i am a really bad friend.. because in order to have dinner with me. the 2 of them waited for 4 freaking hours. only to have dinner with me for an hour. it’s not really my fault because something went really wrong with my ad at the last minute (what’s new, really?), so instead of the scheduled 7.30pm, i was only available at 11pm.

now, that’s what friends are for right?!

while making our way down to the lobby (where the boy is also waiting – i feel like a sinner), we went to aston for dinner! wanted to stay longer with the folks but the restaurant was closing. =/

ended the night after an hr of dinner and i felt really bad. really hate my job sometimes.

didn’t manage to take any pictures of the food because i stepped out of the car with only my mobile phone and nothing else. much of the dinner was also spent ‘milking the cow’ and all of us taking turns to beat the high score. i had the high score of the night with 10 tins of milk.

my night didn’t end there. der and me went to meet agnes, kevin and huimin and did a trip into JB for lok lok!! we also took the opportunity to wash the car, refuel the car and had 50 sticks of lok lok. super shiok! the main objective was to enjoy the lok lok, but somehow, i think agnes was more satisfied than i was!

sigh. my posts are so out-dated.

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