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Krabi Day 6 (30 Jan 2010)

By |February 23rd, 2010|

the last full day in krabi with spent with 6 of our new friends. and it started embarrassingly because everyone was waiting for us while der and me were still in bed! tells you how tired we are from all the adventures that we had and we just jumped out of bed, forgo our breakfast and ready to run to catch the boat. except that the boat is always there waiting for us.

we had a private longtail boat at our disposal and we had planned to go to the 4 islands – tup islands, chicken island, poda island and instead of the usual caves that the itinerary states, the boatman brought us to this island called four islands, consisting of 4 little islands joined together.

headed to the 4 islands first, but the water level was high and all we could see was 4 small mounts of hills […]

Krabi Trip Day 5 (29 Jan 10)

By |February 22nd, 2010|

what was supposed to be planned as a diving trip took a change in direction when we asked the rest of the couples if they were keen on heading out on a day trip together with a private longtail boat. everyone was keen, and i decided that we’ll shelve that diving opportunity to another time and welcomed the company that we had.

as such, we planned a day of island hopping (to the phi phi islands) on day 5!

i didn’t whip out my camera as often as i though i would on this trip. i guess the iphone was a niffy gadget and i sorta relied on it too much, resulting in quite a fair bit of crap pictures (bad resolution), but it’s ok!

by this day, with the many days of early morning, both der and me were tired out and all we wanted to do was […]

Krabi day 4 (28 Jan 2010)

By |February 22nd, 2010|

Previously wrote an entry that gave a quick summary of the adventures on the 4th day of the krabi trip, which involves white water rafting (mainly), and going on the ATV where i flew off the vehicle.

I’m trying not to repeat the entries so here’s some interesting facts during my experience.

January is not the season to be white water rafting in krabi. the water levels are low, and there’s isn’t much exciting or rapid water in the river. the experience was ‘rigged’ with dam water, so what happens is that everyone get ready for their experience, gear up, get into the boats and wait by the river bed while the organizers open up the dams and the water comes gushing down. you could really see the amount of water coming down!

there were just too many rafts around the area and with the low water, a lot […]

Protected: krabi trip day 3 (27 Jan 2010)

By |February 17th, 2010|

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Protected: Krabi Trip day 2

By |February 16th, 2010|

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krabi trip day 1 (23 Jan 2010)

By |February 5th, 2010|

i was a bunch of grumps due to the lack of sleep. i slept at 8am in the morning (to clear my work before departing), and woke at 9.30am for last minute packing, breakfast and all.

for once, der is more gan cheong and kiasu about going to the airport, something that i am not expecting from someone who travels frequently. for me, i just wanted more sleep and nothing else.

i never met the photographer and mua before the trip, so i was quite surprised when the duo came up to us and asked if we were who we were. my god, the waiting lounge was huge and there were tonnes of people, so how did they pick us out from the crowd? my gut feel is my prettily manicured nails that gave us away.

anyway, we had a chat and i spoke to the mua about the hairdo that i […]

random ramblings.

By |February 3rd, 2010|

been wanting to blog about the trip.. but procrastination is at work, plus.. i was busy catching up with a korean drama that i am hooked on recently – taming of the heir.

so, just some random bits of nonsenses from me.

1. i’m still suffering from itch from the mosquitoes bites that i suffered in krabi. darn. they are so toxic and i am so refraining myself from scratching the 2 kisses they planted on my face. everywhere else have been scratched raw.

2. my toes are screaming murder when i started wearing heels to work on monday. i guess they are so accustomed to the one week of barefoot, flip flop life.

3. missing krabi badly and still in holiday mood. my gears are moving slow-mo and errrmm, can i swap the aircon in the office with the krabi sun and beautiful sights?

4. sea sickness/air sickness. i got back to work […]

The silly family goes snorkling!

By |January 29th, 2010|

Hope you have a great Friday!! The week just flew away before I knew it!!

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Life in krabi

By |January 29th, 2010|

Life in krabi has been great but tiring. The days are always packed And the islands are so beautiful.

The shoot had been tiring. 2 full days of early mornings for make up and travelling and changing on the move.

Had my virgin try on horse riding, went to the national park for waterfall, rubber plantations to feed mosquitoes, some caves and deserted hut where i had ants crawling all over. Also spent some time like idiots running, jumping around and getting wet and dirty while soaking in the sunset.

On the second day, we went island hopping and I caught a fish for my pictures. Actually I caught about 8 fishes in total. They were too slippery and kept slipping off my fingers before the photographer could capture. I grazed my knee badly because I kept falling on rocks while catching them.

We made a lot of new […]

havent slept a wink in the last 24 hours.

By |January 25th, 2010|

when was the last time you did that? I cannot remember when i last did it. It’s been yonks because work has been so hectic that i knock out the moment my head hits the pillow.

last night, it was different. i had to down red bull to keep myself awake. to clear all the outstanding work so that I can go krabi peacefully. the last time i drank red bull was in secondary school to keep myself awake for exams.. =S

i’m dead tired and i’m hoping i don’t look like shit without the beauty sleep that i am supposed to be accumulating.

come to think of it… am i dumb or what? someone asked me why i didn’t handover the work to someone else and cleared as much as i could before i leave. Hmmm.. i didn’t think of it at all.

Oops. it’s a wonder why my shoulders […]