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Mummy, cannot see!

A funny incident happened last night, and I wanted to add this to my virtual bank of memories about my kid, Jerry. I was prompting him to go to the toilet last night to pee.. and when he finally did, he went into the toilet and came out almost immediately, pants intact, shouting the following..

“Mummy, cannot see!”

Errr, okayyy.. and I turned away. The next thing I know, he pulled down his pants outside the toilet and went back in to pee.

That’s when it struck me. He meant “cannot see” as in the toilet is too dark and he cannot see anything inside. I kept thinking that he meant that I cannot peep at him! Totally silly!

I tried to get Jerry to pose a picture so that I can blog about it and let the husband who is on reservist share this moment.. and then, guess what? This kid insisted […]

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M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014 (Part 2)!

So, it’s been a busy busy week for me. I’m not whining, but I’m seriously beat handling the 2 toddlers. I enjoy the time spent with them but it seriously can get a lot more tiring to be at their beck and call (and stepping on toys) all the time as compared to fighting emails and being productive in the office. BUT, I still need to write this post because it is so important to you guys! Heh. If you didn’t win my first giveaway for M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014, fret not! There are still many chances to win and there are 2 more prizes coming right up at the end of this post.

I thought I’ll take this chance to understand my readers better, so would you please help me with the following polls so that I can make the blog better than what it is now? […]

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Things Jerry Says #24 – X.silly’s 6th Birthday

Here’s a secret I am going to share. A silly one. Der & I buy cakes to celebrate x.silly‘s birthday every year. It has been something that we have been doing ever since Der gifted me with x.silly. I think I shared before, but I can’t find any blog post on it. And yup, we love being silly like that.

So this year, it is the same. I bought a cake and Der happened to give me a ride home from the train station that day with the kids in tow. Jerry spied my bag cautiously..

Jerry (J): Mummy, what are you holding?
Mummy (M): It’s a cake for x.silly.
J: Why you buy a cake? Why you never buy me a donut?
M: It’s x.silly birthday! So I bought him a cake. Later when we reach home, we celebrate x.silly’s birthday ok?
J: It’s x.silly birthday ah. You buy him […]

M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014. It’s my turn!

It’s my turn today in M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014! Honestly, I am not very prepared because I have been putting long hours at work, and being on course and having burnt weekends. This year, the M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway is also brought forward by almost a whole month since we are starting wayyyyy earlier to bring you the festive spirit.

So, this blog is almost a year old and it’s been quite a whale of a time in the past 1 year. So much has happened, and some of the significant ones include me starting a diary of funny conversationsrecording my first video, appearing in the OSIM TVC, attempting to be a fashionista but life got too busy to be constantly snapping nice pictures of myself. I also got to […]

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Conversations with the husband #16 – Praising the wife.

I wrote this Conversation with the Husband post a long while back and totally forgot all about it until I was looking through all drafts. It’s a gleaming gem. I think I didn’t post it cos I didn’t have an appropriate picture. I still don’t, but I guess I better post it now before I forget all over again. Not going to get any picture of the husband in the next 1 week anyway. He is outstation for the week.

It happened one day when we were done having dinner at home and the husband was cleaning up and table and washing up..

Der (D): [while washing dishes] you think you are clever?
Cher (C): no, not at all.
D: why would you say that? I think you are very clever you know?
C: really?! No lah. I’m not lah. How can I be clever?
D: because you picked a good husband that knows how […]

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M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014!

It’s 1 December and the last month of the year! I love December for the rainy, dreamy days, the cool weather, the lovely lights at Orchard Road, and all that lovely, chirpy jingles that fills the air whenever I go and all the happiness that it brings! Which means…Christmas is almost here!! I have an announcement to make! Do you remember this picture from last year?


If you don’t, go read about the 12 days of Christmas giveaway to find out more. If you do… the exciting part is, this year the M.I.C.E mummies is back with another Christmas giveaway! Don’t know who M.I.C.E mummies are? *Hint* View the picture below! It’s ME of cos!

Super cute picture of us taken during Jerome’s 1st birthday, with all my DIY photo booth props! So, long story short, we have loads of items to give away […]

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Perfect eyebrows, everyday. Thanks to Browtisan!

I have been thinking about getting my brows done for a long, long time and I recently did it at Browtisan! I mad love my perfect eyebrows now and every day, I spend a lot less time in front of mirror preparing. The husband even commented that I get ready real quick! I reckon this has got to be one of the best choices I’ve made. Do you spend 10-15 mins on your brows every day? Or maybe lesser time but a lot of effort on drawing the perfect brows? You just got to read this post and my brow embroidery experience at Browtisan. So why do I want to get my brows done? Here’s a picture of bare face, and how my naked brows looked like.

One side of the brow is much shorter than the other, resulting in one having an arch, and the other, arch-less. I also suffered quite a few […]

All alone on a Saturday night.

press-on-persistenceI haven’t been all alone for a while and it feels strange to be so. Can’t quite remember the days where I didn’t have a kid or anyone around me at night. I think the last time might have been the night where I was all alone in a hotel, in Melbourne.

It’s been a tiring week, but there are more tiring weeks ahead. I have been on course all week, and I have an exam to take tomorrow. Am going to mug real hard for it tonight…because I NEED have to pass.

There has been just too much going on these couple of days and I am dead beat. I slept 3 hours last night, and I think tonight isn’t going to be any better. The husb is flying off early tomorrow morning for a week. I can’t send him off […]

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Limited Edition Shell Tanker LEGO Model

Just a quick shout-out to the Shell LEGO fans. They are down to the last model for the LEGO collection! I especially love this Shell Tanker can? So, so cute. You have till 30th November to get this, and this is limited edition! Like there won’t be anymore after this. #sosadcan

In case you haven’t already known, you can get this at S$10.95 with every S$60 spent on Shell V-Power fuel from 21 to 30 November 2014.

I’m so gonna miss these cute little lego cars. So are my kids. Look at how they enjoyed it when we had a chance to build them together and put them to a race some time back.

Mummy and daddy learnt a few tips on miniature photography even and I found intriguing! The boys, they were just so enamoured with their lego cars and it is not hard to guess why. It’s so much fun.

We […]

Where we stay in Bangkok – Tune Hotel

I am going to share about Tune Hotel, Asoke today. It is the hotel that I stayed in during my recent family trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I have stayed in quite a few hotels in Bangkok, but mostly the full service, more expensive hotels. Not because I am atas okay. Some trips’ accommodation were not booked by me. Other times, it was mostly to suit everyone’s expectations and requests.

I’m easy when it comes to hotels on travel trips. I can accept anything that comes with a decent bed and toilet in the room! Com’on. I usually don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel when I am overseas anyway. It is just a place to sleep/rest and shower since I will be out and about most of the time so the bed and the toilet are the most important things in the room. Nothing else matters, really. Oh, and […]