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    Flashback Friday #4 – Have you seen a monkey with blue testicles?

Flashback Friday #4 – Have you seen a monkey with blue testicles?

By |November 8th, 2013|

with a subject title like that, i must have caught your attention… haven’t i? a monkey with blue testicles! heh heh.

I’m just going to share the most extraordinary monkey i have ever seen, while holidaying in Zambia, Africa a couple of years ago. one with blue testicles! really!

see? i aint lying..

monkey with blue testicles
vervet monkey

I know i sounded perverted, but they are really fascinating to look at (the monkeys, not just the balls) and of cos, i had to snap some pictures! I guess no one would believe me unless i have pictorial evidence right? My uncles who were on the same trip as me couldn’t believe their ears when i told them about it.

So there. you are welcome. Isn’t it an amazing sight? totally missing my south africa trip right now. you can read about some of my experiences here.

by […]

Flashback Friday #3 – Travelling in Zambia

By |November 1st, 2013|

I mentioned in my previous flashback friday post that i nearly got kicked by a zebra. So, this week… thought i’ll show you the zebras and the close proximity we were in at the hotel (zambezi sun) during my stay while travelling in Zambia.

free roaming zebras
wild zebras roaming around the hotel grounds.
grazing zebra
watching and observing them in such close proximity is an amazing experience.

wild zebras grazing
my uncle discreetly approaching.

zebra butt
ta-dah! Zebra butt.

The zebra in the last picture is the one that attempted to kick me. Seconds after i took this image, i happened to turn and walk away. That moment was when the zebra lifted his hind legs and gave a kick. thankfully, i was out of range.

its very liberating and refreshing to be near wild animals at such close proximity without any sort of […]

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    Flashback Friday #2 – The Amazing Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya – the smoke that thunders)

Flashback Friday #2 – The Amazing Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya – the smoke that thunders)

By |October 25th, 2013|

I never completed journaling down my south africa trip from 4 years ago. the last i checked… my last entry was at day 6 of the trip… and i had to stop cos i was going to be late for a flight to orlando.

ahhhh.. orlando. a trip that i never got round to blogging about at all. maybe i’ll do that for the next flash back friday instead. i totally miss travelling pre-kids. you know, the luxury of dropping everything and flying last minute? the thrill of not knowing where i’ll be and what’s my next travel destination. adhoc travels used to my kind of thing, i realised.

still, not lamenting. I love my life now and i’m not trading anything else for it, but one can live in wonderful memories right? and lust. lusting for more travels. heh.

victoria falls
Victoria Falls.
if you don’t already know, Victoria […]


By |October 3rd, 2009|

the sun just set at where i am, but it’s way past midnight now in singapore. had a tiring and adventurous day, but would love more of such stuff if i had the moolah and the luxury of time.

holidaying sure makes time pass really fast. it’s like… what?! i have been away for 8 days already?

where did all that time slip to?

i know i should be soaking up more in the sunset, the waterfalls, enjoying the hotel room, snuggling myself up in the comfortable beds or out ‘hunting’ the animals and take more pictures.

instead, here i sit in front of the terminal and read up on the last 100+ blog posts of my friends. it’s called internet withdrawal syndrome.

the interesting thing today? i almost got kicked by the zebra’s hoof because i stretched my hand out and pretended to ‘touch’ it while posing for a picture. the tail whipped […]

sitting around in the sun

By |October 2nd, 2009|

the sun is finally out. have been experiencing many days of cold weather which is a tad unusual at this time of the year.

oh wells. not complaining since all i have packed in my bags are shorts, slippers, tank tops and bikinis.

i wanted to go for the white river rafting, but am not game to do it alone with a whole bunch of strangers. decided to go for the jet setting instead so that my uncles can join me.

aunt and uncle just had shoulder surgery and is really not up to the rafting activity.

contemplating on the helicopter ride, but uncle think it’s too expensive.

so here i sit, surfing the net and waiting for time to pass me by.

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