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The Choos goes to Bangkok on AirAsia!

By |November 14th, 2014|

Its my 2nd trip to Bangkok this year (first bkk trip here), but I cannot be more excited. Because, I am lugging with me 2 Bangkok virgins! Can you believe it? Der has NEVER stepped foot into Bangkok ever, and of cos not Jerry. So I was super excited to show them around. It’s been a while since Jerry took a plane too. His last trip was to Hong Kong, and that was when Jerome was still in my stomach! We haven’t been travelling much with 2 kids at all. Truth is, its really not easy trying to handle 2 toddlers with just us two…(at their age!). The husband can really only handle 1 while travelling.

I do travel quite a bit, and is usually fuss free when I am travelling alone. Today, I am going to share with you some […]

Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump Review

By |April 15th, 2014|

My breast pump is my best friend (read about my breastfeeding journey). I huddle with it the first thing in the morning when i wake up everyday, travels with me all the time, and use it at night before i sleep. Surely that can be considered my #bff?

With Jerome turning 16 months in a couple of days, i sometimes do wonder when i’ll end my breastfeeding journey. I’ll probably wouldn’t have another kid (it is already too stressful to handle 3 boys now – including the husband) so till i get the courage… (and when it comes, it comes!)

So, today i am going to review another breast pump that i recently tried my hands breasts on. I’m kinda on a mini quest to test out all the breast pumps and see for myself which is the best. I have known breastfeeding mothers who have used a single brand […]

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    “Why i breastfeed for..” blog train – My other breastfeeding story

“Why i breastfeed for..” blog train – My other breastfeeding story

By |March 20th, 2014|

Sorry for the silence on the blog these couple of days. Have been putting in longer hours at work for the week and trying my best to be super mom at the same time so blogging takes a back seat, but i still love all of you so i’m back with another post today! 

Decided to take the opportunity to blog about my other breastfeeding story since the blog train is gonna end in just a few days. The breastfeeding story of my 2nd born – Jerome (birth story here). In case, you haven’t read my first breastfeeding story, do pop over so you’ll better know the context of this story.

With the somewhat success story of breast(milk) feeding my first born till the day I found myself pregnant again, and […]

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    Why I Breastfed for…. 13 months (Part of a Breastfeeding blog train series)

  • Entire freezer filled with breastmilk.
  • Bottle feeding Jerry
  • Baby Jerry at a few days old.

Why I Breastfed for…. 13 months (Part of a Breastfeeding blog train series)

By |March 12th, 2014|

Today, I am going to share my breastfeeding story, particularly, my first breastfeeding experience with my first born. I don’t believe I have ever shared it previously (read my previous breastfeeding related posts here), because I didn’t really have it easy, and its pretty much a raw, sensitive story that right up to this point where i’m drafting this post… I don’t know where to begin.

Like all new mums, i read up a lot about breastfeeding prior to giving birth. I faithfully attended antenatal classes, and so ready to embrace the breastfeeding journey.. and all I did, was…breast(milk)feeding. Through a bottle.

I know right. Maybe i am not even qualified to be on this blog train, but I want to share my story and hopefully, inspire enlighten all mom-to-be out there.

Right after birth, I was all gungho about breastfeeding and establishing contact with the baby. The nurses brought the baby and […]

Product Review: Philip Avent Breast Pump (Single Electric)

By |November 4th, 2013|

**Sponsored Product Review**

My breast feeding journey hadn’t been a really smooth one but i sort of persevered through it, reminding myself that breast is best. based on that one single notion, i pushed on no matter how tired i feel and how tough it is. those who have been around reading for a while would know that i had been unable to latch my kids – BOTH my kids. As much as i tried a lot harder with the 2nd kid, the situation and the circumstance just means it was not meant to be.

without being able to latch, the breast pump is really my best friend in the breast feeding scenario.

which brings me to a topic which most mothers-to-be (or breastfeeding mums) would like to know – which breast pump is better or which breast pump should i buy?

How do i buy a breast pump?

honestly, there is no one […]

The Big B Event

By |July 23rd, 2013|

The Big B Event.

hello. I am on vacation right now, in sydney without the kids and having a whale of a time (it’s whale watching season here! pun fully intended!).

and i am super thankful for my travel companions that are so understanding and thoughtful while travelling with me, a breastfeeding mum.

here’s what i have been up to everyday while on vacation.

expressing, storing and freezing up my ebm (expressed breast milk). i unabashedly cleared out a level of my guy friend’s freezer in his home to freeze my breast milk so that they dont go to waste. and i have grand plans of bringing them back to SG with me (yes, i even brought along ice box and bags for storage).

because i believe breast milk is best for baby and breastfeeding is the way to go!

if you didn’t know it yet, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends exclusive […]

in panic mode – over milk.

By |June 5th, 2013|

meet my milk monster. make that a breastmilk monster.


I would never have thought I would land myself in this situation today – having not enough breastmilk to feed my child. never ever.


especially since I had soooo much excess supply barely 4 months after I had jerry previously.


but things happen and yeah. I am now in that situation.


my mum called me today in the evening, just when I am on my way home.. urgently asking if im coming home soon. because baby has no milk to drink. easy peasy right? there’s always formula milk to save the day. thing is, my mum said he has been rejecting the formula milk for the last 3 feeds! the last feed of ebm was at 1pm.


uh oh.


there are a couple of reasons that lead to the lack of milk.


for today, it was because […]

life back at work as a mummy.

By |October 1st, 2011|

been wanting to jot down my thoughts but i have been sooooo tired lately. i crashed out while doing things halfway every night and i sleep in the most odd manner. i havent had a decent conversation with the husband for days..

but i’m surviving. and thankfully for the rain yesterday morning and a nice husband who said yes to sending me to work when i nicely asked. we finally had proper conversations (non-baby related) in the car on the way here listening to class 95 while being stuck in the morning traffic jam that was amplified by the heavy rain. i should be thankful for traffic jam, because it prolonged our chance to have the proper conversations. and thankful for the rain, if not he may not have obliged, and i would have taken the train to work.

these days, i actually have 2nd thoughts about breastfeeding, simply because […]

The office’s moo moo room.

By |September 23rd, 2011|

If there is one novelty for me when I headed back to work after almost 5 months (with the hospitalization leave prior and annual leave after my maternity leave), it is the excitement of checking out the nursing room in the office.

The whole experience is very exciting, as well as daunting.. Not really knowing what to expect. And sure enough, my first day of using the room threw me off a little, because of my own carelessness.. I forgot to bring quite a few essentials – container/ziplock bags to identify my milk bottles (mark them as mine), ice-pack to cool them for transportation home, and the cooler bag! I stood in the room for 5 mins and wondered what to do. Guess I’m too used to the convenience of being home the past months and having a dedicated fridge compartment for my milk bottles.

If you really had […]

Project defrosting.

By |September 2nd, 2011|

In anticipation of me returning to work real soon, I have kinda set into a worker bee mode in getting all the chores around me done and doing whatever I could to make the transition better.

One more week to go.

Today, it’s freezer cleaning day. The dedicated freezer for my breast milk has accumulated so much frost, it’s getting very hard to pull and put back the drawers and some of the milk bags are getting stuck by the frost, making removal a hassle. It has got so thick, I couldn’t stand the sight of it!

I forgot to take a picture of it though. Was too busy shifting all the milk into the ice boxes in lightning speed to prevent it from melting.

Thank goodness for my brother’s fishing hobby. These huge ice boxes come into really good use (and the anal me had to give […]