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vietnam day 4

By |August 16th, 2008|

i am having a little wee bit of problem trying to put a recollection of the trip at this point in time. it’s been 2 months since the trip! well, also because i accidentally threw the itinerary away. thankfully, the chronological pictures helps!

headed to mekong river on the 4th day. mekong river reminds me of chao praya river in thailand, but it’s a much calmer version with pretty blue boats all over. i didnt ask the guide, but i wonder why the boats are all in the same color.. such a pretty sight.

we took a boat to one of the islands and here’s some pictures of the pier and the boat trip.

the island pretty much reminds me of the times where i used to work in grandma’s plantation that […]

vietnam adventures (day 3, part 2)

By |July 22nd, 2008|

after the trishaw ride, we headed to mount nho to see the christ of vung tau..

my uncles and aunt, all ready to go!

that’s me at the beginning of the climb..

the usual signature jump and statues along the climb.

my brother with the dragonfly that he caught. look at his sweat dripping from the climb! it’s NOT easy for sure!

right at the top..

the magnificent view from the shoulders of the christ statue..

the 4 pictures form an 180 degrees view if you can imagine it.. i only managed to climb onto one […]

vietnam adventures (day 3, part 1)

By |July 2nd, 2008|

we signed up for an optional trishaw tour around the city on day 3 and we started the activities as early as 7.30am.

the sunrise in the morning.

i took a lot of pictures while on the trishaw!

can you see the dslr wedged between my feet? trying desperately to take picture of myself.

interesting sights while on the trishaw ride.

a nice solo picture of myself by the beach

snapping away with the beautiful sea and sky..

the only family portrait taken on the trip.

following the trishaw, we headed toward the big status of jesus that is situation on the 170m high Nho Mount. we climbed all the […]

Vietnam adventures (day 2)

By |June 30th, 2008|

On the 2nd day of the vietnam trip, we headed to the Cu Chi tunnels – a web-like tunnel systems of more than 200km used by the guerrillas during the vietnam war against the americans. I’m kinda intrigued by how the people can survive in such limited spaces, having to stay/live under ground and all those simple, yet potent traps to win the war..

the map behind me and a signature jump at the entrance.

a small little hiding hole in the ground. of cos, i got down and experienced it myself!

Click to read more here! **WARNING** pictures intensive!

vietnam immigration

By |June 28th, 2008|

my first impression and the last impression of vietnam leaves me feeling annoyed.

when i first stepped into the vietnam immigration upon alighting from the plane, the custom officer took a really long time to process. He stared at me for the longest time and keep staring at my passport like it’s a fake. he even tried to feel my passport and inspect the page filled with my photo and particulars. ello?! do i look like im an illegal immigrant?

anyway, i couldn’t believe i took longer than everyone else to clear the immigration.. and he had to stamp at the LAST page of my passport. wah lau!!

then.. when i left vietnam.. i spotted an empty lane at the end of the immigration rows and ran towards there, only to realise that the gate displayed “no entry” even though there was an immigration officer there. disappointed, i went to join […]

pictures from the vietnam trip.

By |June 27th, 2008|

i am not done with the loading of the pictures. as i type now, the pictures are being loaded on my laptop at home concurrently.

for those who have been bugging me for pictures! here are some that you could see.

DSC07380 DSC07373 DSC07364 DSC07347 DSC07346 DSC07345 DSC07344 DSC07343 DSC07342 DSC07341 DSC07340 DSC07339 DSC07338 DSC07337

updates from saigon..

By |June 16th, 2008|

i have internet access in saigon! super regret that i didnt not lug my lappie here, so i’m leveraging from my bro’s macbok now and he’s been eyeing me for the longest time and hinting me to return him the macbook.


oh well. the first day just went past like that. toured for 3 hours and the whole afternoon was free and easy.. spent the time walking to a market to buy loads of fruits, and then sleeping it away. everyone was sooooOOooo tired with all that travelling here and there.

didn’t eat very fantastic food today. hopefully tomorrow gonna be better!

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