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Conversations with the husband #17 – Just telling you only.

By |August 2nd, 2016|

It’s been more than a year since I wrote about a conversation with the husband. It is not that the conversations are not happening, more like I am too tired and lazy to write them down. This morning, while we were having breakfast at our dining table…

Me: Hey, I am going to Korea with my colleagues next May. Hmm, the exact dates are 13 – 21 May.
Husband: *shows a smirk*
Me: What?
Husband: Next year, I am getting the AP diver watch.
Me: Huh? That’s so random.
Husband: No ah, just telling you only… (laughs). My trip is happening in 2 weeks and I haven’t even plan yet. You already telling me that you are going Korea next year.
Me: HAHAHHAHAA. The air ticket got promotion!

Although he didn’t say anything out, I am PRETTY SURE that he is thinking in his mind, AGAIN?!

Oh, Oh, I suddenly remember about this conversation earlier this year where

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    Conversations with the husband #18 – My wife is a fight stewardess.

Conversations with the husband #18 – My wife is a fight stewardess.

By |June 19th, 2016|

This conversation happened earlier this year, when I was updating the husband about my travel plans. It was early January and we just got back from a 3 day holiday in Macau. It was a surprise birthday holiday that the husband knew nothing about till 48hrs before flight time. I wish I could keep the surprise till we reach the airport but unfortunately, it is not very possible with kids in the picture. There are logistics to shift them in with the gramps before the trip happens and packing their stay over bag would be a huge giveaway. Nonetheless, the husband was *still* surprised.

So, immediately after the Macau trip, while I was packing for my Korea trip that’s happening in a matter of hours then..

Me: Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am travelling to bangkok in March or April.
Husb: Huh? Again?
Me: Err.. ya..
Husb: You just came back […]

Conversations with the husband #16 – Praising the wife.

By |December 3rd, 2014|

I wrote this Conversation with the Husband post a long while back and totally forgot all about it until I was looking through all drafts. It’s a gleaming gem. I think I didn’t post it cos I didn’t have an appropriate picture. I still don’t, but I guess I better post it now before I forget all over again. Not going to get any picture of the husband in the next 1 week anyway. He is outstation for the week.

It happened one day when we were done having dinner at home and the husband was cleaning up and table and washing up..

Der (D): [while washing dishes] Hmmm..do you think you are clever?
Cher (C): no, not at all.
D: why would you say that? I think you are very clever you know?
C: really?! No lah. I’m not lah. How can I be clever?
D: because you picked a good husband that knows how […]

Conversation with the husband #15 – The green brothers.

By |September 8th, 2014|

The kids came home one day, both incidentally dressed in green. I say incidentally because they don’t come back from the same household, so both my mum and my mother in law dressed them in green tops and white bottoms.

I thought they looked matchy matchy in some ways and was really cute to look at.. and i thought of a witty joke.

Me: Papa!  Look at them! They are 青兄弟 (‘qing xiong di’ meaning green brothers)!

I was actually trying to pun it and meant 亲兄弟 (‘qing xiong di’ meaning blood brothers). Geddit geddit?

Me: Got funny anot?

Husband: hee Hee. VERY LAME EH, but got.

#myhusbandcanappreciatemyjoke #birdsofthesamefeatherflocktogether

I know this may not be funny to you at all, but i wanted to jot it down because it was a moment shared between the husband and me, and I wanted to preserve this piece of memory so that some day, we can look back and […]

Conversations with the husband #14 – Sleeping Beauty

By |June 29th, 2014|

We woke up bright and early today. It’s a long day ahead, planing a day out at Universal Studio with my mum and my brother and then, attending a wedding dinner tonight. I was the first to wake, followed by Jerry who insist on snuggling with me the moment he opens his eyes. Gonna love these moments because I know they won’t last forever.

I woke the husband and then cheeky Jerry decided to hide under the covers when i attempted to take a picture of him. I keep flicking the covers off only to have him pull it back on to cover his face. This went on for a while and triggered the following conversation.

D: What are you doing?

C: I’m trying to take a picture of my sleeping beauty. Don’t disturb me.

