08:35 Daydreaming on train. Something I haven’t quite done in a while. #

09:01 It sucha foggy day today. It so matches my mood. #

09:21 Dark clouds in the sky. Looks like a heavy downpour is looming. #

09:48 @pishako i just replied your email! twibble is this phone client that you can download and twitter from there. cheaper than sms! #

09:53 @damiankoh you sound like so melancholic. are u ok? #

09:53 @unpolishedgem yeah. be rest assured that the thunderstorm is brewing. *sigh* it’s gonna be a wet lunch! #

09:54 @unpolishedgem can you do lunch today? #

09:58 @unpolishedgem no worries. we do it next week then. i have jp morgan tomorrow so definitely not feasting! 😛 #

13:46 @sparklethots same here. #

16:29 don’t feel right. feel chilly outta sudden. damn. please don’t let me fall sick. i want to go for the run tomorrow! #

17:10 @becxbecx think happy thoughts and find something else to distract you. #

19:21 waiting for jen to appear. my chauffeur for the day for a dinner date! 🙂 #

19:35 yay! she’s here! to a nice dinner date i go! #

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