am feeling a little off today. i didnt have lunch due to the lack of appetite, and somehow, there is something really wrong with me.

my tummy is feeling a little weird, but i can’t pinpoint what is wrong. just extremely extremely uncomfortable.

i spent the whole day in meeting rooms attending meeting after meeting.finally got back to my desk at 6.40pm. now, i need to clear all my urgent work that have been pending since i went cambodia. the next 2 weeks is gonna be madness for me.

and guess WHAT? i was so totally annoyed with my gadget-idiot auntie. after losing all my cambodia pictures the other day, i spent the night editing more pictures, hibernated my computer to keep the settings so that i can continue the work the next day. my aunt came, decided to use my computer, switched it on, msn for a while and SHUT DOWN my computer without saving my stuff.

so i was SO FREAKED out to realise that my pictures are GONE, yet again.


am i running down on my luck or what? 🙁

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