am stuck here at the airport because the flight is delayed.

anyhow, i’m not complaining because i would have already missed my flight if the flight is not delayed.

am here at the airport on time, but i was told by my aunt that i’m flying united. well, the receipt that i’m holding doesn’t say the airlines, so i really assumed it was united. after all, i didnt have a single glitch from sing to taipei and taipei to hk.

anyway, anyhow, we were in the united queue for the longest time and the queue wasn’t even moving. 1 hr before the flight departure, there were at least 40 people in front of the queue. der thought something was amiss, so he went to re-check the flight numbers and the check in counters… turns out, i’m flying SIA!

wah lau! panic mode sets in as we ran to the designated check in counter. thank goodness it’s in the same terminal.

so, we didn’t miss the flight, had time for some (more) shopping, and HKD$240 meal vouchers for our dinner. how cool is that?

i’m just thankful that i don’t need to work tomorrow. ok. gotta eat my dinner now and leisurely walk to the boarding gates. haven’t been feeling well at all for the 4 days in hk.

will update when im back!