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Fashionista Cherieladie #5

Every time I craft the Fashionista post on my blog, I get reminded that yet another month has gone by. There is only 4 more months left for 2014 but it felt like the year just started not too long ago! A friend, R reminded me in my last post that I once quoted to her, “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”. I need that reminder again.

August have been a relatively busy month and I didn’t have the chance to take much #ootds actually. If I did, most of them were all seflies. Selfies in the toilet, selfies in the lift, selfies in the mirror in the house. If you realized.. I have been trying to take nicer ootd shots but this month, I land up with mostly selfies because I don’t have time. I’ll try harder next month. Honestly, it […]

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Hitting a parenting low.

I have been quiet on this space. A lot more quieter than I would like actually. These days, a lot of thought go through my mind. Some of which I have solutions for, some of which, I am completely helpless at.

I think I am very good at doing one thing – just grit my teeth and just trudging on.

The time doesn’t wait, and people just need to survive. Even though I am tired, the clock still ticks away. Even though I am sick from the lack of the sleep, the kids still need to eat/drink and interact with me. Even though I came home late and haven’t had my dinner, I still had to ensure I put them into bed.

This was last night this morning. The kids is still refusing to sleep after me trying to put them into bed for 2 hours. They each drank at least 2 bottles […]

Shape Run 2014 with Skechers!

Shape Run is here again for 2014! I started out participating in the Shape Run by running individually (official photos here) many years back, and then I took part in the stroller run last year, and this year, I participated in the Mini Me Race! How things have changed!

So, I enrolled in the 1.8km Mini Me race and was sooooooooo excited about it, but guess what?

I TOTALLY MISSED THE RACE. :(((((((((((((((

How could I right?!?!  I was equally upset about it. The night before.. the boys were totally cranky and didn’t settle till 2+ in the morning. I was so thrashed and tired from putting them into bed, and texted Estella to give me a call in the morning because I got a feeling I won’t wake at 6am. I set 5 alarms and went to bed, […]

Time out with a day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia!

Life is fun when it is littered with bits of impromptus. Last monday, I  went on a day trip to Johor with Estella! It was like really last minute, and I only applied leave on the evening of the Friday before. Talk about randomness! Ok. Partly it was because I still had 14 days of annual leave to clear for the rest of the year and it’s constantly bugging me at the back of my head because the year is soon coming to an end and I foresee having an issue to clear out all of them. (p.s. if you are wondering if I can carry them forward, the 14 days is after setting aside 10 to be carried forward… I KNOW RIGHT!)

So, the husband and I woke up early as usual and sent the kids to school and my mum’s. The husband had to work, so […]

Things Jerry Says #16 – Falling in love.

It’s been a while since I updated with a Things Jerry Says post! It’s not that he hasn’t been sprouting funny things, but I was too preoccupied with surviving life that I haven’t dedicated much time to blog things down. I have quite a number of drafts sitting around, but I wanted to share this first!

Recently, we have been asking Jerry about his school and his classmates, and naturally, out of curiousity… we asked about the female students in his class. Like who is the prettiest etc. One girl always stood out. Her name is Rachel, and we know that Jerry is quite fond of her. So one of those days, we (more specifically, daddy) decided to be a little naughty and probed more..

Daddy (D): Jerry, does Rachel like you?
Jerry (J): Yes!
D: How do you know?
J: Yes… (not understanding what daddy is really asking for)
D: Did she […]

Fun night out at Sentosa’s Skyline Luge!

Have you heard about Skyline Luge Sentosa? YOU HAVEN’T?! HOW COULD YOU!!! Oh, I heard you wrongly? You meant you haven’t been there in a while? YOU SHOULD! 

I’m not joking when there are people who have no clue what Skyline Luge Sentosa is. They don’t know what they are missing out man! If you are one of them too, please read till the end of the post where I will be giving away family passes so you can go try it out! I can’t remember how many times I have been there, but here’s an entry I documented in 2005 about it when I visited with my besties! It has since been 9 years. And yup, the Sentosa Skyline Luge has been around for that long! They have been in operations for 9 years and that makes me one of them early adopters!

Skyline Luge Sentosa is this […]

Because something’s gotta go.

I know the silence here is a little alarming. If you have been constantly checking my blog and wondering if there is a new entry, I’m sorry to have disappoint in the past month or so. I just, somewhat went downhill with my mojo on blogging.

I feel like a broken record by repeating this constantly – I’m too tired. I’m too busy. No time.

I don’t know how best to bring it across, but the above is true. I somewhat lost it after trying to keep it together for a while. Work got super busy with the recent change of scope and I barely had the time to talk to my husband and kids. My energy levels have been in the dumps and even the housework got neglected and the poor husband was picking up after me. I didn’t help, because I couldn’t. I was trying struggling to survive. As a […]

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Happy Birthday to me.

And so, I turned a year older on Sunday. It is probably the simplest birthday ever. No flowers, no presents, just my favourite durian cake from Jane’s Cake Station, spent the day running errands and had Hai Di Lao for dinner.

This year, I was just happy to be spending time with my little family, just snuggling close to them, and eating the pretend food that Jerry likes to cook in the playroom.

My birthday wish? Wishing everyone around me to be happy and healthy, because that is all that matters.

The husband says he’ll bring me shopping for a present, and I told him to transfer me his budget in CASH. Errm. I think I have changed and grown a lot more practical these days. Haha!  Mostly, it is because I really didn’t know what i want and there isn’t anything that I need.

Still feeling pretty much […]

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Fashionista Cherieladie #4

Another month has passed and a new Fashionista Cherieladie post is here! July have been a totally busy month for me and I’m up in my neck with work and clocking in as much sleep as I could. I was just so tired everyday, I hope august would be better. Even though my brain tells me I’m dreaming, I am still hoping that things would ease up a little and I could cope better.

So, August is here and I haven’t forgotten about the fashionista post despite all the hectic schedules and here goes!

Everyone loved the outfit I put together last month when I attended a wedding, so here’s another simple, understated outfit that’s similar yet, totally different. Yeah. #samesamebutdifferent

Which brings me to a point that another colleague pointed out the other day to me. She said, “Everytime I see you, you are wearing something different!” It […]

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5 Shell FuelSave Tips in a video clip.

I am a little hesitant to draft this post, because I am a little *shy* to show you the video that I created to share the Shell FuelSave Tips. #truestory

Many of you would have read about my journey with Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge 2014 as well as my progress over some weeks with regards to fuel-saving and this video is part of all that. This video is also part of the reason why I accepted the Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge. Truth is, I…. am totally not comfortable in front of the video camera so I really wanted to push my own boundaries and force myself to at least try to create some video content.

In the video, I shared 5 quick tips on saving fuel that is applicable to our daily driving and I hope the […]