been under the weather and on MC for the last 2 days where i clocked quite a bit in the sleep aspect, and been dutifully staying home except the little adventure in changi on tuesday morning.

it’s great that i have really touched much of work, after the retreat last week and being on mc for 2 days this week. gonna be back at work (i wish i didnt have to!) tomorrow, and gonna be on 1/2day on friday morning to settle some issues.


this is just a short work week and no work for the whole of next week! i like! but, mad rush by the time i come back. urgh. that is, if i am still holding the job.

thank god it’s relatively non-peak for me at the moment since i finished the basic stuff for my campaign in october. now, sleep is much needed cos im feeling really drowsy after the medication.

knocking out soon. please let me be well for the hong kong trip! it would be such a bummer if im still sick!!

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