cambodia trip

By |September 20th, 2006|

finally! the Cambodia trip pictures are sorted, the collages are done and i have a tale to tell.

so.. what’s cambodia like? some of my colleagues thought i have gone columbia instead! it’s quite a weird choice it seems, at least among my peers. well, according to cherie’s dictionary of travel… every where is good so long the trip is paid for and if the location is somewhere i have never been.

yes. my aunt decided to be adventurous and decided to go. i tagged along cos the inital plan was supposed to be 2 of us going china. so it turns out, mum tagged along too.

my impression of the place? scenic, quiet to a certain extent, historical (not that i can appreciate!!), interesting, not exactly poor (maybe cos its a tourist spot that i went), and life seems relatively simple.

some of the stuff that i found unforgettable… eating of chick-filled […]