im feeling a whole lot better this morning. though the bod’s still sick and i didn’t get ample sleep, at least im not feeling as emotionally drained as yesterday.

having the whole bed + room to myself, with aircon and my boi boi (dog plushie) is therapeutic somehow. i woke up this morning feeling like a car rammed into my bod, but mind is quite clear and strong.

did i mention that i have been taking cab to work for the last 2 days? *sigh* i left the house only at 8.45am this morning.. and can i say.. the ERP CHARGES are killing me?!?!


please remind me that should one day i decide to buy a car. not likely to happen, but just in case. you know, im quite fickle-minded. but then, my financials is definitely not gonna allow it. ok. im speaking gibberish.

last night yy said something that left me pondering.. sometimes, by offering your help.. you could be adding emotional burden to someone else.. and do you really want that to happen?

i should stack my pillows up tonight and think about it if i get the whole room to myself again.

alrighty. more updates later. gotta rush some work! BOOOOOOOOOO!

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