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My Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh.

I haven’t done a food post in a long, long while! I spent the weekend was cooking at home so I thought, why not share it?

I don’t cook very often. The hubby much prefers to eat out because it is a lot faster and fuss free. He doesn’t get a tired wife or a dirty kitchen that needs cleaning thereafter so it is perfect for the OCD him. I honestly prefer home-cooked, healthy meals so I try to cook whenever I can.

So, presenting my (self proclaimed) awesome mee hoon kueh!

Looks yummy anot? It is actually a really simple dish to cook, but prepping it takes a bit of time. While I was cooking this, I got reminded of a mee hoon kueh “party” that I had some time ago where my friends were over at my place learning how to cook this… and I am going to share the […]

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Proposal Story – How I said “Yes”.

Eh, are you wondering why the sudden strange topic?  This blog post is part of a “Proposal Stories Blog Train” where 15 mummies will share their proposal stories on 15 different days.

So, it’s my turn today and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share because it was never documented on this blog. OMG, how did that happen right? How can I not document such a moment?! It’s true. It’s really not here.

So I will try very hard to recall the event that happened 7 years ago. The memories are vague, but it happened on my birthday weekend, or rather, the weekend before my birthday (falls on a monday that year).

I was so looking forward to the weekend, because it was going to be long weekend for me! I took leave, obviously. I don’t know when but I started the tradition of not working […]

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Checked off items on bucket list!

My blog has been quiet. But my life has been anything but boring. In fact, I have been so busy that I neglected the blog as a result. I sometimes do wonder if people read this anymore. Leave me a comment if you do.. it will definitely spur me to blog more!

So, I have clocked up quite a bit of adventures in recent months…. Taiwan, Amsterdam, Cologne, Macau, Korea, USA  and I can’t wait to blog about them. I really need to find the time amidst my work and parenting duties. And then, I was looking through my bucket list items today and realised I checked off quite a few!

Here’s what I checked off!

1. Visit Grand Canyon. 

Checked this off in February this year when I headed to the US with the husband. Grand Canyon is so grand and amazing, I wish I did more than just a day trip. I […]

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Things Jerry say #28 – Ah! I know!

So Jerome has been rather expressive and talks a lot more fluently lately. It is somewhat a joy to hear him speak in proper sentences and explaining himself at times..

Last night, a hilarious exchange happened. Jerome had a bag of bread bits which he treats like a bag of treasure. This kid loves his food and is forever eating non stop. One moment, the bag was full and the next moment, he has only 2 pieces left..

Jerome: Mummy! I got 2 pieces left. One for you and one for me.
Mummy: Oh, that’s very nice of you. Thank you!
Jerome: *Flashes a smile and goes on with doing his stuff*

I headed to the kitchen where Der is and asked randomly…

Mummy: Did Jerome finish the entire bag of bread by himself?
Der: Ya.. (and excitedly) and he has 2 pieces left.. he say one is for me and one for him.
Mummy: REALLY?! I thought he said it was meant […]

Hi there (again).

It’s been a long while since I have written a random, raw, unplanned post. Thought about it tonight and decided that maybe I should since the kids decided to spare me the agony and went to bed early. Hooray! Especially so on a solo-parenting night.

I, haven’t blogged for a long long while. Since my last blog spot on CIDB, I kinda went dead silent. So much has happened since. 2016 has been rather eventful thus far. It took a sponsored post to break the 2 months silence, but there has been many times that I wanted to write… but just didn’t.

What has been going on since?

The happy moments.

I threw a surprise trip to Macau for the husband for his birthday with the objective of spending some couple time together. Caught him totally off guard. It’s something I wished would happen to me but it will […]

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My weight-loss journey with Absolute Slimming.


Here’s the fact – I lost 4kg in a month with Absolute Slimming. I still eat 3 meals a day, drank alcohol on some occasions and gave up only 2hrs per week for the non-invasive slimming programme.

This blog post is like a big reveal of mine – of a secret (bulge) that I have kept hidden for many years of my life… and honestly, I know some of you are going to go away reading this blog post thinking “NO WAY!” but, if not for the fact that I managed to get it smaller… trust me, I wouldn’t want it out in the open too.

So, I have always struggled with a tum tum. I hear a few “Huh!” and “Seriously?!” already. Yeah, you read me right. I DO have that problem… I’m just pretty good at sucking it up (literally). I used to be able to contain […]

Crab in da Bag – #GotMeat or #NoMeat?

So, I dated my bimbo girlfriend to go Daiso shopping at Kallang Wave tonight and when we were done… we were wandering around wondering what to eat for dinner and we chanced upon the Crab in da Bag signage.  Irene says she hasn’t tried it before so I was happy to oblige since I love seafood.

In case you haven’t heard, just days ago, the Crab in da Bag Sports Hub branch recently got into FB saga over a 2-star review. I have my reservations about the review because I normally would ask how big or how heavy the crab/prawns when I order seafood in any restaurant. These stuff are usually priced seasonally right? Then again, it might be just me and my weird buying practice. Tell me if you do ask or just buy it blindly?

Anyway, since we were there.. we decided to be funny and do […]

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Things Jerry Says #27 – Mummy, can we buy this?

I haven’t updated a conversational series for a long time. Life’s been pretty packed and the Choo family is currently fighting a viral attack so we are all down with fever, cold, vomiting and all. Pretty sad to be down over the festive season, but I am sure we’ll all be back healthy to face 2016!

So, Jerry has been very familiar with the concept of “buying things” now. Each time I leave the car for work, he will always end it with a question of “Mummy, can you buy me X toy?”. Of cos, it is always met with a “No” with most days. I can’t be buying toys everyday and I need to teach the kids that buying toys is a privilege and not an entitlement.

Just the recent Sunday, while we were in Malaysia to celebrate my granduncle’s birthday as well as to visit my grandpa, I was […]

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5 Christmas gift ideas for the husband!

Christmas is just days away… and I know many people are still doing their last minute shopping for Christmas gifts. I..uhh.. admit to be one of them. I still need to get a few more gifts. Shopping for ideal gifts can sometimes be quite a pain!

Every year, I crack my head on what Christmas gift to buy for my husband. This year, I brainstormed long and hard way in advance and here’s 5 gift ideas for husbands.

1. An Omega Watch 

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Every one needs a watch to tell the time. Ok, maybe in this time and era, most people can tell time from their mobile phones. But a watch can be a fashion statement or a status symbol. One can consider buying the most famous chronograph watch – Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. As the first watch worn on the […]

Checking out Arts in Your Neighbourhood!

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So, we checked out one of the first Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) programmes over the past weekend, and the boys had fun!

Have you heard about Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN)  programme? I have! I have always wanted to check it out in the past (yeah, there’s is an arty farty side to me too) but I never found time. I finally did!

If you haven’t, Arts in Your Neighbourhood programme is an enriching arts experience at one’s doorstep. It’s basically a series of interactive arts programmes by established artists and art groups, held at various locations across the island, mostly in the heartlands. Held during the November period where kids are having school holidays, it is a great way to feed your child’s creativity and enrich their development. It is also a great way for the family to bond and expose the kids to more arts. And the good […]