it's a gloomy day and I was about to put on an all black ensemble but decided to dress a little brighter for the gloomy day.

actually, like the whole world, I wish I could just snuggle in bed because there's just something about snuggling in bed on a rainy, wet morning!

pink tank top, topshop
black harem Jersey pants from
black lace collar from osmose
wedges from fratelli Rossetti
black glass ring from Venice and prada bag

i know Peter pan collars are all in the rage now, or has it's mellowed down already? when I saw this lace collar, I thought it was unique and could easily spice up a casual outfit. it's a front button down piece so you could button all the way up to the neck to give it a smart look or go a little more casual and wear it button down like I did. this is also a perfect piece to help hide *ahem* unwanted attention on your cleavage.

tell me what you think!

I know I know.. i haven't changed my bag for days! lol. full time working mothers do get the pardon for not changing their bag frequently.. no?