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Europe Honeymoon – day 2 in Rome

By |November 17th, 2010|

Roma Pass for tourists

Day 2 of our Europe honeymoon – We ventured out to get our Roma pass. This is a must if you are visiting the touristy places and travelling via the metro. It’s available at most newstands and it’s 25€. In return, you’ll get a Roma pass that is valid for 3 days (upon activation) that allows numerous trips on all public transport (in our case, metro rides), and gives you access to museums and archaeological sites. We visited many places with this and didn’t had to pay a single cent for entrance! Together with the package, there is an Internet access card that gives you information about shows and other news during your stay (we didn’t use this at all), a detailed mail of the city, a guide of the museums and the monuments of Rome and a newsletter of events and services […]

Our Rome Holiday – Honeymoon in Rome

By |November 14th, 2010|

It’s been a while… The last post on our rome holiday aka honeymoon has been a long while back. Since homecoming, work has been really busy and with my colleague being on leave for 2 weeks and with the boy leaving for aussieland for work, birthday parties to attend, weekend events for work.. And catching up with our parents over weekend dinners. I barely had the time to rest properly, let alone blog.

These days, I hit the bed at 10+pm or before midnight if I can manage it because I’m just so drained and I think stress is also causing very bad migraines for me daily so I have been sleeping off the migraines whenever I could.

If only there were ways to get rid of it and I’m not exactly a panadol fan.

Back to Rome, I didn’t have a good time in Rome because the vacation was too long, […]

Still in rome

By |September 24th, 2010|

Hi hi. After a bad night last night and a near amazing race situation, we are still in rome and will be till tomorrow morning. Totally screwed our plans and 2 nights of paris hotel. All because…

We attempted to change flights, run to catch the last 13hr train ride to paris instead of flying, switch to an international airlines by paying up to 15 times the price, fly to berlin and take a 4hr train into paris….. And was really frustrated to be pushed from easyjet ticket counter and ryanair sales counter to the information coumter and i think we queued at least 10 times between the 3. I really thought it was crap that we were being pushed around – you need to speak to my colleague on this (the colleague was right next to her) and i had to exit the queue and […]

Meet my new but vintage looking friend

By |September 23rd, 2010|

Last day in rome. We have nothing else to do but roam the streets aimlessly. And i had to lay my eyes on this. Grrr. Feels silly buying 2 of the same nappa charm bag (though different size and material) but i just had to get this cos it looks different from the usual ones… And i didnt spot this in the milan store. I love love love the prints because its old school looking. Oh wells, they didnt have the greyish blue color for the small one here either.

You gain some, you lose some.

I didnt manage to get the new chanel bag that i was eyeing from the winter collection. When i saw it the other day, it was on the shelves for just 2 hours, newly arrived. Der told me to give it a tinker and france would be a bettet place to […]