right after meiting’s wedding on sunday, i got home, refreshed up and waited for the home coming of my aunt and uncles from rengam (some ulu part of johor). called the restuarant up, made a reservation and am excited.

the moment they came home, dumped their bags, had a change into fresh clothes and we all hopped into the mini passenger van and off we go! Whee!

uncle wanted to buy dvd recorder for grandpa. so bishan best denki we hopped over to. bought 1 dvd player after much contemplation. and while they were testing out the good, oh my god!!! mum wanted to buy 1 too. asked me and bro to contribute. *faints*

its not abt the money. those who came to my house before would know! my mum has so many of those vcrs, dvd recorders, recording non stop for 24 hrs already! feeling soft, i told mummy its up to her! if she really wants it.. just get it. i stood in a corner filling up this whole stack of contest forms.. and there was a small commotion going on among them.

so it turns out.. they bought 3 dvd recorders!! *faints again* 3!! one for uncle in kl. one for grandpa in rengam. one for mummy. and they cleared the shelves! and bargained for a lot of freebies.

i am so proud to announce that we had to be 40 mins late for dinner and thank god i called and push back the reservation. with the purchase, everyone seems happy.

dinner’s at Jumbo seafood (riverside point).

i am pleasantly surprised with the service this time. it was prompt and we were very well tended. even when i spilled a cup of tea all over myself when i was checking out the menu. everyone enjoyed the dinner.

my aunt even msned me just hours ago (when she’s finally home after a long flight) that she think the dinner’s great! and guess what we did after dinner? more shopping!


the same DVD recorder! *faints*

drove down to best denki @ plaza sing. this time buying for my uncle in JB. he called while we were having dinner and he wants one too, knowing that we got 3!

it’s a stock out situation too in PS. too bad. my uncle then wanted to buy the more expensive one with higher disc capacity, but the service was bad. no one tended to them, even though i was filling it stacks of coupons (meaning i have spent loads of $$) just beside one of the plasma TVs. these sales people just didnt have the knack for filtering out the really-want-to-buy customers vs the look-see-look-see customers. so what most of us are in berms and slippers? *sigh*

oh well. while the rest of them popped to carrefour to grab foodies, aunt and me stopped over at x:odus and i bought myself a pair of slippers! for just $10!! so happy. shall take a picture of it and show it here tonite. bought a pair different for my dear aunt too.

wanted to buy mum one too but she doesnt want any. aww. couldnt grab more cos they decided they didnt want anything and wanted to head home to pack their luggages.

so home we drove, tired but happy.