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home bound.

By |August 23rd, 2011|

14 days after, i am heading home now. bound for the airport in another 10 mins and my laptop is the last thing that i am packing in.

in the last 14 days, i barely had the energy to catch up with everyone’s blog entries, lest write my own. i am sooooooo tired.

this has got to be one of the most ‘interesting’ trip to seattle because we did almost nothing and even cancelled the road trip to vancouver to help with my uncle’s paper work. but then again, i guess its for the better good of the future cos we cleared so much, i don’t think it’ll happen again. so YAY! (and all other cousins, please thank us…)

then again, i got to eat my favourite foods, drank starbucks (i actually typed starhub!!), and got some stuff for my baby so all is not lost. anyway, we’ll be back again. […]

goodbye seattle

By |February 2nd, 2007|

i’m all packed, and i have to say goodbye to all my shopping goodies. till i see them 2 weeks later.

am leaving for the airport in 15mins. gonna lug a huge handbag, a hand carry on and a bulky luggage. i do hope i can manage it alone when i’m in chicago.

alrighty. logging out. everyone have a great weekend! 🙂

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By |February 2nd, 2007|

madness is when u are abt 2hrs due to leaving and things are still unpacked.

i desperately want to pack them all nicely. problem is, i can’t fit everything into my luggage + the spare EMPTY luggage i brought along. the coach stuff (read: boxes) are taking up too much space.

and i have got 3 pair of boots. 4 winter jackets. 4 sweaters. erm. all the bulky items!!!!

and i had to pack ALL my shopping into my spare luggage to have my aunt lug it back for me when she flies back to sing for CNY 10 days after i touch down on monday. i still do not have enough space on my current luggage, which consist of only 3 sets of clothes for chicago and everything else is just gifts for friends and the coach stuff.

Grrr. i want a doremon pocket NOW!

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for derrick

By |February 2nd, 2007|

hey! it’s purple color. 🙂

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premium outlets

By |February 2nd, 2007|

the day before i fell sick. the premium outlets. walked round and round, Guess, Adidas, Nike, Coach, Ann Taylor, Oakley, Aldo shoes, Crabtree & Evelyn, Sony, L’0ccitane, Fossil, LeSportsac, Calvin Klein, Puma, Nine West & Nautical were the few brands that i prominently remembered. there were a few dozens more.

me and my coach buys.. i am so tempted to get the coach trench coat can?! shucks.. i love it and it’s so fitting. but it’s silly cos i won’t get to wear it in sing.. but it’s sucha a pretty thing!


anyway, i went ahead to buy this jacket from calvin klein.. it’s a little too big but i love the design and all the little compartments inside the jacket!

gosh. i just got back from buffet dinner feeling like a bomb, ready to explode any moment. gotta leave for the airport in under 5 hours.. and […]

maggi noodles

By |February 2nd, 2007|

i cooked noodles and had that for dinner for 2 nights. a break from regular gorging. the veggies here lack crunch! 🙁

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By |February 2nd, 2007|

abercrombie & fitch, love the shorties!

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By |February 2nd, 2007|

i just put myself through 45 mins of brisk walking. out in the cold.

was shopping at northgate mall and decided to heck it, save the phone bills (to call aunt) and walk home. keeping in mind what i have gorged for breakfast this morning, i decided to move a little fast and burn a little calories. gosh! it was tough! the terrain’s not like singapore, it’s up slope most of the time and i was panting and desperately catching my breath, lugging along my shopping bags.

i just kept telling myself.. walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. i’ll get there eventually.

and so, 15mins after northgate mall, i got to 105th street. my aunt stays on the 78th. you can count how many blocks that is away. climbing up slope and watching the skyline of downtown seattle appearing.. and northgate mall disappearing behind me, it is satisfying after all.

good thing with […]

wednesday – 31 Jan

By |February 1st, 2007|

i just busted more moolah today. after the coach buys the other day.. look what damage i did to myself today…

do you think the Carly looks good in blue? i couldn’t decide between the blue and the brown.. and decided to get the blue one cos it’s less readily available..(i could always go back and have it changed before i fly outta the country!) opinions please!

anyway, i feel so much like a bimbo posting this.. my aunt say i should just buy shares in Coach. *roll eyes*

with me being sickie, i didnt have the time to do any photo updates.. and i’m now into packing my luggage cos i’m leaving for the airport in about 24 hours from now and flying to chicago. gosh, time flies huh!!

armed with a map, i roamed downtown seattle today. no, i don’t really need a map.. but who knows, it might […]

enough rest

By |January 31st, 2007|

i went to bed at 10pm last night. i hardly sleep that early there.. it’s usually 3-4am in the morning and waking up 4-5 hours later.

i slept for 9 hours last night. amidst waking up drenched in cool sweat, and feeling super uncomfortable.. i managed to sleep off the temperature.

the tummy’s still feel a little chummy and i am thinking of the fresh oysters that i bought last nite. looks like i won’t be able to eat them with the tummy condition i am in.

i have concluded that i am suffering from stomach flu, and have passed the germs to my uncle, who is down with fever and vomiting non stop too. i feel so guilty. :/

i hope he gets well soon.

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