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Day 6 in shanghai.

By |June 28th, 2012|

We initially wanted to go Suzhou, but after the amazing race to hangzhou, we didn’t think we could manage 2 of such intensive days consecutively and dropped all plans on Suzhou. And chill we did.

Lunch at pizza hut! I have heard raves about pizza Hut’s menu in china in my ex job and have been dying to try it. Their kitchen set up (and HK’s) is also different from other countries so they have a lot more flexibility in the food options they can serve. They have a special afternoon tea segment that was largely successful and I was curious to check it out.

Our salad from our set meals, chicken karaage, and fried sweet potato balls with cheese. I bit off one of the balls to show the inside. It’s purple sweet potatoes and they are delish. Very amazingly yummy and I was so […]

Day 5 in shanghai/hangzhou

By |June 26th, 2012|

Ok. I know my travel posts are rather intermittent, but I simply don’t have to time to blog them all at one go! I wrote this halfway awhile back and finally found the determination to finish it today. I’m beginning to lose memories of the trip already and dont even remind me about the south Africa trip that I stopped halfway and the Australia trip that I didn’t blog about at all. I think I’ll probably won’t get round to them anymore!


Day 5 was spent heading to hangzhou and 西湖 (west lake)!! Scrap that. It was amazing race to hangzhou. We kept running and running the entire time, I was reminded of how bad my physique is.

We woke up bright and early and got ready to head out. Bought our train tickets without our passports, but the counter lady insisted that we needed our passports, which […]

Day 4 in shanghai.

By |May 5th, 2012|

[WARNING!! Long post ahead!!]

Look of the day!

We were up bright and early for a long day! Visited the most iconic building of the city – the oriental pearl tower. It was the first time taking the city metro was well.

My metro ticket and the busiest station in shanghai – People’s centre (人民广场). The picture is a little blur cos I panicked a little when the door opened.

Inside of the train, during the non peak period. Think this was 11am in the morning.

Another shot. Similar to our train stations.

The iconic building from a distance.

There’s something about circular overhead bridges and shanghai. They are all over major traffic junctions.

The thing I love most about shanghai is the weather.. Guess its party due to the fact that I visited in spring. It’s sunny yet, chilly and windy. […]

Day 3 in shanghai

By |April 13th, 2012|

We obviously didn’t wake up till late morning from the late night karaoke.

It was a chilly day so I wore a knit dress With leggings and layered over my jacket. I think I looked gloomy with the colors I brought over and the dark mirror I took my picture in.

Apple store at Huai hai (m) road. It’s at the connecting building adjacent to our apartment, a 2-storey high store but not the biggest available here.

Traffic light. Be warned, did you see it’s half red and half green? Apparently you are supposed to cross half and wait for the other half. It’s sooooo misleading that I think I almost got myself killed a few times. Plus, the traffic here is horrendous! I suggest you be real careful on the roads and watch out for traffic at any time even if the lights are in […]

Day 2 in shanghai

By |April 11th, 2012|

My outfit for the day.

Brought x.silly out with me for a day of adventure, though I actually didn’t really do much. By the time we got out of the apartment, it was way past noon and we were famished!

Typical street of shanghai. Barren trees with nice weather (it’s spring now)..

We headed to 佳家汤包 for lunch, recommended by my colleague, bev. I had no idea where we were actually because we took a cab to the outlet we went (Bernice gave the instructions) because that particular outlet has a higher rating. I later found out there was an outlet just round the corner from our apartment. Ha!

There wasn’t much drinks options for me since non-carbonated cold drinks are not common in china and unless I opt for hot Chinese tea, so I had to make do with sprite..

We each gobbled down […]

In shanghai.

By |March 27th, 2012|

Arrived in shanghai yesterday afternoon.. And spent my first hour going through bad traffic and horrible driving to get to Bernice’s apartment in huai hai.

We chilled the evening away in her nice ascott apartment before heading out for my favorite steamboat dinner at hai di lao at 金玉兰广场。

While the prices ain’t cheap, I must say the service is exemplary. They really amaze me with the little things they do..

First, I had my jacket and bag in the chair next to me so they provided a cloth to cover up the stuff and gave me an apron to wear so that my clothes will not be dirty.. Then, because I had long hair, they gave me a brand new rubber band to tie up my hair..

I then left my phone on the table (with bernice sitting there, of cos!) to check […]