am feeling a little lazy and lethargic after the 2 days retreat in JB. with almost my entire team in a meeting at the very moment, and having one of them on MC, i am left to my own devices and am given the opportunity to laze a little.

been having intentions to blog but sleep is something i need ever so often these days. after facing the computer the entire day at work, the bed is most tempting when i reach home. coupled that with a fast depleting hard disk space, and memory issues back at home.. i think i would rather spend the time in snoozeland than sit and wait for everything to load.

was looking through a couple of my entries earlier this year last night and i have realised a stark change in my blog entries. the style is a little different and these days, im just blabbering on and on. droning about my everyday life and happenings.

oh well. cant have the best of all worlds right?

ok. back to work cos everyone is appearing from the meeting.

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