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Mummies unite over CNY.

So, I caught up with a bunch of mummies and their families over CNY. This group of mummies is quite dear to me. We ‘met’ over the net many years back, and bonded through blogging. This blog have brought me a lot of friendships and I really appreciate how it opened many doors for me. This bunch of mummies, we went from discussing weddings, to our first kids, to 2 kids for most of us, and now, the kids are all running around! At one point, 4 of us were having our maternity leave together (our kids are days apart) and it was a lot of fun! We grown from this…

to this!!

It was a lovely afternoon filled with fun, laughter, loads of sesame seeds (from the yusheng), great food (steamboat love!), yummy vino (slurps), and water (from the pool and water guns). I brought along my camera to […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year from my family to yours! I know this should have been done like 8 days ago, but I have been diligent..

Diligent in spending time with the family, connecting with the people that matter. Spending time with myself, doing the things I enjoy most. Diligent in letting some things go, chill, sit back and really relax. And, sleep early.

It’s hasn’t been easy, making a  deliberate change to my lifestyle and not touch my computer that much. But can I share that it has been liberating? I have done so much in the past few weeks that I suddenly feel like I am actually living my life again, and not going through the motions and waiting for one day to end and another to start.

2015 somewhat started out to be a purposeful one. I started […]

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Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Singapore

Jerry & Jerome are both huge fans of Transformers. Not a day goes by in the household without them holding or playing Transformers. They play with it every single day. Heck. Make that several many times a day and they travel with it even, grabbing one or two of them each time we step out of the house.

So, when I heard about the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore, it’s a no brainer that I have got to check it out.

In case you aren’t aware… The Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition celebrates 30 years of evolution of the world famous Transformers series and presents a snapshot of its history as well as scenes and robots of the Transformers movie. The exhibition is making its third and final stop in Asia […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in Mandarin) by The Little Company.

{Giveaway at end of post}

I love exposing my kids to different experiences and one of the easiest way is to bring them to watch plays. They are immediately transported into settings that are out of their world, and they often get to learn a valuable lesson or two. I also use the scenes in plays to relate to my kids, and teach them life’s lessons through it.

Jerry has been through quite a number of plays already, and Jerome recently went for his first. The plays they have watched thus far have been english-speaking ones and I do want to bring them to Mandarin speaking ones in a bid to promote speaking the language. Both my kids are bilingual because the grandparents speak Mandarin, but I am a lot more comfortable in English and they do tend to veer towards the […]

Something that I want to remember about my Grandpa.

Today, in the midst of being a buzzing bee at work. I saw an email popped in titled “Chinese New Year” by my uncle.

The family will be popping in from different parts of the world to celebrate this occasion as usual, so I wondered what the email is about. As I glanced through the details… I held my breath and read the following message. Some parts were truncated (likely because it was coded in chinese), but here’s what I could read.

I really like you to tell me to go home date.

Because I can not eat something too salty.

So no need to bring too much smoked salmon


My grandpa sending an email to my uncle in halting english, asking about the dates that they will be home. Awwww..

My family was cc-ed in my uncle’s reply so I saw the email too. It just made my day. Knowing that my century old […]

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Chinese Calligraphy and Finger Painting

The boys recently tried their hands on Chinese calligraphy and finger painting when we were invited to preview FOX’s new CNY collection in their store. Oh boy, they both had a lot of fun! By the way, if you have yet to do much clothes shopping for your kids this CNY, do keep your eyes peeled to the end of the post. You might just win an outfit for your kid!

I never saw my hyper kids so attentive and so glued to their seats before, so it was really refreshing observing them throughout the class. The class instructor brought them through the basics, the couplets and paintings on display, a bit of history, as well as showing them the four treasures for Chinese calligraphy – ink stick, brush, ink slab/stone and paper. They also had the Chinese seal. All the kids just listened attentively! It also dawned on me […]

15 things I’ll do differently in 2015.

The month of January is GONE. How fast is that? Today, I am going to share 15 Things that I will be doing differently in 2015 as part of a blog train by Rachel of Catch Forty Winks. Had meant to share this earlier, but have been really busy at work, events, family functions as well as Jerome turning two, I reckon I needed a breather in between.

With a new year always come new resolutions for most. I don’t really have the habit of making resolutions because I just want to live life happy and that’s pretty much my life’s motto. But, I always believe that people should improve themselves over time – grow in wisdom and depth of knowledge, improve the way things are being done, change habits for better etc. So here’s what I am doing in 2015 in […]

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My 3yo & Chinese Chess.

Jerry pulled out my chinese chess set from my cupboard that’s filled with loads of card and board games 3 nights ago. And he bugged me for more than 15 mins to play it with him.

Just how do you play Chinese chess with a 3yo? A game that involves recognising the different characters, the various moves each make and the strategy behind the game? And he, for now, someone that can’t even recognise a single Chinese character yet? I tried explaining that the game is too difficult, and that its really meant for papa & mama but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept telling me, “Play with me!!”. I was on the verge of taking the game away from him and telling him “NO!” straight in his face when I remembered that one of my 2015 plans was to spend more time with the kids, and […]

Jerome turns 2 years old!

I know I haven’t been blogging much. It’s been somewhat a crazy last week and I have been making subtle changes to my lifestyle as well. Don’t you always feel that a year gives you a brand new re-start and serves more motivation to make the changes that you have always been thinking about? I’m doing just that and I will share more in a separate post, but meanwhile, this post is all about my kid!

Jerome turned 2 years old last friday. We didn’t have a big birthday do, but just small celebrations with family. The first was the Sunday before his actual birthday. There was no fancy cake even, just the good old durian cake from Jane Cake’s station decorated with Peppa Pig toys that we got from the mall. 4 Peppa Pig to symbolize our family..

Jerry was singing the song very enthusiastically here. I think he secretly wants to […]