time really flies these days. this time last year.. i distinctively remembered that i just got back from a vacation in spain & portugal and i celebrated my gong’s 90th birthday.

this year, the routine’s the same but the presence of wei added a LOT of humour. the moment we reached, he was brought around by my grandpa to be introduced to everyone. it’s such a hilarious sight that my aunt, my mum, mu uncles and me cannot stop laughing. ok. i am quite mean.. i didnt attempt to save him. 😛

the lunch started after everyone waited for more than 30 minutes for us cos we were caught in a bad bad jam. wei also broke the record time that i travelled up to rengam in a car before because he was travelling at 160km/hr on average. i didnt mind the speed cos i didnt want to keep my grandpa waiting, besides, we drove ah kar’s car up instead. hee hee.

everything turned out quite ok in the end, except that, first, i didnt take a lot of photos this time round (i was TOO tired and felt so drained). second, wei definitely had a SHOCK of his life at how my family eats, and the SPEED of it. i guess its the culture and i never really felt it till wei was there. as my aunt so aptly put it, we are trained since young..

wei was caught in many many occasions when he just started eating his meal and someone on the table has finished the food. or a short trip to outside the restaurant to check the car and back, only to realise all the newly served food is gone. *giggles*

of cos, i was also the angel that saved him some food and got him 2 bowls of shark’s fin. he was appalled by the amount of food we ate. halfway thru lunch, he said he is SO full that he cannot walk. that’s round 1, i told him. round 2? the birthday cake. round 3? we went on a eating spree in kluang where we hit regular stall of curry noodles, and chendol (forgot to take picture!). Yums, i tell you.

while explaining to wei that he MUST remember all the eating spots that we went to cos it’s our RITUAL, he was shocked to know that i have been eating the curry noodles for 20 years. his jaws dropped, and my aunt took great joy in informing him that they, had been eating the noodles at least the last 3 and a half decades.

the jam back home was quite terrible and my mum CONCLUDED that we’ll take the train next year. Whee! wei is spared!

ok. i know my blog is virtually getting extremely boring (all the narration). now, i’m gonna tempt everyone with food piccies!! nay nay boo boo!!! feel hungry eh?

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