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    Flashback Friday #4 – Have you seen a monkey with blue testicles?

Flashback Friday #4 – Have you seen a monkey with blue testicles?

By |November 8th, 2013|

with a subject title like that, i must have caught your attention… haven’t i? a monkey with blue testicles! heh heh.

I’m just going to share the most extraordinary monkey i have ever seen, while holidaying in Zambia, Africa a couple of years ago. one with blue testicles! really!

see? i aint lying..

monkey with blue testicles
vervet monkey

I know i sounded perverted, but they are really fascinating to look at (the monkeys, not just the balls) and of cos, i had to snap some pictures! I guess no one would believe me unless i have pictorial evidence right? My uncles who were on the same trip as me couldn’t believe their ears when i told them about it.

So there. you are welcome. Isn’t it an amazing sight? totally missing my south africa trip right now. you can read about some of my experiences here.

by […]

Flashback Friday #3 – Travelling in Zambia

By |November 1st, 2013|

I mentioned in my previous flashback friday post that i nearly got kicked by a zebra. So, this week… thought i’ll show you the zebras and the close proximity we were in at the hotel (zambezi sun) during my stay while travelling in Zambia.

free roaming zebras
wild zebras roaming around the hotel grounds.
grazing zebra
watching and observing them in such close proximity is an amazing experience.

wild zebras grazing
my uncle discreetly approaching.

zebra butt
ta-dah! Zebra butt.

The zebra in the last picture is the one that attempted to kick me. Seconds after i took this image, i happened to turn and walk away. That moment was when the zebra lifted his hind legs and gave a kick. thankfully, i was out of range.

its very liberating and refreshing to be near wild animals at such close proximity without any sort of […]

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    Flashback Friday #2 – The Amazing Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya – the smoke that thunders)

Flashback Friday #2 – The Amazing Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya – the smoke that thunders)

By |October 25th, 2013|

I never completed journaling down my south africa trip from 4 years ago. the last i checked… my last entry was at day 6 of the trip… and i had to stop cos i was going to be late for a flight to orlando.

ahhhh.. orlando. a trip that i never got round to blogging about at all. maybe i’ll do that for the next flash back friday instead. i totally miss travelling pre-kids. you know, the luxury of dropping everything and flying last minute? the thrill of not knowing where i’ll be and what’s my next travel destination. adhoc travels used to my kind of thing, i realised.

still, not lamenting. I love my life now and i’m not trading anything else for it, but one can live in wonderful memories right? and lust. lusting for more travels. heh.

victoria falls
Victoria Falls.
if you don’t already know, Victoria […]

south africa day 6 (1 Oct 09) – Trip to Victoria Falls!

By |August 9th, 2011|

on this day, we visited 3 countries in a single day! it was interesting and humbling, because i saw for myself the poverty of these countries and saw the children running about trying to earn money for their meals. i was also a little freaked out when i was stuck in a locked vehicle with others outside peering in on me and trying to get my attention (i volunteered to stay back to look after the luggages and belongings) while the rest went to clear immigrations. Yes, i don’t need to personally be there to clear immigrations, which was really, an eye-opener.

at the OR Tambo International airport terminal. it’s a real zebra hide and it is very costly! having seen the actual animals in action, feeling the hide kinda completes the experience but it is really sad that the animals hide are being sold across africa […]

south africa day 5 (30 Sep 09) – headed to johannesburg.

By |August 7th, 2011|

after a chillax day the day before, i woke at 4+ and witnessed the most beautiful sunrise ever.

i managed to capture a picture of it in its glowing glory. and seconds later, the sky started to light up!

gosh! pretty things are almost always gone in a flash huh? while i was scurrying around in my hut, i heard the commotion in the next hut where my 2 uncles are also trying to take pictures of the sunrise. it’s hilarious. because of the privacy of the rooms, i can hear them but cannot see what they are up to!

anyway, the rest of the pictures aint that pretty anymore.. especially since i had to wake my aunt and have her witness the beautiful sight AND take pictures for me. heh.

together, against the amazing backdrop.

x.silly loving the moment too!

playing a fool around the hut. despite the […]

South africa Day 4 (29 Sep 09) – Rest & relax at Kwa Madwala

By |August 6th, 2011|

the weather took a turn on this day and it was much colder that we all expected. in fact, it was freezing my arse off because we started the day with an early morning drive before the sun even got up.

my face was smacked with iced cold winds as the 4×4 vehicle drove on and i almost couldnt feel my fingers at one point in time. i wasn’t joking!

thankfully, my toes werent facing the same fate. i was seated on the first row, and whenever the vehicle moved, my teeth chattered and my hair whipped angrily across my face.

like the previous times, we drove around and hunted down the animals in anticipation. this time round, we took another route and went down steep sand slopes, into a dry river bed. it was a weird experience driving in the dry river bed of soft sand. many a […]

South africa Day 3 (28 Sep 09) – An adventure at Kruger National Park.

By |August 6th, 2011|

warning. super long entry ahead!

we started our day 3 adventure journeying out to world-renowned kruger national park. it sprawls across 20,000 sq km of hot, flattish lowveld terrain in the far northeast of south africa and ranks among the finest game sanctuaries in the world, with all roads, rest camps and other man-made features accounting for only 2% of the park’s area. the rest is pure wildnerness and no other sanctuary in Africa can match the numbers and variety of life forms. its home to nearly 150 kinds of mammals (including the Big 5), more than 500 bird species, 112 reptile types, 49 types of fishes and 34 amphibian and an uncountable diversity of insects.

unfortunately, i didnt spot a single snake and well.. i’m pretty much confined to the van and it is forbidden for anyone to get off their vehicle (risk of being eaten by the wild […]

[27 sep 09] day 2 in south africa

By |July 29th, 2011|

after a good night sleep (since it was boredom being ‘locked’ within the hotel premises), we had breakfast! it was simple but i love all the colours and the watermelons were almost pink in shade. it is amazing that i actually can wolf down my breakfast at 6.30am in the morning. we checked out right after the breakfast and got picked up by our guide, Eugene Basson for our journey for the next 4 days.

the unique bit about this south africa tour is that it is semi-guided. some days we had the guide, other days we didn’t. For the whole safari adventure, he stuck with us for 4 days and i wasn’t quite used to the fact that i had the guide stuck to me for so many days.. he was a nice fatherly figure but i was too tired to entertain some times when i just wanted […]

about south africa.

By |July 28th, 2011|

if there is one thing that i really sucked at, i think it has to be doing travelogues of the places that i have been to. especially the longer trips. i didn’t complete my honeymoon entries and it got stuck at rome, the day i went to the vatican. and there was the melbourne trip.. which was done halfway as well.. and the south africa ones, which concluded to only ONE entry post trip. and not to mention the melacca trip, which i have already LOST all pictures of because my darn computer crashed when i was doing backup and everything was gone. =X

der says because i travelled too much hence it was hard to write.. and now that i have the US trip coming in a few days.. its a wonder i chalk up a lot of backlog. but seriously, i dont think that was the reason!

you know […]

it must have been lost

By |October 27th, 2009|

20 days after my vacation, i have ONE conclusion.

the postcards that i posted from cape point = lost.

been waiting for them to show up for the longest time, and they didn’t. *sigh* it must have been the stamps. or maybe its that red box that didnt say “postbox”.

Grr.. am upset. very upset.

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