The weekend is almost over. Can’t believe it slipped by so fast. Collected my race pack yesterday afternoon with wwenzz at suntec bodynits. We popped by the IT show and it was packed with mountains of people.

Not a very ideal situation to be in with a heavy bag consisting of the race pack and my survey forms. It almost triggered a grouchy me. Feeling extremely tired plus squeezing amongst sardine packed crowd isn’t the best ideal situation to be in. Pizza dinner with i_believe + hubby, wendy + decazz at thomson plaza.

Headed back home feeling extremely full and thinking of working on my homework when i saw moses online.

We ended up in orchid country club some 40mins later for 3 games of snooker. Always fun hanging out with him. Spent the rest of the night chilling with drinks, chocolates, gummies and my favourite yan yan snack. Hee.

Lovely. The chats are enriching, as always.

Sunday was spent with brother furniture shopping! We have some evil plans to do a small revamp of e household while e dowager is away in china. Hee hee. Obviously a trip to ikea bursted my wallet and once again, my purse strings are tight for the month.

But it’s well worth it. At least i’m gonna feel happier looking at my surroundings when i come home. The plan is do a total revamp when i find the money. Aiyah, why didn’t i strike toto?

Now, it’s back home to work on my homework after my store surveys. It’s submission deadline tomorrow, and i have yet to start. =[

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