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taipei, day 5 aka last day

By |September 3rd, 2008|

am a little thankful for the 2 days MC, because it allows me to take things slow, not stress myself over work (even though i replied a few emails), and simply rest and rest. 🙂

day 5, also our last day in taipei, i DRAGGED der to the zoo! yes. you heard me right, i went to the zoo.

and knowing that i am not a fast food fan, day 5 was also a day filled with fast food. Mcdonalds for our breakfast! time to buy lottery already because i am eating fast food.

i had the usual hotcakes (at least that’s something no so “fast-foody”), and also ordered a cream cheese bagel! the macs was packed and we had to sit at counter seats with another couple (i suspect singaporean) beside me. while i kept observing them, they were […]

taiwan, day 4 (part 2)

By |September 2nd, 2008|

before popping over to 淡水渔人码头, we passed by this surf beach where a lot of beach boys and girls were surfing. it was far from the scene that you see in singapore.

and you know, me being ME, i wanted to take peektures!! wahhaha. so cheng chieh stopped the car by the side of the road and we popped out for some quick photo-taking! 😛

our reflection in the car window, you can see a faint outline of cheng chieh in the car if u look closely. 🙂 and der looked surprisingly fat in this picture! haha.

some interesting sculptures that we saw further down the journey..

when we finally reached the fisherman’s wharf, i was a happy bird. literally hopping around and taking in all those sights. of people, of boatmen, of boats, of […]

taipei, day 4 (part 1)

By |September 2nd, 2008|

day 4 of taiwan entails an unexpected trail of events. what was supposed to be a relaxing day turned out to be the most packed and rushed day. the day started slow and we headed to taipei main station for some underground shopping. i spotted the first quickly bubble tea shop here! reminds me of the bubble craze in singapore many years back. we quickly moved on to 新光三越百货 for more shopping (13 levels)! BUT..BUT.. i didnt buy anything. der bought a porter bag and although i was really tempted to grab one too, i didnt think there were enough occasions to warrant a casual porter bag into my life!

i thought this was such a colorful sight, the cabs and buildings were so brightly painted!

so, it was then that i got a phone call from cheng chieh. an old sec school classmate who […]

taipei, day 3 (part 2)

By |August 31st, 2008|

Sorry for the interruped departure of the previous post on the taiwan trip. had to run because we were already very very late.

talking about Martyrs Shrine (忠烈祠), there wasn’t really much to see but we were kinda lucky that we arrived at the time where the guards where changing their shifts, so there was an elaborate ceremony with the guards spinning and throwing their rifles.

i didnt manage to take any pictures of the pretty rifles throwing because there were too many people crowding about the perimeter where the crowd control guy was standing, and the other time they performed near the indoor place, we werent even allowed to enter. the drill really impressed me. every step is a solid move and it was sad to know that the singapore drill that […]

taipei, day 3 (part 1)

By |August 30th, 2008|

everyday, the most dreaded thing is to pull ourselves outta the bed. the greedy us packed too many places to go and things to do and thus, cutting down on the sleep.

day 3 is one of the most adventurous day also. breakfast consisted of 香香鸡, a chicken snack that jen has bugged me to try ever since she knew that i was heading to taiwan. personally, it wasn’t too fantastic for me, with too many little bones in the pieces i ate.. and i was a little sick of the 五香粉 that was literally sprinkled on EVERYTHING that u eat in taiwan. the first stop for the day was chiang kai-shek memorial hall, which is otherwise known as 自由广场.

the day was scorching hot. it was kinda unbearable that i almost got a headache. but, […]

taipei, day 2 (part 2)

By |August 29th, 2008|

taipei 101. we were so so glad when we finally reached! our exhilaration when we finally made it!

i think i’m a shopaholic. because, instead of checking the night scenery out, i was checking out nine west, gucci, LV and tiffany and co. and the rest of the branded stores first. ha! got sale eh! but, i am so proud that i walked out with nothing. ok, except 9west. i bought 2 pairs of heels. ha.

that’s me trying on a whole lot of shoes in nine west and der with the wah-lau-i’m-on-leave-and-on-holiday-and-yet-i-am-in-a-shoe-store-checking-out-shoes look.

happy girl with nine west bag, our tickets to the top

riding the super fast lift…

the view on top…

the very interesting thing that i realized when i was at the top level was that there were […]

taipei, day 2 (part 1)

By |August 28th, 2008|

day 2! woke up bright and early… ok, not very early.. abt 10am? the thing about free and easy is that u have the tendency to just sleep in and NOT do anything!

check out the huge bottle of yakult-like apple flavoured drink. not too bad! very interesting and jen mentioned it to me so many times that i JUST HAD TO TRY.

breakfast was the revolutionary ah zong mian xian in ximending. the thing about taiwan is that you can squat, kneel, sit on the street and eat the mian xian and no one will think you are crazy. i kinda like the picture of der squatting right in front of the shop to eat his noodles. i’m not used to the vinegar there, else i would think the noodles are quite nice with crunchy […]

day 1, taipei

By |August 27th, 2008|

the day in taipei started kinda late since we couldnt get the early morning flight. took the flight at noon and i was totally cranky with all the rushing and not being able to get motion sickness pills before i headed off to the airport..

when we landed in taipei, we met andy! he was taking over our flight and heading back to sing! see the 2 of them being separated by a glass panel? people walking pass would think we were nuts, trying to communicate..

we stayed in paradise hotel, an old hotel located a street away from ximending. the room was ok, nothing fantastic. the only grouse i had was that there was no safe to safe lock my valuables, which i ended dumping into a bag and stashed […]


By |August 27th, 2008|

after a month, i finally have the time to gone through all the taiwan pictures for the first time myself.. picked about 50% of the nicer pictures and took a few days to resize them and loaded them up on my flickr!

here’s some teaser thumbnails.. like finally right?!

Day 3 (99) Day 3 (98) Day 3 (97) Day 3 (96) Day 3 (95) Day 3 (94) Day 3 (93) Day 3 (92) Day 3 (91) Day 3 (90)

very satisfied

By |July 28th, 2008|

although i have yet to discover the full potential of the nikon d80.. i am very happy with the buy, because every picture looked like it’s postcard quality! here’s one picture of the chiang kai-shek memorial hall in taiwan!

no editing done. pretty right?!

and here’s another 5 pictures, made into a collage of der jumping over the “entrance gate”. and when i say i had clicking fun, i really had a lot of fun taking pictures like that.

gonna finish up the vietnam trip first before i blog about taiwan! and hk!

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