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Things Jerry Says #20 – Who is its mother?

Here’s a new Things Jerry Says post for this week! If you are new here, “Things Jerry Says” is a series of conversational posts with Jerry, my first born. He has been getting really apt in his conversational skills and sometimes, says the weirdest and funniest things that throw us off. I document them down because I know this phase will soon pass and I want to retain these moments somewhere, so that someday, I can read some day and reminisce the times when he is growing up.

Today, we were playing pretend play with x.silly, a small cuddly pig that the husband gifted me many years back. X.silly is very something very dear to me and as my kids grow up, he has become a huge part of their lives. Each day, Jerry either plays with him or bring it to bed with him and there is seldom […]

US Southern Barbecue Grill Masters at Swensen’s

I took a night off earlier this month and arranged for a girly dinner with a girlfriend. We are both greedy, gluttony people, so when I got invited to try Swensen’s new US Southern Barbecue Favourites menu.. she was the first person that came to my mind!

Ok. I confess. I had wanted to bring the kids. After all, Swensen’s is a family friendly restaurant with menu items that caters to everyone in the family but week day night is just plain impossible for me to bring them. I would never be able to make it on time if I had to work in the logistics of shuttling home from work and bringing them out again.

So the menu was U.S. Southern Barbecue, inspired by the bold flavor palates unique to Southern USA. The menu was simple enough, with something to cater for the chicken, beef or fish lover, along with a side […]

Because family matters more.

Last Monday, I took urgent leave and made a last minute trip to Malaysia to visit my grandpa. You know how we always give ourselves the excuse that we will visit someone when we have the time but the time never come before it is too late?

I don’t want that to ever happen to me again ever since my maternal grandma passed away 2 years back. So, I had to skip a training at work and brought the entire family on a road trip to visit my grandpa. After all, he is turning a century old next year. The stars aligned that day and my uncles and aunty were going to be there too and I figured I couldn’t miss this impromptu family gathering.

I can’t tell you how glad I was, because of the smiles that I was seeing on my grandpa’s face the […]

3 idiots.

No. I am not scolding anyone but I want to introduce you guys to this particular movie that I happened to watch on a ferry while I was in Cebu. I have been telling all my friends and colleagues to go watch it, and have been meaning to blog about it and share but kept forgetting. If you haven’t watched it, you really should.

It isn’t a new movie, in fact, its quite dated considering that it was launched in 2009. It is Indian coming-of-age comedy-drama film that went on to be the highest grossing Bollywood film. I guarantee that it is not a waste of time although I did hear feedback that it might be a little dry to watch through the initial part of the movie.


I laughed a lot and teared a lot with this movie, […]

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Who is your super hero?

At the grand young age of 3yo, Jerry is well acquainted with all the Marvel Superheroes. I find it fascinating that he loves them all, and know them all. I don’t even remember exposing him to all of them yet, but he can recite the names and some bits of their characters at the tip of his tongue.

What about super heroes that is all so fascinating to know, learn and watch? I think it is the fact that they always fight to the end with a never give up attitude, and ALWAYS manages to save the day.

Marvel-superheroesvia source

If only they would come to my rescue when I am still stuck with a pile of work… wouldn’t that be nice? *pop dreaming bubble*

If you think about it, we all do have a superhero […]

Things Jerry Says #19 – But it’s just TV!

The family were hanging around in the living room one night, and the TV was on with National Geographic channel being turned on (I’m a huge fan of nature-related documentaries by the way). The scene was showing a tiger hunting its prey and devouring its prey and I thought I wanted to take the opportunity to educate Jerry while he was watching it.

Mummy (M): Jerry, look at that. What animal is that?
Jerry (J): TIGER!!!! (excitedly since he knows the answer)
M: [screen flashing tiger tearing off flesh of prey] What is the tiger doing?
J: He is eating the la-lamb… err.. i dunno… (trying to describe the prey but didnt know what it really is)
M: [unable to teach since I wasn't paying attention to the programme prior to the conversation] Hmmm, he is eating the meat of the animal he caught… Do you think you can go near a tiger?
J: no, […]

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    Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment Review – Protecting baby bums

Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment Review – Protecting baby bums

*sponsored product review*

Today, I am going to talk about my fatter kid. You see, having had a skinny first kid for the longest time ever since Jerry is born.. there are some issues that I never quite experienced with him.

Fat folds.

Totally unheard off in Jerry’s times. He was a little chubby in the cheeks and face, but he never ever had fat folds. He was lean and lanky, and had me worrying about him being underweight all the time.

Jerome is the opposite. He was chunky, bordering near the 100 percentile or over, loads of fat folds (neck, pits, thighs etc). It makes bathing him a little challenging and a wee bit more time consuming.

But you know what is the issue that I very often battle with? Skin irritation at the groin area, mainly caused by moisture being trapped between his skin folds, a result of being too chubby. He […]

6 Reasons why I like Canon Selphy Printer (CP910).

I take a lot of pictures. I really do. Most of the time, I forget about the pictures that I take, because life gets busy and I don’t scroll through my digital collection much, unless I am looking for something specifically. And my brain don’t always remember all those lovely moments, as captured above.

If only I remember to bring them to the photo printing shops for developing. If only I could print them out the moment when I chance upon them. Do you share the same thoughts too?

I had the chance to review the Canon Selphy Printer (CP910) in recent months and found that a small, compact printer like the above does the job just right.

Here’s 6 reasons why I like the Canon Selphy Printer (Model: CP910).

1. It’s tiny!

With its size even smaller than A5 size, the printer is super portable and I can bring it around with me. I wished I […]

Things Jerry Say #18 – I am not a bad guy.

If you haven’t already know. This kid is obsessing over Transformers right now. He has been going on and on about Optimus Prime trailer toy for the loooooooogest time, talking about it every single day and somewhat drove me nuts. I can’t quite believe how persistent and single minded he is for this toy. He talked about it every day, requested us to buy for him all the time, grabbed it every time he goes to the store until I gave up and started on the concept of being on good behaviour to earn the toy himself.

He’s probably too young for this at a few months past 3 years, but never try never know.

Each day, I will give him 50 cents or a dollar to reward him for his good behaviour and it went on for a while.. and I got too busy and forgot about giving him the […]

What cheers me up?

There are a few things that instantly cheers me up no matter what… and here’s my list of items that cheers me up.

  1. Shopping
  2. Good food/happy food (i.e. steamboat!)
  3. Bubbletea (only the standard bubble milk tea from sharetea with minimum sugar please)
  4. Flowers (sunflowers/gerberas would be lovely!)
  5. Pretty nails.

No matter how shitty I am, so long I get myself any of the above, I’m good. Am I easy to please or what? If you are on my instagram, I guess you would see alot of #1, #2, #3. #4 are rather rare, maybe twice a year I get flowers from the husband. #2 is the most common because you can survive without any of the items above but everyday, we need to eat.. at least 1-2 meals. I normally only do 2.

As for #5, it is an indulgence for me as a mum. But its an irony, because while it is an indulgence, it […]

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