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hong kong vacation day 5 – last day!

By |November 9th, 2012|

Day 5 of our Hong Kong vacation.

when we got back after a long day of shopping, I was a tad disappointed that I didn’t manage to eat the seafood I wanted to. the main deterrent was the distance because its so out of the way and required either to take a bus/ferry and I decided I wasn’t brave enough to do it. Der already had a hard time carrying baby + stroller up and down the steps in mtr through the days we were there so I wasn’t gungho enough to go.


so I had a plan. to head back to hing kee for more seafood, but without having to handle the bub. we got back to hotel, and put him into bed. he was hyper and by the time he knocked out, it was close to midnight. the hubby also fell asleep and I had to wake him for […]

Hong Kong vacation day 4 – Tim Ho Wan

By |November 8th, 2012|

On day 4 of our Hong Kong vacation, the highlight is dining in the famed Tim Ho Wan!

it was our last full day in hk, but we didn’t exactly have much that we really wanted to do, so we went to try our luck at tim ho wan again for dim sum.

my ootd, feel like a sloppy auntie though! necklace from h&m, asos maternity top, Casio watch, demin bag from tough, demin rights from forever 21 and Tory Burch flip flops.

door front of tim ho wan, filled with media articles and food recommendations.


shop 8, taui Yuen mansion,
phase 2, 2-20 kwong wa street
mongkok, kowloon

our order chit, with queue no 43 at top right of chit. we arrived when they were serving no 19, and we waited for 1.5hrs before it was our turn. my tip is, go in […]

  • Visitng HK disneyland!
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    Jerry’s 1st Hong Kong Disneyland adventure – Day 3 of our HK vacation

Jerry’s 1st Hong Kong Disneyland adventure – Day 3 of our HK vacation

By |November 3rd, 2012|

We trooped off to Hong Kong Disneyland on Day 3 of our hong kong vacation! Technically, it’s Jerry’s 2nd time at Disneyland cos he was in my tummy when I was in Paris Disneyland.

on the train to Disney.

with mummy.

gripping on tightly to the handles..

arriving in disneyland hk.


although the bub would probably not remember much about this trip, we still decided to make the trip there. since it is the week leading up to Halloween, the park is themed that way and even have special extended hours on 2 of the days till 11pm. we didn’t visit during the days with extended hours mostly to avoid the crowd and also because jerry wouldnt be able to appreciate and partake in the halloween activities at the park.

the signature surfer mickey before the entrance..

and […]

Day 2 of our Hong Kong vacation – Dim Sum in Hong kong!

By |November 2nd, 2012|

Having dim sum in hong kong is a must-do when visiting hong kong!

So, on day 2 of our hong kong vacation, we attempted to visit the famed Michelin star dim sum restaurant on Sunday morning, but was greeted with a huge crowd at the door. we stood around trying to get a number but didn’t manage to after like 10-15mins and decided that we were too hungry to hang around and left.

vegetables and seafood stalls along a street, think it was soy street or another that’s parallel to that.


I actually love visiting markets when I travel, and see the produce that they have available for sale. although we did chance upon one, Der was not willing to carry the stroller up the steps and wheel jerry around in the wet market so this was the best I got..

on vacation in Hong Kong.

By |October 28th, 2012|

am currently on vacation in hong kong, lazing around and not doing much.

thats us checking into the hotel! the hotel looks pretty but the room is so tiny, I feel crammed with 3 of us in it. miss the prudential hotel that I last stayed in when I was here.

in the tiny lift. we survived the flight with the little bub and just us two. its the first trip where there is only 3 of us, and Der & me were kinda nervous since our kid is so hyper. although he suddenly sprung awake when he got into the plane, he was only handful for a short while and went back into dreamland while we fed him milk when plane was ascending. prior to that, he was playing with the seat buckle, buckling himself up and clapping his hands when […]

my loots from hk.

By |June 16th, 2009|

everyone has been asking if hk was fun. it was nothing much except sight-seeing. contrary to the usual belief of eating non stop and shopping non stop.. i didn’t do that. food consisted mainly of the hotel breakfast and random snack here and there. i only had dim sum on the last day for lunch and only visited a ‘cha chang teng’ (tea house) once for gong zai mien.

i only got about 5 hours of shopping time (travelling included) and well.. i just grabbed whatever i could. and tadah! these are my loots.

a cherry tomato plant!

this is the first thing i bought in hk.. at just S$3! there were many other plants that i wanted to bring home. many interesting fruits and all.. but i guess this was all i could manage. now, i can eat cherry tomatoes anytime, just need to step out and pluck.

and because […]

a vacation finally!

By |May 5th, 2009|

i am going on a vacation (like finally!). the trip has been brewing for the past weeks and the tickets are booked, it just that i haven’t gotten round to announcing it. but.. the recent news on HK being listed as one of the countries affected by swine flu is such a BIG damper.


now i wonder if i could even travel. my only hopes is that the swine flu thing dies down and the virus does not spread. so long no additional people in HK is being diagnosed with the flu, i take it as good news. for now, i can only wait and see.

it doesnt help that my HR sent out a note yesterday to say that anyone who makes a trip to the affected countries will have to take leave up to 7 days after the trip to self quarantine. OMG. what a waste of my already […]

Last Meal in hk

By |July 15th, 2008|

Exchanged the hkd$240 meal voucher that we got from the flight delay for our dinner. 2 bowls of ajisan ramen with sides and 2 cups of triple scoop ben and jerrys ice cream topped with m&ms! We had a hard time eating everything cos we were so stuffed!

I miss the holidaying already. Had a hard time trying to get out of bed this morning after 10 days of sleeping in. I’m having a blue tuesday…

[mobile post on train @ amk]

Jetting off hk

By |July 13th, 2008|

Am on board the plane now.. Shutting my phone and heading back to sing.

Thinking of it, i hardly did anything in the 4 days here. Wow. This is considered one of the most leisure trip ever.. Spending time like i would back in sing, just eating out and going to the movies, of cos.. I think macau was the highlight of this trip.

[mobile post on plane @ hk]

in hk international airport

By |July 13th, 2008|

am stuck here at the airport because the flight is delayed.

anyhow, i’m not complaining because i would have already missed my flight if the flight is not delayed.

am here at the airport on time, but i was told by my aunt that i’m flying united. well, the receipt that i’m holding doesn’t say the airlines, so i really assumed it was united. after all, i didnt have a single glitch from sing to taipei and taipei to hk.

anyway, anyhow, we were in the united queue for the longest time and the queue wasn’t even moving. 1 hr before the flight departure, there were at least 40 people in front of the queue. der thought something was amiss, so he went to re-check the flight numbers and the check in counters… turns out, i’m flying SIA!

wah lau! panic mode sets in as we ran to the designated check in counter. […]