all these days being couped up at home is kinda driving me bonkers. the heat is not doing me a favor too. im constantly feeling sticky, uncomfortable and restless. nevermind the fact that the fans are blowing at me. it really didnt make much of a diff.

and so, when saturday came. i was quite surprised that wei woke earlier than his normal saturdays, brought lunch and popped over my house. now, that sounds normal? nah. he has never stepped into my house when my mum is around before.

so, that makes it the first time. yes. after all those years.


i whiled both sat and sun away watching all 16 episodes of ๆˆ‘็ˆฑ้‡‘ไธ‰้กบไพฟ (My Lovely Samsoon). even when wei was here, i was quite glued to the tv. hee hee.

ok, i seldom watch tv, lest dramas. but this is one hilarious show that left me in laughing fits. although the ending was a little “chong hoy”, but i love the 2 main characters so much! the male lead is *ahem* gorgeous!

i know, im super late news. the show has been shown on tv quite some time ago, but i never got to watching it until now. and watching all 16 episodes non stop without advertisements is shiokalicious!

sat had to be the happiest day cos wei brought me outta the house! we had sakae sushi at northpoint (i almost ended up tears there cos i almost couldnt find anything i like that i could eat!). popped over to serangoon garden happy daze for drinks. i was quite high (not on drinks, but emotions) and insisted dragging wei & cliff to kbox at parklane.

ok. this is prob. the first time ever that i sang so much in a karaoke. wei didnt even sing much, cliff doesnt sing.. hee hee hee. *la la la la la*

happy happy.

sunday was mostly spent at home, except for a short escape out with wei for a short dinner at chong pang nasi lemak.

i wish i can get out and do more normal stuff like snooker, bowling and movies. for now, i just have to be content with the simple weekend.