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dreaming about spain.

By |November 24th, 2006|

my colleague’s going spain for holiday next week.. i’m filled with envy!!!

that brought me to check out the pictures i took when i was there. now, i’m filled with urge!


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Day 10 in Spain – Madrid pictures & random musings

By |June 22nd, 2005|

Before i post the Madrid pictures of my Spain trip, i wanna rant a little. ūüėõ


have u ever wanted to blog abt something and upon logging in, forgot abt what u wanted to blog initially.

argh! stupid brain of mine.

it’s been a boring day in the office. i spent the whole morning reading interesting blogs. heh. just so cos im kpo enuff to poke my nose into others’ life. there are loads waiting for me to do, but yes, im procrastinating.

judgement day seemed to be looming near. in fact, i think i know the exact date. but, i may be wrong.. so we shall see.. a little excited, but for all i know.. i may lose my job.. but i guess im pretty cool abt it. i was thinking of a little vacation anyway.. heh.

i made a last min decision to meet ant for dinner tonite. sorry jac, i […]

Day 8 & 9 of Spain vacation – Salamanca and Toledo

By |June 21st, 2005|

day 8 & 9 of  Spain vacation РSalamanca and Toledo

We headed off to Salamanca! Instead of the usual churches, we visited the Shrine of Fatima. It’s a really interesting place to be.. a large plaza in the centre of it and sheltered walkways around it. Well, more shopping on the trip at the Salamanca Plaza.

The Plaza Mayor reminds me of another place in Europe, but can’t quite recall the name right now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

day 9..

We left Salamanca and popped into Toledo, the town famed for making swords and knives. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most memorable thing I have of the city is how there are flags all over the entire city, feels very medieval to a certain extent, if you know what i mean.

Check the¬†Santa Mar√≠a la Blanca out […]

updates on the weekend..

By |June 21st, 2005|

updates on the weekend..

I finally finished sorting out the 5000 photos on thurday nite after working on it every single nite after i came back from spain. sent it for print on friday. spent the nite at wei’s coz there’s no place for me to sleep back home! 3 uncles, my aunt, my brother and my mum.. all in a 4 room hdb flat. and a cramp one that is. after allocating all the space.. i can only sleep on a tiny sofa or out. i chose the latter.

its been a pity that i hasnt been able to update my bloggie over the weekend. the events were so hectic and i was like a mad dog rushing from place to place.

here’s a brief account of what happened.

had lunch with chiew yen and jean after work on saturday. i forgot to collect my grandpa’s photos after work and had to […]

Day 5 of Spain vacation – Seville.

By |June 15th, 2005|

Spain РDay 5. To Seville i go! 

Checked out the Alcazar in Seville on the 5th day of my Spain vacation. It’s a royal palace in Seville, Spain and it used to be a moorish fort. It is the oldest palace still in use in Europe and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climbed 34 levels of the Giralda (another World Heritage Site), which is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville and checked out the amaaaaaaazing view at the top of the bell tower. Can you tell i pant a lot on my way up and down? Seeing the bell right at the top has its own satisfaction, despite aching legs.

We roamed around the Alcazar area and eventually ended up at Plaza Espana, Seville. I love how grand the whole place look and the horse carriages available for rent added more flavor to the entire place.

Daylight ends very late in […]

Day 4 of Spain vacation – Alicante to Granada

By |June 10th, 2005|

Day 4 of Spain vacation – We checked out from our hotel in Alicante and moved on to Granada. Totally missing the lovely seaside view of our hotel and had to do a mandatory jump shot with it. I’m in love with the alicante oranges. they are so huge, so sweet and totally juicy. We wished we bought a lot more and had to painfully ration them amongst the 7 of us.

We visiting Alhamba Palace in Granada and as usual, i was up to no good taking all sorts of funny pictures in the place. It’s a HUGE palace and it took us a while to troll the entire palace.

I took one of my all-time favourite photos here – the one where i was lying on the bush. I cropped that image and had it as my blog banner for a couple of years in the past, and didnt […]

  • Valencia - Plaza De la Virgen
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    Day 3 of Spain vacation – Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante

  • City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Spain

Day 3 of Spain vacation – Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante

By |June 9th, 2005|

Day 3 of Spain vacation.

We left Barcelona and headed for a day trip in Valencia and ended up in Alicante in the evenings. A totally long day on the roads, but interesting nonetheless.

I’m in my usual cheeky moods in the morning at breakfast – trying to do stunts with my french loaf.

– Trying swallow it at one go.

– created my own cherie-inspired montserrat from what we saw the day before.

– Trying to be a bunny girl with french loaf ears.

Went to the Valencia Central Market and i think that was where i learned about the term “siesta” culture in Spain. They stop working at lunch and head home for a meal and a nap! Life in spain sounds pretty cool!

Bull ring in Valencia City Center is another eye-opener. Although we didnt have the chance to catch an actual bull fight, the bull ring looks pretty majestic and bustling with […]

  • Montserrat in Spain, Barcelona
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    Spain vacation day 2 (Barcelona) – Montserrat & Park Guell

Spain vacation day 2 (Barcelona) – Montserrat & Park Guell

By |June 8th, 2005|

On day 2 of my Spain vacation in Barcelona, we journeyed up to Montserrat. The journey up is a little scary because of the long and winding hills and that i kept feeling like the bus is going to collapse over and roll down the hills. While the view is breath-taking and spectacular,  i spend quite a fair bit of time feeling motion sick.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Sanctuary of Our Lady & Benedictine Monastery has amazing views. It was so high on the hilltop, you could potentially feel a little altitude sick. We toured around the place and checked out the statue of Madonna. We also took a vertical cable car which is quite an experience in itself. ¬†If you ever go to Barcelona, i totally recommend taking the tour up to Montserrat. it’s like a place really close to heaven […]

Spain vacation – Day 1 – Barcelona 1

By |June 8th, 2005|

I’m recomposing my travel posts for my Spain vacation taken many years ago and back-dating them so that it fits into my blog categories. I travelled into Spain together with a tour group for this trip, mainly because of the no. of pax involved (7 of us!) and also because i was travelling with 2 old folks – my grandpa and my grand uncle.

The itinerary of the 10 day spain trip goes something like this – Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante – Granada – Seville – Lisbon (Portugal)- Salamanca – Toledo – Madrid. We made a detour to lisbon in portugal before popping back in Spain. Massive right? All in 10 days.

The first place we visited after we arrived in Barcelona the Montjuic¬†Hill (pardon the typo in the picture collage). Majestic view of barcelona from there, a hill top that’s 230m above ground level. We checked out the 2 […]

Spain photos!!

By |June 5th, 2005|

spain photos!!

here’s some pictures of the first leap to the trip. from changi airport to flight and the first few photos in barcelona the moment i landed. gonna keep my collages small now.. if not, it’ll appear in very low resolution like the one i did for ivy’s wedding.

happy viewing.. more to come.. so keep a lookout!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com