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Honeymoon day 3 – milan to florence to pisa to florence to venice.

By |September 19th, 2010|

Its a day of neverending train rides!

Checking out of our hotel in milan ay 6.30am in the morning. Self shot at recept. Did you spot the new miu miu?

Check out my messy hair. Cant quite bother to maintain in italy especially with the winds blowing it into a mess every other moment.

One last shot of the duomo in darkness. We didnt have dinner the night before because we were too tired and all der did was buy macs back while i collapsed in bed.

Trenitalia. Expensive rides. Think we spent close to €400 for all the train rides that we’ll be taking for the entire trip. I think its equally expensive as compared to airfares, but thats not an option.

After 2 train rides, we finally arrived in pisa! We only had 15 mins to hop onto […]

More of day 2 in milan.

By |September 18th, 2010|

We roamed the streets once again after the duomo visit even though we pretty much covered everything on the first day.

Spotted this window showcase with loads of sopie kinsella books in italian. Love their pretty colors and the muted pastel colours! Too bad, i cant read italian, else i would have considered buying one of these books for keeps.

Lunch was at this replay restaurant. Though in italy, its mostly alfresco dinning where you can people watch.. We chose the indoor seats for this restaurant instead. With the alfresco dinning also comes with loads of cigarettes’ smoke as diners are allowed to puff away anytime.

Our bread. Funny how each time we dine, the olive oil and balasmic vinegar aint given to us automatically. I wondered if it cos of our skin color and if racist is present. And they almost seemed […]

Honeymoon day 2 – roaming around milan.

By |September 18th, 2010|

Its the duomo visiting day! Funny how we didnt visit it the first day especially since it was just in front of our hotel!

According to der, he said this is one of the grandest duomo he has ever seen. I cant decide between the one that i have seen in spain and this, but grand indeed it was.

Frontal view.

Taken at an angle.

Us with the duomo.

The interior with really tall ceilings.

The beautiful stained glass windows thats not showing clearly from my phone camera.

The intricate designs at the front of the duomo and the beautiful paintings hanging.

All the monumentos in the duomo.

This part of the flooring has some 3D effects, not sure why. The rest of the floor looks fine.

Derrie stepping […]

Pottering around milan.

By |September 17th, 2010|

Some random streets of milan while heading towards our hotel!

Our hotel! Hotel rio, just round the corner from the famous piazza duomo. It was still v early and we dumped the bags under the care of the hotel and headed off!

First up, headed to the central train station to buy our train tickets for the rest of the trip..

Nice tall building with beautiful ceilings and intricate wall designs. I didnt manage to take a picture of the main facade, but it wasa grand building with 2 winged horse statues at the side. Guess what is the first food i ate in italy?! Its a magnum gold! At only €1.90, i figured its much cheaper than singapore so i’m gonna have my fill of it here.

More pictures of the central station later. For some weird reason, i can’t insert pictures […]