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    Day 6 & 7 of Spain Vacation – Crossing over to Lisbon Portugal

Day 6 & 7 of Spain Vacation – Crossing over to Lisbon Portugal

By |June 17th, 2005|

and here’s day 6 of spain trip where we crossed over to Lisbon, Portugal. I extract this portion of the blog entry out from an original lengthy blog entry written very long ago. You can read the original blog post if you are interested.

One of the first activity we did that morning was SHOPPING! And how could i not visit Zara while in Spain? Post shopping, it was a long road journey to Lisbon, Portugal. We drove past neverending fields of cows and cattle and it was a calming sight indeed.

Once we were over the border, we immediately spotted the iconic places of Lisbon – Port of Lisbon, the Christ of King Statue overlooking Tagus River and of cos the Ponte 25 De Abril & Evora, which is the famed Silver Water Aqueduct and spend the later part of the day treading through the alfama quarters, and […]

Here in lisbon..

By |May 30th, 2005|

here in lisbon..

wow.. i finally have a quick chance to blog on my uncle’s ibook. internet access here is really expensive.. like 3.5 euro for 15 mins access!! weather here is very drastic.. can be really hot to really cold.. so weird.. had a fever the first few days in spain.. now, im getting used to it already.

nothing much here except castles and catherdrals. will blog again while im back. got to log off now. time to pack my luggage. got to gather 15 mins later at the lobby and leaving for salamanca.

i hope everyone is fine back in sing. havent got any sms from anyone abt anything yet except from wei. oh well.. got to run! bye!

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