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Day 4 in Bali – Dining in Bali (Last day of Babymoon)

By |February 7th, 2011|

Weird that I am finishing up my babymoon episode faster than the honeymoon episodes because the Europe trip has many more days to go and there’s just too many details because we were out and about everywhere and it takes a while to write while the bali trip has been nothing but food (dining in bali), eat, sleep and swim.

On our last full day in Bali, we headed for lunch at wah wah burger, a restaurant that serves wagyu beef burgers and apparently is one of the most expensive burgers available or that many people has eaten. I do agree with the price tag (that’s it’s exorbitant)!

That’s the menu..

Unfortunately, no wine for me.

The restaurant had simple chino-chic decorations that simple and loud at a corner while the rest of the shop looked like a simple western restaurant that’s good for chilling out. A […]

Day 3 in Bali.. Our Bali vacation –

By |January 28th, 2011|

It’s my 2nd attempt drafting this and I do hope my phone app doesn’t have any error and eat up my Bali vacation entry like the last time!

We had out for lunch in the late afternoon after a short swim. That typically has been our routine for the days spent in Bali.. I was craving for some local food and the cafe (Brasserie & Lounge) that we had lunch the day before do serve them so we headed back there!

My caramel mikshake and the standard cola for der. It was a bad mistake because I think I felt sick right after all that milk on a near empty stomach! The in-villa breakfast was really nothing to shout about and talking about it… I totally didn’t snap any picture of it of the 4 different breakfast I had!

Der’s portobello mushroom sandwich […]

Life in Bali – Vacation location for Babymoon

By |January 8th, 2011|

This Bali vacation is considered one of the most unplanned trip I ever had. I mean, I was planning for a trip and I knew I had to get away before I couldn’t travel at all. It was also the boy’s birthday and I wanted to plan a surprise… But I guess planning surprises doesnt really work hand in hand with my work schedule.

Ever since I got back from the honeymoon.. I have been smacked right into the flurry of activities at work.. Everyone started going on leave, clearing all their leaves before the year ends and it was especially bad, because my co had had the policy of allowing one to carry forward whatever leave you had remaining, but they are stopping it with effect from 2010 and by dec 2010, we can only carry forward 10 days… So everyone was in a hurry to clear ALL their […]