and my eyes are shutting. the body’s screaming murder but I still had to drag it out of the bed and the house and trudge to work.

i dread about the upcoming 2 months. I am so so swamped with major activities that’s happening all at the same time. I seriously have NO idea how I’ll be able to get through it all, and i’m praying that i’ll do fine, survive, get enough sleep, be less stressed and at the end of it all, emerge with a smile and a pat on my back.

but you know what? that’s a little bit of wishful thinking on my part, because seriously.. there are just too many (big) projects coming my way and a lot of my colleagues are going on leave because they have no more windows to clear. even my bosses seemed worried.

the weekend has been packed, with much related to work, and minimal rest with all the on-goings.

der and me also managed to pop by 2 hotels for wedding shows yesterday, got our bridal package settled and also, bought ourselves a bed. Woohooo!! a trip to krabi (for photoshoot) is in the works!!

it’s my bad that I haven’t had the time nor energy to jot down the details of the preparation but i’ll try to make an effort.

having said that, we blew quite a bit of our savings and we have to start saving from scratch once again. why are weddings such an expensive affair here?!

my aunt told me that my cousin got married for just $2000 (wedding bands included) in the states! and do you know? their culture has it that the bride would have to pay for the wedding!

what a stark difference it is from our chinese culture, although these days we have evolved and i believe most couples share the cost of the wedding.

i need a fatter pay cheque. anyone has got part-time jobs or any jobs to recommend?

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