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Random things about Melbourne [Warning: Image intensive]

By |April 4th, 2013|

I know my melbourne entries are totally random and sporadic, but its really quite tough to squeeze some time to sit in front of my lappie without jerry demanding my attention or jerome crying/fussing, so do bear with me. still have so much more to go.

i didnt have the time to gather my thoughts so this would be a random entry about things in melbourne that i would like to remember about.

mailing out postcards. I would usually buy a postcard of the cities that i go and mail them to my friend sally ever since i found out about her love of postcards many many years back. my postcards travelled to her in singapore, when she was posted to china and now, where she’s residing in switzerland and expecting a baby!

i used to do jumping shots like that wherever i go […]

  • Sharks at melbourne aquarium
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    Day 4: Visiting the Melbourne Aquarium. [warning! pictures intensive]

Day 4: Visiting the Melbourne Aquarium. [warning! pictures intensive]

By |March 29th, 2013|

i have a love for marine life. my mum used to spend all day watching the fishes in our home aquarium when i was a kid because observing them has a calming effect and i totally agree. i remember i used to like going to changi airport as a kid and watch all the fishes in the huge aquariums for hours and hours at the arrival halls. while the aquariums have long been gone, but i do have very fond memories of them up till today and i’m sure many of you would agree with me.

so, as i grew older and started to travel, i would often visit aquariums if there is one within the area. so far, i have been to our own underwater world in sentosa, sea world in san diego and orlando, seattle aquarium, and HK’s ocean park and when i was in melbourne, there is […]

  • My Melbourne vacation - spotting a horse carriage on the Melbourne streets!
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    Outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. [warning: pictures intensive]

Outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. [warning: pictures intensive]

By |March 28th, 2013|

This is an outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. a group chat with some of the yummy mummy bloggers triggered this entry about melbourne. i am soooo bad with my travelogues because i never get round to finishing them!

in a flash, its been 4.5 years since i last went australia, and it sure didnt seem that long ago. it was a last minute trip that i pulled off in less than a week and it was before i started on my current job. I cannot remember the vivid details to continue documenting my melbourne travelogue but i am just gonna show some nice pictures about the places i visited, and whatever else details that i can recall.

horse carriages on the roads. they somehow give off a medieval feel, which is what i really liked about the whole place!
and what’s a visit to melbourne without checking out […]

day 3, melbourne trip

By |December 26th, 2008|

day 3 was a touristy day. aunt and me joined tours for the entire day, since it was the only day that we could join the tours.

at 7am in the morning, we started out day waiting out in the hotel lobby for the bus to pick up us. We had melbourne city tour in the morning, and philip island tours in the afternoon.

The melbourne city tour was the one i sorta regretted doing, because it meant that i won’t have any shopping time left for the trip. and guess what?! i bumped into fiona on swanston street! all the while, i was trying to meet her for dinner but our schedules crashed and i ended up getting a fright because someone jumped on me from behind. who else would it be other than fiona?! i had thought it was my aunt initially but i turned my head only to […]

melbourne trip, day 2

By |December 14th, 2008|

i finally am sitting myself down and disciplining myself to blog about the melbourne before it doesn’t happen at all, like what happened to HK & macau earlier this year.

i think too much travelling is resulting in my lack of enthusiasm. hee.

day 2 in melbourne was relatively simple. i waited for my aunt to arrive at the hotel around noon, so i stayed in the hotel surfing the net.

lunch was at the famous lygon street. so many people told me to go dine there! on the way walking to lygon, i was busy soaking in the sights of melbourne city.

that’s my school (RMIT) with campuses all over the city.

state library @ swanston street and trade hall @ lygon street

the former royal mint.

aussie pictures

By |December 1st, 2008|

i have successfully loaded the nicer pictures of the melbourne trip last week, but i just havent found a time to blog about it.

have also added some links to my sidebars of to the pictures of the recent travels but it’s not exactly updated since i haven’t gone through the pictures in HK and macau yet.

so ya, here’s some pictures for the trip and the rest can be found HERE.

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dead tired

By |October 29th, 2008|

i’m now comfortably snuggled under the covers in my hotel room at king’s street, all alone.

my itinerary was ruined when i came back to the hotel room to drop some things, because what was intended as a rest turned into a nap.. and it’s now 11.41pm and i have yet to have dinner. =(

well, there’s no way im heading out at this hour so i am so thankful i got a loaf of raisin bread with some cream cheese spread and chocolates with me. sadly, these will have to settle.. shall buy myself a nice meal tomorrow instead.

ok. i am so tired i’m crashing out. the internet is expensive, so i cannot stay online all the time. must ration my time over the few days. 😛

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