On the 2nd day of the vietnam trip, we headed to the Cu Chi tunnels – a web-like tunnel systems of more than 200km used by the guerrillas during the vietnam war against the americans. I’m kinda intrigued by how the people can survive in such limited spaces, having to stay/live under ground and all those simple, yet potent traps to win the war..

the map behind me and a signature jump at the entrance.

a small little hiding hole in the ground. of cos, i got down and experienced it myself!

heading deep down into the cu chi tunnels..

as much as i wanted to walk the full length of tunnels (tourist stretch), i didnt managed to do it eventually. there were a lot of people in front of me stuck and not moving at all. there wasn’t much air in the tunnels and all my family members has gotten out, which means there is nothing for me to photograph, and there is no one to photograph me! besides, all that squatting, half kneeling position is really bad for my bad knee. so, i eventually got out with my brother and aunt at the 3rd exit.

the rest of tour was of the vicious traps built around the place, the air vents created, the different entrances of the tunnels, and a tapioca snack and tea as refreshments and that’s literally the end of the tour. not exactly worth the 1.5 hrs drive from the city.

acting touristy, trying on a pretty pink hat before leaving the place.

headed back to the city for a quick lunch before we zipped off to Vung Tau, a city located 125km southeast of ho chi minh city famous for its beaches. this is also the place where i snapped the most pictures.

the quiet beach.

day 2 ended with shopping in the mall just next to my hotel.

and oh, blackouts are pretty common in this city! the first time it happened, i freaked out. i was lugging my luggage at the lift lobby, on the way to change my room. there was a lot of sand on the bed on the first room i was given and i couldn’t stand it. i stared at the big lobby and i thought my eyes were playing a trick when i see the room slowly dimming and blinking. then the next thing i know, the lights were out and there were screams beside me and people rushing out of the lift. of cos, i screamed too, cos everything happened too quickly. anyway, subsequently it happened so many times that i got used to it.

day 3 coming up soon when i have the time!

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