Limited Edition Shell Tanker LEGO Model

Just a quick shout-out to the Shell LEGO fans. They are down to the last model for the LEGO collection! I especially love this Shell Tanker can? So, so cute. You have till 30th November to get this, and this is limited edition! Like there won’t be anymore after this. #sosadcan

In case you haven’t already known, you can get this at S$10.95 with every S$60 spent on Shell V-Power fuel from 21 to 30 November 2014.

I’m so gonna miss these cute little lego cars. So are my kids. Look at how they enjoyed it when we had a chance to build them together and put them to a race some time back.

Mummy and daddy learnt a few tips on miniature photography even and I found intriguing! The boys, they were just so enamoured with their lego cars and it is not hard to guess why. It’s so much fun.

We […]

Where we stay in Bangkok – Tune Hotel

I am going to share about Tune Hotel, Asoke today. It is the hotel that I stayed in during my recent family trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I have stayed in quite a few hotels in Bangkok, but mostly the full service, more expensive hotels. Not because I am atas okay. Some trips’ accommodation were not booked by me. Other times, it was mostly to suit everyone’s expectations and requests.

I’m easy when it comes to hotels on travel trips. I can accept anything that comes with a decent bed and toilet in the room! Com’on. I usually don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel when I am overseas anyway. It is just a place to sleep/rest and shower since I will be out and about most of the time so the bed and the toilet are the most important things in the room. Nothing else matters, really. Oh, and […]

My funny Jerome Choo.

I am gonna share some of the funny antics of Jerome, just for laughs. You know how kids always do the weirdest things, and the funniest things.. without a worry or care in the world. They simply don’t care what others think.

The floor is Jerome’s best friend.

This kid, he crawls on those smooth floors, under the tables, out and about all the cabinets thinking that it is a playground. I had the shop assistant scold me for it. Uhh, it’s not like I never did try to restrain him, but he has a mind of his own! He found it so fun, I don’t have the heart to stop him. You know, the saying that kids learn through exploration…

Besides, mummy loves taking pictures of his little adventures.

Here, he is showing me his annoyed face because I refused to let him out of a fitting room that he is stuck […]

Jerry faces the wall.

The most unthinkable thing happened yesterday. One of our biggest fear…

Jerry drew on our white walls with a marker. 

I don’t have a picture of the drawing on the wall. I was scrubbing some dirty socks in the toilet when I heard the husband screamed in hysterics. Something he hasn’t done before and I instinctively knew something bad happened.

I rushed to the room with the scrub in my hand, saw the drawing and almost fainted. I just immediately used the scrub that I was holding in my hand to try and scrub it clean, with minimal results. The husband was screaming away at the kid, and my mind was working as fast as I could on clearing the mess, which is why I didn’t have a picture.

Here’s roughly how it looked like. I draw a similar drawing with my Note 3 based on what I remembered on a picture after […]

The Choos goes to Bangkok on AirAsia!

Its my 2nd trip to Bangkok this year (first bkk trip here), but I cannot be more excited. Because, I am lugging with me 2 Bangkok virgins! Can you believe it? Der has NEVER stepped foot into Bangkok ever, and of cos not Jerry. So I was super excited to show them around. It’s been a while since Jerry took a plane too. His last trip was to Hong Kong, and that was when Jerome was still in my stomach! We haven’t been travelling much with 2 kids at all. Truth is, its really not easy trying to handle 2 toddlers with just us two…(at their age!). The husband can really only handle 1 while travelling.

I do travel quite a bit, and is usually fuss free when I am travelling alone. Today, I am going to share with you some […]

Jerry goes KidZania Bangkok!

We just came back from Bangkok, and the highlight of which is bringing Jerry to KidZania. I unfortunately fell prey to food poisoning after I got back and spent the whole the last 2 days in bed, totally weak and in extreme agony. Funny how I was okay with all the street food, but on the last day, I ate in restaurants and fast food and I fell sick from that!  I am suspecting that particular sushi joint that I ate in.

Anyhow, back to KidZania Bangkok. Do you know that it is one of the 2 KidZanias nearest to Singapore? The other one is in Kuala Lumpur. If you haven’t already heard, KidZania Singapore is opening on our very own shores next year, at Sentosa!

I was quite excited to bring Jerry to KidZania for a couple of reasons – he loves role-playing and KidZania definitely have some […]

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    Mom’s Best Friend – Philips Avent Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Mom’s Best Friend – Philips Avent Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Wow. It’s amazing to know Philips Avent is nearly as old as me. This year, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary! 30 years of innovation from Philips Avent. Do you even know about it? I’ll share my thoughts on some of the products I have used in all the years I have been a mother (I really love them) and as well as ANOTHER giveaway worth more than $500 at the end of the post, so make you read through the entire post. I’ll quiz you in order to win!

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation – Delivering More Breast Milk to More Babies

For thirty years Philips Avent has listened and learned to ensure that they continue to develop innovative products for moms and their babies, providing them with the most natural way to feed and giving their little ones the best start in life. Since 1984 Philips Avent has worked […]

Life made interesting with Transformers.

Are you on Instagram? I have some great news for you if you are. If you aren’t, you should start an account today, and maybe you can follow me (@cherieladie) to find out more!

Are you wondering what’s with Transformers and Instagram? It’s your ticket to win one of the three $100 Transformers Hampers that I will be giving away. Did I have you sitting up now?

You see. My kids are big on Transformers. I have no idea how it started. I suspect it was one of those videos that Jerry first chanced upon on youtube… and then one day, I realized that he knows all the characters, the story plot and everything else like who are the good guys and bad guys and it suddenly took over our lives because he would speak about nothing else.

Not that I minded it a bit. I’m a big fan of the Transformers myself […]

Junior Claus by The Little Company (Giveaway Alert!)

Anyone realized that we are down to the last 2 months of 2014, and that Christmas is just right around the corner? We brought the kids to catch Junior Claus yesterday afternoon to kick start the festive cheer. It was a cheery, happy musical peppered with loads of snow. Do you want to catch it too? I’m giving away a set of 4 tickets to 1 winner at the end of the post!

So, what is Junior Claus all about? Here’s the synopsis.

Junior Claus (Dwayne Tan) is the rebellious heir to an immense empire in the North Pole, where elves busily prepare for the biggest day of the year – Christmas. When Santa (Benjamin Chow) falls into a deep sleep because the Belief-o-Meter falls to a dangerously low level, Grumpo the greedy elf (Timothy Wan) takes control of Santa’s workshop and attempts to ruin the Yuletide season forever. Junior, alongside his friends Chipper the elf […]

Thing I love about the kids.

It’s been a long while since I document the kids’ milestones. There is just so much to observe and note down and with two kids, and things does get a little more hectic than I wished for. I was just checking back on the formal milestones for the kids I have written previously. Here’s Jerry’s 19th months (omg, he looked so different) and Jerome’s at 1 year old (he’s turning 2 yo soon!).

Somewhat bring tears to my eyes. Where have all my babies gone to?

Wanted to note down some tidbits of them at this point in time of their life, behaviours, things, or simply something about them that I want to remember them by. I know I haven’t been writing enough. They grow so fast!

I used to think I am quite a monkey. There is a chinese saying 一山还有一山高 (loosely translated as there will always be another […]