on Rex swimming, the resident salt-water crocodile that’s in the wild life zoo. You can go check it out if you want to watch (my instagram’s handle is cherieladie). There is a nightfall area where it features the nocturnal animals, and there is also a bug’s area which i find totally enthralling. ya, i know. i am weird right? (my favourite tv’s channel is nat geo, by the way)

The last animal that we looked at were the koalas, and it was also sunset so it was beautiful watching them against an ever changing orange backdrop.

koalas viewing the sunset
The 2 koalas looked like they were enjoying the sunset!
koala bear twirl into a ball
This little kid here twhirls himself into a furball. Amazing how they perch themselves on the branch to sleep!

I took a few more pictures and stood around in awe observing them. It’s not my first encounter with koalas but i really wanted to try to cuddle them (they look like such cuddly animals) but i found out that there is a new ruling in recents years that states no one is allowed to cuddle a koala bear in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

koala bear rocking on his branch
Koala bear posing on his tree branch
koala bear unfazed by camera paparazzi
His expression tickles me! Totally unfazed by the surrounding visitors and he’s like going, “what’s the fuss, people??”

We left the zoo promptly as the sun set and made our way home for a home cooked dinner with my guy friend, Andy. It was a nice change having to eat “home cooked food” while on vacations.

Just when we were leaving darling harbour, i turned around and caught this amazing view of the place. So pretty..

stunning night scenery at darling harbour, sydney
stunning darling harbour night scenery.
panoramic view of darling harbour, sydney
a panoramic view of the entire sydney darling harbour. totally not doing justice to the beautiful sight!

That’s all i have for now. Do read about the rest of my sydney’s adventures and the attractions in sydney australia that i have visited. Read my past entries on sydney to get ideas on what tourist attractions in sydney australia that you can visit.

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Let me know if my posts are useful for your trip planning! Till i post again..


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