Editing my Shell FuelSave video with the husband helping to give feedback.

Editing my Shell FuelSave Tips video on the day I shot it, with the husband helping to give feedback (pardon the mess).

I am a little hesitant to draft this post, because I am a little *shy* to show you the video that I created to share the Shell FuelSave Tips. #truestory

Many of you would have read about my journey with Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge 2014 as well as my progress over some weeks with regards to fuel-saving and this video is part of all that. This video is also part of the reason why I accepted the Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge. Truth is, I…. am totally not comfortable in front of the video camera so I really wanted to push my own boundaries and force myself to at least try to create some video content.

In the video, I shared 5 quick tips on saving fuel that is applicable to our daily driving and I hope the tips would be as helpful to you as it was to me. I really wanted to do mini episodic videos and stop-motion clips but wasn’t very confident in editing those so I did the usual boring show and tell version. I was really nervous in the video, and some parts, I was kind of on the verge of stammering and I know I sounded funny. I shot the entire video in about 3 hours (+ travelling around the island) and spent the rest of the day editing it. All done in a day and I thought it was not too bad, 还见得光 (still can ‘see the light’) so I should not waste my effort by keeping this video to myself.

Here goes. Don’t laugh. And in case you are wondering, this was done way before the OSIM uShape TVC Shoot happened. Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot to give credits to my ever-obliging husband who gamely took on the challenge to help me shoot this video (and suffered a lot of wrath from me on stuff like the angles, the lightings etc), but I am super thankful that he learned really quick and managed to capture a lot of usable footage for me. He also loaned me his new macbook to edit the video (cos mine is so slow) and helped comment on how I could edit the video better. This video would never have happened without him and I cannot be more thankful for a supportive husband.

I would love to hear what you really think of this video so that I can try and improve the next video (if I ever shoot again). I know I need to speak better and not be so conscious about being in front of a camera. Leave me a comment would ya? Thanks in advance!

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