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What cheers me up?

By |September 9th, 2014|

There are a few things that instantly cheers me up no matter what… and here’s my list of items that cheers me up.

  1. Shopping
  2. Good food/happy food (i.e. steamboat!)
  3. Bubbletea (only the standard bubble milk tea from sharetea with minimum sugar please)
  4. Flowers (sunflowers/gerberas would be lovely!)
  5. Pretty nails.

No matter how shitty I am, so long I get myself any of the above, I’m good. Am I easy to please or what? If you are on my instagram, I guess you would see alot of #1, #2, #3. #4 are rather rare, maybe twice a year I get flowers from the husband. #2 is the most common because you can survive without any of the items above but everyday, we need to eat.. at least 1-2 meals. I normally only do 2.

As for #5, it is an indulgence for me as a mum. But its an irony, because while it is an indulgence, it […]

Me time is nails time. A new manicure on my nails!

By |May 4th, 2014|

It’s been a while since i last did my nails! Life really got the better of me for the first few months of 2014, but I reckon that busyness is good and I have never been in a better place than now. Am happy every day and I love it!

This is probably one of the longest stretch in my life with bare nails (I usually cannot stand the sight of them), but i wore bare nails since my CNY nails! That’s like > 3 months?!

I got inspired by a random picture of someone’s manicure one day and decided to get my fingers working. I don’y really have a lot of pastels in my nail stash and I spent a lot of time trying to put together 5 colors that can pass off as pastels.

Is it nice? I’m still trying to perfect the free hand half moons, especially using gelish […]

Winner of a Classic Nail Manicure at Origins Nail Spa

By |June 25th, 2013|

The giveaway on my blog ended couple of hours back. And i have picked a winner!

Are you the lucky person to win a set of pretty nails?


Congratulations Jaime! I’ll be contacting you and providing the details in a bit.

[GIVEAWAY] a pampering sesh at origins nail spa

By |June 10th, 2013|

3 weeks back at work post maternity leave, i could feel the strain. juggling 2 kids and work aint no easy task and i have been increasingly feeling dog-tired on a daily basis. there are days where i K.O. before i have my dinner (usually together with Jerry when i put him into bed).

and just like that. 3 weeks is gone. GOSH. i’ll admit it. it’s mentally draining and hard work keeping to the schedules daily, packing off jerry to child care, full-time work, struggling to produce milk and bagging in enough sleep and doing night feeds for jerome amidst a thousand and one things on my mind.

my nails are the last thing on my mind. i havent painted them since. SIMPLY. NO. TIME. AND. ENERGY.

someone up there must have heard me. and i got lucky. I was offered a complimentary pass for the origins signature […]


By |March 22nd, 2013|

a quick check and *gasps* its been a long long while since i did a post on my manicures. my last post dated aug 26 last year had me mentioning that it would probably be one of the last pedicure that i’ll be doing in a while, and it kinda gave hints to many about the pregnancy.


while it wasnt really my last pedicure (i still attempted to paint them thereafter) but i didnt think it was a good job done (cant really see properly with the tummy in the way) and i got way too tired to even find time to blog.


at the same time, i have also moved on to attempting gelish nails these days so i could feel scorn coming from all my normal polishes everytime i reach for the gelish ones. (ok, its my imagination)


here’s some manicures i have done for the […]

me-time is nail time.

By |May 12th, 2012|

i woke up at 7.30am today and decided that while the entire household is still in snooze land, i am going to paint my nails! at the same time, i decided to take pictures for a step-by-step tutorial.

have been dying to try half moons manicures for the longest time, but had never gotten round to it.. i almost never could find the time! so here you go!

I didnt cut my nails because i just trim it a week ago, so i just filed it down to neaten it..

base coat. i use seche vite matt finish nail treatment. and yup, some of my nails are peeling from the weeks of wearing gel polish. i think, while gel are lasting, i prefer normal nails anytime.

i used a natural looking color for the base. as usual, i opted for my favourite orly orlon.

how […]

Quick trial.

By |December 27th, 2011|

Popped by kino today so that hubby can pick up his usual magazine subscriptions. I took the opportunity to check out the nail-related books and stood there for the longest time browsing. Eventually decided to lug home 2 books and 2 magazines since there was 20% discount.. The big bonus was I got them FREE! Hubby decided to pay them for me so I feel really really loved.

There were dozens of pretty design and I was so raring to paint them all but I only have 10 fingernails and 10 toenails. Besides I am really tired from the long weekend, where every single day we were out and about.

So, I only tried out one design on ONE finger, just for the fun of it.

What do you think? How’s that for a first attempt?

Meanwhile, methinks I should invest in some nailart brushes and step up […]

Sparkly Christmassy manicure.

By |December 22nd, 2011|

I did a sparkly manicure for Christmas after all!

Well, something happened earlier and my manicure was all RUINED. It was supposed to be a happy event.. I was unboxing another box of nail polishes that just arrived today but one of the bottles broke and it was a mess.

This was my hands after I attempted cleaning up. Before that, I didn’t even dare to touch my phone to snap any pictures. So yeah, my polka dotted French manicure is gone.

I just spent the last hour doing another quick manicure (and matching pedicure). I did attempt to draw snowflakes but gosh, I don’t really have a steady hand to hold the fine brushes and it turned out looking like crap. And this is how crap looks like on my toe.

So yeah, I have a lone snowflake on my toe because I cannot really […]

Polka dot French manicure.

By |December 21st, 2011|

I’m sorry that I didn’t do the Christmas nails as requested! I didn’t had the time to really trial the nail art and the one that I do attempt to try on a single fell flat because my nail polish was too translucent and there wasnt any depth in the colors and didn’t turn out christmassy at all.

But, I had to change out my nails because I had a wedding to attend so I did a simple French that was really fast and quick and tried out the new dotting tool that I got, courtesy of evonnz.

The tools, polishes and all.

I skipped the base coat step, since that’s like a given before you apply any nail colors. I swear by them to prevent nail staining, especially since I am a big lover for dark polishes. Talking about base coats, I am sooooo happy […]

My watermelon nails!

By |December 7th, 2011|

I re-did my nails again! Probably one of the shortest time I wore my polish. It’s only been a week since the last!

Anyway, I couldn’t stand it because my nails were a tad long and I confess that I really can’t quite stand typing with long nails. Man, it’s painful! I really must give it to those who can do it. I actually have a nail clipper in the office to clip off my nails in times of emergency and a nail buffer to buff it after! Yes, I am quite extreme.

Anyhow, it was hurting quite a bit for the past week at work so I had to cut them short and changed out the nail color at the same time!

Inspired by Jen who has been working hard on her nails and aspiring to draw strawberries as nail art, I wanted to give it a shot […]