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Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ’em together and what have you got

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
It’ll do magic believe it or not

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*sprinkles star dust* Do you feel the Disney magic yet? That’s one of my favourite Disney songs!

Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Event

Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Event

A couple of weeks back, the boys attended a slumber party! It was the launch of the new Philips & Disney Imaginative Lightings, designed to bring a whole new world of inspiration, enchantment and magic for kids through light.

Jerry entertaining himself at the event

Jerry entertaining himself at the event. Featuring Philips Disney SoftPal Minnie LED Table Lamp.

Blake (son of Mabel) & Jerry chilling in the bedroom corner, surrounded by the Philips Disney Lights!

Blake (Mabel‘s son) & Jerry chilling in the bedroom corner, both all surrounded by loads of Philips Disney Lights!

Nakayla (Mabel's daughter) with Philips Disney Soft Pal, Sully.

Nakayla (Mabel’s daughter) with Philips Disney SoftPal Sully LED Table Lamp.

If you haven’t realised, I’m quite the Disney fan myself and I even have visiting Disneylands on my bucket list. Anyway, i digress.

It was a rather fun and insightful event – all kids showed up in their PJs and i learnt quite a few things about children’s bedtime habits and am glad to know my daily struggle with putting my sons to bed isn’t a battle that i fight on my own. Definitely comforting to know! It seems, all if not most parents have the same issues and here’s some interesting facts:

  1. 1 in 2 children are afraid of the dark
  2. Children’s top 2 fears are being alone and scary monsters
  3. 68.2% of children take up to 30 minutes to fall asleep, 69.7% of children do not sleep on their own (super high percentage!)
  4. Children waking up in the night is a norm – 43.5% of little ones wake up on average 1-2 times

I am so ENLIGHTENED (pun fully intended)! If you do fight the same bedtime battle like me, here’s a tip!

Have a night light or a bedtime buddy for your kid!

You’re welcome.

Philips & Disney Imaginative Lighting is a lighting range for kids that’s suitable for their bedtimes and comes in a variety of forms – illuminated soft toys, torch lights, projector lights and night lights and they all feature Disney’s best-loved characters like Mickey & Minnie mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses and Disney Cars (Jerry’s favourite!) and Jake the Pirate!

Ever since we moved into the new place, Jerry has been sleeping on his own bed in his own room. Recently, there seems to be some form of regression happening. He wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs into our bed to sleep with us! Other days, he wants me for company in his own bed or says the room is too dark and requests for the lights to be on. However, the downlights in his room is still way too bright for him and i have been thinking about getting him a night light… and talk about coincidence. Philips sent a few our way!

Jerry super excited with the Philips Disney Cars Night Light & Projector

Jerry super excited with the Philips Disney Cars Night Light & Projector
(please excuse his chocolate stain mouth)

The kid promptly spots it on the table the day it came and proceeds to rip the package opens in delight!

Opening the package with gusto!

Jerry setting up the Philips Disney Cars Night Light and projector

Fitting everything together with no help from me.

He immediately puts it to the test! I had to switch off the playroom lights for the best effects.

Testing the Philips Disney Cars Project Light function..

Testing the Philips Disney Cars Project Light function..

Philips Disney Cars Night light on projector mode

Projector mode in total darkness

Jerry chasing the images around the room!

There are a total of 3 discs and we had fun projecting all the various images. It does help a lot that his favourite disney character at the moment is Mater & Mcqueen (both of which are from Disney Cars). I personally love using the projector light to spin some random bed time story that I made up along with the projected images, or simply just prodding Jerry to tell me what he sees/observes in the images. It does trigger some imaginative work on his end and I often like his spontaneity!

Mama! Mater is vroomm vroom away already hor! 

When not in use, it acts as a night light placed at the cabinet beside Jerry’s bed. I do find the fumbling of the buttons for this night light a little harder for the little ones, especially in the dark. The on/off switch is a lever where you push to the left to switch on projector and all the way to the right to turn on the night light and back in the middle to switch it off. This is probably more suitable for the slightly older kids as compared to my 3yo Jerry.

Disney Cars night light at Jerry's bedside cabinet.

Disney Cars night light at Jerry’s bedside cabinet.

Here’s some of the other Philips Disney Lights that we have got.

Philips Disney Winnie the Pooh Torch and Disney Cars Motion Sensor Night  Light

Philips Disney Winnie the Pooh Torch and Disney Cars Motion Sensor Night Light

Philips Disney Cars Motion Sensor Night Light

Philips Disney Cars Motion Sensor Night Light

This motion sensor light is my favourite! I just stuck it to the cabinet with some blue tack (there is also a back hook) and it stayed there like forever in the perfect position. I like that it turns on the moment there is the slightest movement, and dims off when there isn’t any motion in the environment. What it means to me as a parent –  I don’t need to check on my kid and switch off the light when he sleeps and sleep with a peace of mind.

Jerry watches the night light as he drinks his milk in the dark..

Lights are on to accompany the kid when he rouses from his sleep.

As for Jerry, he goes to bed with the lights on and have a sense of security with the lights, and every time he rouses from his sleep, the lights turns on and he won’t need to face the dark and be afraid. He probably wouldn’t even know that the light is off while he is deep in sleep!

Asleep and the motion sensor lights goes off.

The motion sensor is also quite sensitive and effective. I sometimes walk past his room and the light comes on, even though I am at least a few metres away. I also like that its LED light and energy efficient. The 2 double AA batteries in the night light last me a long time.

And have i said? Jerry totally loves the light! It’s the magic of Disney cars, but of course.

I’m not breaking out the torch yet, but it is a nifty little gadget that fits the hands of the older kids when they need some light to find their way to the toilet. Meanwhile, i am saving it for the day where there is a power outage in the house since the motion sensor illuminates the way to the toilet for Jerry (toilet is right outside his room).

Eh, although the products were targeted at kids, i was quite smitten by everything. You know, the magic of disney definitely worked on me. The SoftPals were oh so cute and adorable!

Philips Disney SoftPals Mickey & Minnie

Philips Disney SoftPals Mickey & Minnie

Can i confess that I am seriously contemplating about getting this pair of Mickey & Minnie SoftPals? They are ridiculously cute and soft, emitting a warm glow with a flick and dims off with another flick. Super super love this. (*hints hints* at the husband)

If you are interested, you can check out the entire range of Philips Disney range of Imaginative Lighting on the Philips Singapore website for more details. I know many of your are! I have got so many likes and queries on these ever since I posted them on instagram. If it is your first time seeing this, have you spotted any favourites that you might want to get for yourself or your kids?

I would love to hear your choices!



Disclaimer: This sponsored post is brought to you by Philips Singapore and all thoughts and opinions are of my own.