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Useful Travel information on Istanbul..

By |October 11th, 2010|

here’s some useful travel information on Istanbul and because i didn’t really enjoy istanbul as much as i should since i fell sick, i am going to share the research that i did here for the trip, mostly for the benefit of kenties and whoever might be heading towards istanbul in the near future (though i think it’s not a common travel destination amongst the people i know and even kenties is going there because of work).

nonetheless, here’s some of the places that i was planning to visit, in no order of preference.

1. hagia sophia (aya sofya). used to be an orthodox patriarchal basilica, then a mosque.. today it is a museum. It’s closed on mondays and operating hours are 9.30am – 4.30pm. The entrance fee is about 20YTL

2. blue mosque (sultan ahmed or otherwise known as sultanahmet camii) & the hippodrome, the biggest and […]

More about istanbul..

By |October 11th, 2010|

Am v sleepy right now because der & me played late night mahjong the whole night last night and this morning, i was up bright and early and somehow, the time just passed me by… Argh! Give me back my sunday!! Am so not ready to head back to work yet.

There are just too many mosques in istanbul and there’s one at every other corner. Der wasnt keen to pop in so all we did was stand outside, look at the architecture and read about some of them from the signages and information boards available. Being sick, it didnt help that i was cranky and frustrated most of the time with a super short attention span so all i wanted was get to a place where i could sit & rest.

A typical sight of the spice bazaar below. This reminds me of the market that i went […]

The city of istanbul..

By |October 10th, 2010|

Am gonna skip talking about rome & paris first (thats 10 days of the trip) and talk about istanbul first for the benefit of kenties who will be popping by next week.

When we first got into istanbul, it was dry and hot, which was a stark difference from paris where we were freezing our arses off. The streets are quite typical of most cities and strangely, it felt like i was in an asian country instead.

They had many tall buildings that resembled our hdb flats (but not as tall but with nice looking exterior), so i couldnt help resist asking the taxi driver if these were apartments that people stay in. Well, turns out their living quarters are similar to ours but their apartments cost 1 million each (about s$900k). The thing that i dont know about is whether their houses are huge compared to […]