D: Sleeping beauty?! (sounding incredulous)

C: Uh huh.. yar…

D: You mean Sleeping NAUGHTY..

C: Hahahahahahaa. No. My Sleeping Beauty.

Trust the […]

Conversations with the husband #13 – Our Harry Potter

By |June 8th, 2014|

And so, the morning right after my son fell down from the bed and became Harry Potter, the husband and I were both feeling super groggy and sleep deprived but managed to struggle to get to work.

That morning, the kiddo looked better and doesn’t seemed bothered anymore, which in my opinion, is super good news. I snapped a picture of him and posted this on Instagram before we left the house.

The husband drop me off at the train station every morning and somehow, the following conversation started in the car while driving on the road.

D: Eh, you know? You now know have a story for your blog with Jerome falling down.
C: What story?
D: The story goes…. Jerome Potter. At 12 midnight, Lord Voldemort came into the bedroom and pushed Jerome off the bed. Jerome survived the fall, but not without a lightning scar on […]

Conversations with the husband #12 – 天使 (Angel)

By |May 7th, 2014|

OK. This isn’t a new conversation but one that has happened maybe a year back or more? I thought I blogged it down before, but I can’t seemed to locate it on the blog (so weird!) so maybe I really didn’t. It’s a really funny and memorable one and I recently got reminded about it while talking to a friend.

It happened on a night where Jerry slept early and the husband and I were just chilling around (with our gadgets) in the bed with the sleeping kid wedged between us.

D: Look at him sleep. He looks like a 天使 (angel) hor? (looks at kid adoringly)
C: Hmmm.. yeah.

(the next day the kid was so naughty and angered the husband so much… he was shouting and scolding the kid non stop)

C: Hey, hey. Chill. Don’t keep shouting at him.
D: He make me so angry!
C: Hmmm… didn’t you say he is a 天使 (angel) […]

Conversations with the husband #11 – It’s shopping time!

By |April 22nd, 2014|

cherieladie- bags

Last weekend, we packed the kids off to their grandparents for an afternoon and was getting ready to go out for ah boys to men musical when the following conversation happened…

C: (while I was taking a long time staring at my wardrobe and looking for a suitable bag to match my clothes…) sigh. I have no bags to complement my clothes. I think I need a new bag.
D: hmm….(gives me an incredulous look on his face and moments later..) Okay! Let’s go shopping for one later.
C: really?! OK! Let’s go! (Playing along cos I know the husband isn’t agreeable and knows that I have way too many bags)

A while later when I was wearing shoes getting ready to step out..

D: eh. I think I need to get a new watch. All my watches don’t seemed to be working […]

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    Conversations with the husband #10 – buying a Samsung note 3.

Conversations with the husband #10 – buying a Samsung note 3.

By |March 1st, 2014|

I have been lemming for the samsung note 3 in rose gold color for the longest time and was totally determined to get it this weekend. It’s officially launched last week and i wasn’t around so i went on a quest today to hunt for the best bargain.

I reckon it’s an eye opening experience for the husband. I asked the first shop and he wanted to buy it there and then! I told him he’s mad. I eventually settled it at the 8th or 9th shop that I came across and saved the husband close to 60 bucks. He is a happy man with the moolah saved and I, a happy girl.  its a belated xmas present from the husb. But I had a real dilemma though.. I wanted to get the white for the longest time and I eventually got the black color..

C: what color should I get? […]

Happy Valentine’s Day & conversations with the husband #9.

By |February 14th, 2014|

It’s Valentine’s Day and happy v day to all my readers out there! Yes, you, you, you and you.

I don’t have anything special planned for the day with the husband but we are going to spend tonight at my uncle’s place with family to end the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations.  The husband is secretly relieved that his pocket is very safe from a lavish dinner that I might potentially
extort outta him.

That said, valentine’s day is often an overhyped day and singles on this day often feel felt out. You shouldn’t be, because there is love between family and friends too. Spend the day with them and tell them how much they mean to you. Although technically, you should tell them that everyday.

And since it’s v-day, I’m gonna share another conversation with the husband with you guys. I’m lazy to type, but here’s a print screen of […]