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6 Reasons why I like Canon Selphy Printer (CP910).

I take a lot of pictures. I really do. Most of the time, I forget about the pictures that I take, because life gets busy and I don’t scroll through my digital collection much, unless I am looking for something specifically. And my brain don’t always remember all those lovely moments, as captured above.

If only I remember to bring them to the photo printing shops for developing. If only I could print them out the moment when I chance upon them. Do you share the same thoughts too?

I had the chance to review the Canon Selphy Printer (CP910) in recent months and found that a small, compact printer like the above does the job just right.

Here’s 6 reasons why I like the Canon Selphy Printer (Model: CP910).

1. It’s tiny!

With its size even smaller than A5 size, the printer is super portable and I can bring it around with me. I wished I […]

Things Jerry Say #18 – I am not a bad guy.

If you haven’t already know. This kid is obsessing over Transformers right now. He has been going on and on about Optimus Prime trailer toy for the loooooooogest time, talking about it every single day and somewhat drove me nuts. I can’t quite believe how persistent and single minded he is for this toy. He talked about it every day, requested us to buy for him all the time, grabbed it every time he goes to the store until I gave up and started on the concept of being on good behaviour to earn the toy himself.

He’s probably too young for this at a few months past 3 years, but never try never know.

Each day, I will give him 50 cents or a dollar to reward him for his good behaviour and it went on for a while.. and I got too busy and forgot about giving him the […]

What cheers me up?

There are a few things that instantly cheers me up no matter what… and here’s my list of items that cheers me up.

  1. Shopping
  2. Good food/happy food (i.e. steamboat!)
  3. Bubbletea (only the standard bubble milk tea from sharetea with minimum sugar please)
  4. Flowers (sunflowers/gerberas would be lovely!)
  5. Pretty nails.

No matter how shitty I am, so long I get myself any of the above, I’m good. Am I easy to please or what? If you are on my instagram, I guess you would see alot of #1, #2, #3. #4 are rather rare, maybe twice a year I get flowers from the husband. #2 is the most common because you can survive without any of the items above but everyday, we need to eat.. at least 1-2 meals. I normally only do 2.

As for #5, it is an indulgence for me as a mum. But its an irony, because while it is an indulgence, it […]

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Conversation with the husband #15 – The green brothers.

The kids came home one day, both incidentally dressed in green. I say incidentally because they don’t come back from the same household, so both my mum and my mother in law dressed them in green tops and white bottoms.

I thought they looked matchy matchy in some ways and was really cute to look at.. and i thought of a witty joke.

Me: Papa!  Look at them! They are 青兄弟 (‘qing xiong di’ meaning green brothers)!

I was actually trying to pun it and meant 亲兄弟 (‘qing xiong di’ meaning blood brothers). Geddit geddit?

Me: Got funny anot?

Husband: hee Hee. VERY LAME EH, but got.

#myhusbandcanappreciatemyjoke #birdsofthesamefeatherflocktogether

I know this may not be funny to you at all, but i wanted to jot it down because it was a moment shared between the husband and me, and I wanted to preserve this piece of memory so that some day, we can look back and […]

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Fantasia by Escribà

2 weeks ago, I clocked in a very rare weekend date with the husband. I won a company contest and was awarded a pair of tickets to the show. Honestly, I totally have no clue what it was the contest for, or the prize… I took part in the contest because my colleague told me to and I entered for the fun of it.

The prize is a pair of tickets to Fantasia by Escribà

A wonderland of chocolates, cakes and pastry sounds yummy, so we decided to seek childcare aid from both our mothers and go for it.

I read about cotton candy clouds, and sweets and chocolates that I can eat along the way. Sounds like a real fantasy for a gluttony me. And you know what? It’s somewhat like a willy wonker fantasy land come true for me.

Greetings at the door. Now, at this point, the suspense […]

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Things Jerry Says #17 – Footboard.

I should really blog about Things Jerry Says” more frequently. The kid really says the funniest things all the time. Some of which, is beyond hilarious. So, today’s post is about the footboard. Do you know what is a footboard?

Honestly, I didn’t even realize that the word really exist, because we hardly use it.

So, this happened last night when I was putting Jerry to bed. As usual, he isn’t the sort that would just go down and sleep. He will wiggle and roll in bed and do all sorts of stunts in bed, before he can actually drift off to sleep. One habit of his that I totally cannot stand is putting his foot on the headboard, and the fact the he always, I mean ALWAYS sleep in the opposite direction of the bed, like legs where the head is supposed to be…

I decided I have had enough and decided […]

Fashionista Cherieladie #5

Every time I craft the Fashionista post on my blog, I get reminded that yet another month has gone by. There is only 4 more months left for 2014 but it felt like the year just started not too long ago! A friend, R reminded me in my last post that I once quoted to her, “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”. I need that reminder again.

August have been a relatively busy month and I didn’t have the chance to take much #ootds actually. If I did, most of them were all seflies. Selfies in the toilet, selfies in the lift, selfies in the mirror in the house. If you realized.. I have been trying to take nicer ootd shots but this month, I land up with mostly selfies because I don’t have time. I’ll try harder next month. Honestly, it […]

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Hitting a parenting low.

I have been quiet on this space. A lot more quieter than I would like actually. These days, a lot of thought go through my mind. Some of which I have solutions for, some of which, I am completely helpless at.

I think I am very good at doing one thing – just grit my teeth and just trudging on.

The time doesn’t wait, and people just need to survive. Even though I am tired, the clock still ticks away. Even though I am sick from the lack of the sleep, the kids still need to eat/drink and interact with me. Even though I came home late and haven’t had my dinner, I still had to ensure I put them into bed.

This was last night this morning. The kids is still refusing to sleep after me trying to put them into bed for 2 hours. They each drank at least 2 bottles […]

Shape Run 2014 with Skechers!

Shape Run is here again for 2014! I started out participating in the Shape Run by running individually (official photos here) many years back, and then I took part in the stroller run last year, and this year, I participated in the Mini Me Race! How things have changed!

So, I enrolled in the 1.8km Mini Me race and was sooooooooo excited about it, but guess what?

I TOTALLY MISSED THE RACE. :(((((((((((((((

How could I right?!?!  I was equally upset about it. The night before.. the boys were totally cranky and didn’t settle till 2+ in the morning. I was so thrashed and tired from putting them into bed, and texted Estella to give me a call in the morning because I got a feeling I won’t wake at 6am. I set 5 alarms and went to bed, […]

Time out with a day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia!

Life is fun when it is littered with bits of impromptus. Last monday, I  went on a day trip to Johor with Estella! It was like really last minute, and I only applied leave on the evening of the Friday before. Talk about randomness! Ok. Partly it was because I still had 14 days of annual leave to clear for the rest of the year and it’s constantly bugging me at the back of my head because the year is soon coming to an end and I foresee having an issue to clear out all of them. (p.s. if you are wondering if I can carry them forward, the 14 days is after setting aside 10 to be carried forward… I KNOW RIGHT!)

So, the husband and I woke up early as usual and sent the kids to school and my mum’s. The husband had to work, so […]