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Cherie Lim, Singapore Lifestyle & Mom Blogger

Hi there! Thanks for popping by. I’m Cherie, a ftwm (full-time working mum) to 2 boys and my motto in life is to BE HAPPY. Sure, life isn’t all that smooth but its the mentality that counts, no?

Cherieladie is a blog that documents my life. Or rather, snippets of my life that has passed me by. I love capturing life memories in the blog and being able to read back and laugh at myself (or anyone). I love to eat (A LOT), travel and paint my own nails so the blog is mostly about that. Is that considered lifestyle blogging?

Of cos, the family is also very much an integral part of me so there would be loads of memories about the husband and my kids – Jerry (3yo) & Jerome (16 months) and everyone else that’s close to me. I like documenting the kids’ milestones, their growing up years, their achievements (and somtimes, mine as a mum), and my struggles and battles with motherhood. It sure ain’t easy, but i am thankful each day as i watch them grow… and because of them kids, it opened up a whole new “mummy blogger” role for me and i count my blessings everyday on the opportunities that has opened up to me since.

i love seeking out good food and travelling, is trigger-happy, love new gadgets, love exploring new places and strives to live life to the fullest. I aspire to travel the world as much as i can, to soak in the different sights across the various continents and visit all the disneylands in the world (almost there!). I see myself as an adventurer – always ready to seek out new fun, new things and new experiences and always being GAME for it.

I hope you’ll have fun reading as much as i love sharing them. I would love to connect with you and do drop me a comment to say hi!

Love, Cherie Lim
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