i forgot to blog abt this 2 weekends back. it happened the day i went to meet dar to attend patrick’s funeral.

i hopped into a stranger’s car!

yes. i really did. and it was quite an uncomfortable ride.

what happened was that i was rushing work in the office and lost track of time. and so, when dar called me at 6.30pm, i was still in the office and he’s not very pleased that i havent left yet. his stomach was growling with hunger pangs. i quickly shut my com and ran out of the office.

met this guy (more like an uncle!) driving out of my office and i walked on.. only to realise that he was slowly driving past me.. and stopped the car abt 100m down the road in front of me.

thought it was weird, but i made my way to the bus stop nonetheless. when i pass his car, he winded down his window and asked if i wanted a ride. i stole a glance at the bus stop down the road and it’s empty (meaning the bus just left), so with hungry wei at the back of my mind, i hopped on.

kinda regretted it afterwards. found out he was a supplier to my company but he kept pressing me for personal details like where i stay. i keep saying in the vicinity and tried changing the topic several times, but he keep pressing me for a answer. thank god it was a short journey to the train station and just when i alighted, he asked for my name. he actually took a book, a pen and spelt my name on the book!

asked for my name card but i lied that i didnt have it with me. and i got a scolding when i told wei that i hitched a free ride and what happened.. so much for trying to meet him earlier! hurmph!