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The life of my primary one kid.

(Yay! I recovered my blog from the hackers. Police investigations are still underway, updates on that soon.)

January 2018 has come and gone. It has been a really interesting month – Jerry starting primary school, the family having a new routine, the kids starting swimming classes, I stopped working (for now), my blog got hacked and Jerome turned 5 years old. Life has been… interesting.


But first, back to my primary one kid. It’s been a month, and I don’t quite know what to make out of it.

Each time I ask the kid how is school, his answer is always the same – “Like that lor”. When I probed further with questions like, “How is your teacher? Do you like her? Can you understand what is being taught in class? Do you know all your classmates? Do you have homework […]

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My parenting style – empower the kids!

I’m back on the blog again! 2 weeks into 2018 and I hope I am making good progress in “reviving” my blog. It’s rather random, adhoc posts for now but I figure I just gotta start somewhere after being rusty for so long! My thoughts today is about empowering my kids – teaching them to fish rather than to hand them the fishes when they are hungry.

I have come to realise, that in this fast paced and stressful environment that we parents are in today, we often make the mistake of “doing” stuff for our kids without even thinking about the consequences, or even aware if there is any consequences. It’s just more efficient, faster and more convenient to us. Some of these activities may include things like…

  • cleaning up after our kids after they have their meals
  • packing their school bags for them and checking their timetables
  • cleaning up […]

First week of 2018 – Jerry starts P1!

The biggest change for the year is actually having a Primary 1 schooling kid. It wrecks instills schedules, requires a lot more planning, and things are getting a little more regimental in the household as compared to the past, where we were slightly more easy and not so sticky about routines.

To be honest, I didn’t quite prep my kid on anything. I did attempt to teach him some money matters – identifying the coins and notes and some adding and subtracting exercises but mostly, I wasn’t too consistent on any of those! I didn’t think he learnt much. Oops.

Just the day before the school started, I was still checking the orientation notes and trying to make sure I read everything necessary and putting names on some of the textbooks and sorting them. I sorta packed them for Jerry and then realised my (over-protective) folly and got Jerry to identify […]

Goodbye 2017, and hello there 2018!

I have officially neglected my blog! In 2017, I have published a grand total of….7 blog posts! Not exactly proud of it, but 2017 has been a relatively interesting year. I started the year with grand plans of achieving a lot – travel and fitness wise.. but as fate would have it. None of it sorta materialised.

First up, one of my first goals for 2017 was to attain a Spartan Trifecta, having closed 2016 with a Spartan race in Bintan. I only managed 1 pathetic race in the entire 2017, in Semenyih, Malaysia, with a fever to boot while at it. I was coughing for months before the race, and almost didn’t make it, but I did. But I still wasn’t well enough for the 2nd race that rolled along and everyone around me told me not to be crazy to attempt it. And, eventually, I just wasn’t cut for […]

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Shape Run 2017 – Our 3rd 1.8KM Family Run with Skechers!


The Shape Run has somewhat become special and iconic for us as a family. We have been participating every year since my Jerome is still a baby in a stroller. He is now a 4.5yo and finishes the run by himself with gusto. How far we have come!

This year is our 3rd 1.8km Family Run. Read about our previous 1.8km family runs in 2016 & 2015. The boys were super excited once they knew about it. They even know the drill when we picked up our Skechers shoes from the store and has been really excited about getting medals for their race. I know, strange motivation they have there (must be my ex-athlete genes).  They have also grown to be quite different individuals now, so I wasn’t too surprised that they each picked a pair of shoes of their own liking.

The chill one vs the cheeky […]

Things Jerry Says #32 – Mummy is more important…

So, it’s the long weekend that everyone is looking forward to! I have been so busy, I haven’t planned what to do with it yet. We visited the National Gallery and checked out the much raved about Children Biennale 2017 and also the exhibition of my one of the artists I really like – Yayoi Kusama (totally worth visiting!).  And oh, Jerry wanted to visit the library.. which we forgot to, and when we realised, it was too late.


So, the conversation happened while we were driving home.. I was negotiating on pushing the library trip to the next morning, and the kid decided to add on more to the bargain…

J: How about after that (the library), we go Levon’s house (his cousin)?
M: But I don’t know if he is free and at home. Why do you want to go his […]

Jerry & the Tooth Fairy

9 May 2017, Tuesday, 10.30pm. Jerry lost his first tooth ever. It has been shaky for weeks and his new teeth has been peeking beside the baby tooth for a while. We were still wondering if he was going to have his birthday pictures toothless some weeks back. I was secretly glad that the tooth didn’t come off before his birthday although the tooth obviously shifted its position and looked totally out of place.

The kid has been complaining about chewing certain stuff that is too tough and have rejected eating some foods because it hurts. Last night, the kid showed me his super wobbly tooth.. and I could tell that it’s probably gonna drop off any moment with one of the root showing. So, in my usual style, I snapped some pictures of it!

Thank goodness I did, because less than an hr later, the tooth came off. While Jerry […]

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    Things Jerry Says #31 – Wasabi No-Ginger has got a special sticker.

Things Jerry Says #31 – Wasabi No-Ginger has got a special sticker.

2017 really flew by! I thought we just crossed CNY and now it’s almost mid year. Hello month of MAY! Jerry turned 6 years old yesterday (already?!) and we brought him out after his school birthday celebration to pick a toy. I actually bought him a phone for his birthday (yes, I actually did!), but I guess the thrill of actually picking a toy personally is still fun.

He had a nice and enjoyable dinner at Nandos (he wanted chicken rice and I wasn’t willing to go to a coffee shop/hawker or actually eat chicken rice), and had fun shopping for his present(s). He came home happy with a Wasabi No-Ginger POP figurine (a character from Big Hero 6) amongst some other knick knacks like a book and a stuffed toy key chain. I had to mandate no opening of the toys in the car till we get home!

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice in Singapore

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It’s the week of school holidays! Still not sure where to bring your kids to or haven’t started planning? I would totally recommend Disney On Ice! The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice in here in Singapore and runs from 15 – 19 March 2017 for 10 performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Don’t miss it!

My boys caught their first Disney On Ice performance this week! They have been so excited and have been asking me to bring them to the show after watching the advertisements on TV. Big thanks to the team at Disney on Ice, the boys are now able to make their wishes come true!


They have been so excited about it and kept asking me every day if that day was the day we were going to […]

Things Jerry Says #30 – Must buy!

Happy 2017 and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you… if you are still reading my blog! I am not blogging as often as I would like to, but today.. i needed to blog this down pronto.

Jerry. He is turning 6 years old in 4 months and he loves reading and spelling (!). Or I think he does because he has been acing his spelling test every single week for 2016 in school. Am so proud of him actually. He can read by himself most of the time, off food labels, street signs and story books so I have also delegated the story book reading to him whenever possible. Makes life so easy for me. I only need to sight the words and make sure he is on the right track and both kids get entertained.

So, while we were in the supermarket today…

Jerry (J): Mummy, the chicken must […]

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