it is pouring barrel loads in the west.. and the water are like rising by the minute, with my toes and heels soaked in it! what a stark weather difference from i came from, panting and sweating away.

and i cannot stand inconsiderate drivers!

if you are driving and u know that the water are filling up the roads, you should slow down! it’s for your own safety (aqua planning) and for the consideration of those at the pavement.

wah lau. the water are like splashing sky high (higher than the cars) and the cars still zoom past like nobody’s business. has anyone ever thought how WET the pedestrians will be? especially when u are driving on the lane nearest to the curb, especially at a super crowded bus stop where everyone is desperately seeking shelter and the rain water just splashes at our feet and some times, body?

argh. i’m soaking wet. and i declare today a BAD day!


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