October 2014
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C is for Cookie..

and that’s good enough for me.

For those of you who are following me on instagram, you would have already seen me posting about the cookies that I baked on Sunday. If you aren’t following me, please do follow Cherieladie because I update there almost daily since it requires a lot less effort than blogging, which means.. you’ll see a lot more there!

Back to the cookies. Honestly, my first attempt trying to bake some from scratch and I’m glad it turned out alright! I keep seeing Diana‘s wonderful food posts (she’s a fellow mummy blogger and she won the Singapore Blog Awards Best Cooking Blog 2014) and it got inspired to do something with all the baking materials I have in the house. I turned to her blog for cookie recipes and found this Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that […]

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Things Jerry Says #22 – Do it again! Again!

Der shared this story with me the other day. He was driving the kids home when he was going into a merging lane and the car beside him is crawling slowly. He stepped on the accelerator and revved up to zoom pass the vehicle next to him in order to merge properly and at that point, the car let out a loud… VVRRRAAAOOOOOMMM!

Jerry, who is usually very aware of everything while riding in the car started questioning.

J (Jerry): Woahhhh! Papa, what’s that?!
D (Der): What?
J: Your car is very fast.
D: Ya, the car in front is very slow, so my car is angry. [he is talking nonsense here!!]
J: Ya… your car is angry… [ponders for a few secs] Papa! Can you do that again?! AGAIN!!

(p.s. I have no idea if the husband repeated the act, or not but it is to my own best interest not to find out.)

Honestly, I hate […]

Orange, oranges, and Sunkist!

I attended a cooking event some time back with Sunkist and Cooklyn Inc and almost forgot all about blogging about it till I saw some pictures earlier! It was such a fun event and I feel awful that I didn’t share about it till now! I’ll let you in on a secret, I have always wanted to attend a cooking session at Cooklyn Inc, because I have heard so much about them from all my friends, and I somehow never get the chance to do it!

Before I attended this event, Sunkist oranges was just… Sunkist oranges! But what I didn’t know, was that there were different types of Sunkist Oranges! Do you know that? Sunkist have Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges,  Moro (Blood) Oranges and the Cara Cara Oranges. I tried the Navel and the Cara Cara […]

Things Jerry Says #21 – It’s SUNNY!

I have bad sleepers. My kids are good for hyper activeness and their ability to stay awake. They love to play and rejects nap times or bed times, especially when we are at home. I am seriously thinking that our playroom is not a good idea after all. Or maybe it is the idea of having 2 boys. They play catching all day and refused to sleep!

Over the long weekend 2 weekends ago, I was trying to make Jerry sleep on one of the afternoons so that we can head out in the later part of the day. He just kept running and screaming around the house in joy and thinks it is very fun to have mummy chase him down.

I eventually gave up the entire idea and resorted to bribery.

M (Mummy): Jerry, can you go and sleep please? Mummy give you a toy if […]

Things Jerry Says #21 – I am so proud of you!

As a ftwm (full-time working mum), I often struggle between the responsibilities at work as well as the splitting my time between a mummy, a wife, a home maker, maintaining a blog and a whole lot more of responsibilities in between. I previously wrote about the struggles of being a ftwm here and here but today, I will tell you a conversation that tugged at my heart strings.

One that makes me wonder if I should stop working and really spend time with the kid in his growing up years. There is just so many years that the kid needs you before they are off to explore the world and doesn’t want a naggy or unhip mother at his back.

I have been working late for the past weeks, often getting home a lot later than the kids. Sometimes, […]

A day at the zoo!

We haven’t visited the Singapore Zoological Gardens for a while, and when we got the memo that Jerry’s school has an outing, I made the husband take leave with me to attend the session. After all, daddy’s gotta be involved too right? (p.s. I didn’t realise that monday was a PH then and we accidentally clocked in a super long weekend!)

Jerry was super excited on the school bus. He wasn’t all the usual grumpy him when he told him we are going to the zoo! He must have thought it was a super happy day that daddy and mummy are coming along with him.

It was a half day trip and we didn’t manage to see that many animals, unfortunately. But, Jerry seems really familiar with the animals and kept asking for the elephant. It was super funny.

We stood around the polar bear exhibit and actually lost our class teachers […]

Cycling at East Coast Park!

It’s been a long time since, but we finally did it! The husband & I made it back to East Coast Park for some outdoorsy fun, along with the kids.  To think we used to blade there very often, pre-kids. I have been wanting to go, but there was never a good chance – kid too young, preggers, 2nd kid too young etc. Now that they both are running and climbing all over, and Jerome can understand some bits of instruction… there is so much we can start doing!

Can you tell that I was A LOT more excited than the kids? Nooooooo… the kids were both equally excited, but this picture was just a *stoned* moment that the *ahem* photographer managed to capture.. and it was my only picture that’s decent.

I was also super nervous about riding the bike. I could cycle very well by myself (if […]

Things Jerry Says #20 – Who is its mother?

Here’s a new Things Jerry Says post for this week! If you are new here, “Things Jerry Says” is a series of conversational posts with Jerry, my first born. He has been getting really apt in his conversational skills and sometimes, says the weirdest and funniest things that throw us off. I document them down because I know this phase will soon pass and I want to retain these moments somewhere, so that someday, I can read some day and reminisce the times when he is growing up.

Today, we were playing pretend play with x.silly, a small cuddly pig that the husband gifted me many years back. X.silly is very something very dear to me and as my kids grow up, he has become a huge part of their lives. Each day, Jerry either plays with him or bring it to bed with him and there is seldom […]

US Southern Barbecue Grill Masters at Swensen’s

I took a night off earlier this month and arranged for a girly dinner with a girlfriend. We are both greedy, gluttony people, so when I got invited to try Swensen’s new US Southern Barbecue Favourites menu.. she was the first person that came to my mind!

Ok. I confess. I had wanted to bring the kids. After all, Swensen’s is a family friendly restaurant with menu items that caters to everyone in the family but week day night is just plain impossible for me to bring them. I would never be able to make it on time if I had to work in the logistics of shuttling home from work and bringing them out again.

So the menu was U.S. Southern Barbecue, inspired by the bold flavor palates unique to Southern USA. The menu was simple enough, with something to cater for the chicken, beef or fish lover, along with a side […]

Because family matters more.

Last Monday, I took urgent leave and made a last minute trip to Malaysia to visit my grandpa. You know how we always give ourselves the excuse that we will visit someone when we have the time but the time never come before it is too late?

I don’t want that to ever happen to me again ever since my maternal grandma passed away 2 years back. So, I had to skip a training at work and brought the entire family on a road trip to visit my grandpa. After all, he is turning a century old next year. The stars aligned that day and my uncles and aunty were going to be there too and I figured I couldn’t miss this impromptu family gathering.

I can’t tell you how glad I was, because of the smiles that I was seeing on my grandpa’s face the […]