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things to pack when travelling with a baby.

By |July 10th, 2012|

Am sharing what are the things to pack when travelling with a baby here! i usually do up a to-bring list before i start packing for all my trips and i guess it applies when it comes to packing for jerry when we were heading for kuching, his first flight out of a country.

decided to document the list i have here and hopefully, it will be useful for other mummies who are intending to bring their kiddos abroad as a reference, as well as for my future reference. do take this as a rough guide since this list is uniquely catered to jerry (who is 14mths old) and his needs as a toddler and the location that we are going.

it’s a 4D3N trip so here’s the list!

Jerry’s packing list:
1. pyjamas x 4 sets (brought extra just in case)
2. sweaters/jackets x 2 pcs (for the nights/air-conditioned places/strong winds)
3. […]

my kuching trip (part 2)

By |July 9th, 2012|

On day 3 of our Kuching trip, we visited the semenggoh nature reserve to check out some orang utans on the 3rd morning at my uncle’s suggestion. I was very very tempted to stay in bed but decided that maybe its good exposure for jerry and dragged our lazy bums out.

the journey took about 20mins in a cab ride. talking about cabs, they are a rarity in kuching. very hard to find one randomly on the streets, they are almost non existent. only easily available at touristy areas or hotel lobbies. anyway, I digressed. that’s the ticket stud for entry. Malaysians cost 5rm, foreigners 10rm, seniors citizens at 3rm. above pic is a msian ticket that belongs to my aunt.

the reserve was a refreshing change from the urban landscape that we city dwellers are used to. its like our macritchie […]

my kuching trip (part 1)

By |July 8th, 2012|

kuching trip for 4 days and 3 nights, easily summed up just eating and sleeping. we did nothing much, mainly because there was nothing much to do, not much places to go.. and we were in too big a group (7 adults and 1 toddler) to actually plan everything down to a pat. besides, all everyone wanted was to chill and relax from the 2 hectic weekends of family activities/happenings so we pretty much did that.

us on the flight, outbound to kuching. baby was generally well behaved for the most part but there was a bit delay in taking off and he actually finished his milk feed before the take off so we distracted him with a lot of biscuits and yoghurt treats. mostly, he was squirming about from being confined by the infant seat belt (I can feel his pain since he’s […]

off for kuching vacation!

By |July 2nd, 2012|

we are off for our short holiday, a kuching vacation! its jerry’s first flight experience and he’s been quite a trooper thus far, exploring everywhere.

a holiday beckons.

By |June 7th, 2012|

Yes. some weeks back, i bought a whole bunch of air tickets for a family trip.

it’s a short trip and it’s going to be Jerry’s first flight experience. and i’m going with a huge party (8 adults and 1 baby).

mega excited and i cannot wait.

we are going to jet off to the land of kennysia – Kuching!

I have never been there and though it doesnt sound as exotic as africa or australia, i dont really care when i get the chance to jet somewhere and have an adventure.

does anyone has any tips and recommendations on where i can go/eat, what to see/visit etc? drop me a note if you do and i’ll appreciate it loads! not many people i know went there before!

dropping into dreamland now. good night!