it’s almost ONE am.. and im in deep shit.

why? cos i am supposed to wake in 6 hours to go for the GE run! i am so totally unprepared and now, im not getting the ample rest that i should before race day.

urk. i got a feeling that i’ll be walking throughout the journey anyway.

damn loser rite? but i dont think i have a choice. i have having very bad gastric pain for the last 2 days. yesterday, there were times where i couldnt even walk or stand straight. today, im feeling much better, but the area just below the rib cage seemed to burn in rage. due to that, i think i should just take it easy tomorrow and walk the whole journey.

i feel like chickening out of the whole thing. But since its my first attempt, i have decided i will just go, give it a try, and accompany the rest of the girls as well.

spoke to k earlier. he says he will come support us despite having to accompany mummy to the temple. ard 9+ (the race should be over by then!). i had a hard time TRYING to believe him. cos N is going as well. and most likely, he is there to see N as well. *hiaks* so much for being friends rite? haha. i shall extort breakfast from him if i DO see him.

ok. i gotta go for a mini water parade and head off to bed. wish me luck!

– jitters –

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